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  2. parang ang dami nyang kamukha maybe because she’s very filipina the face and the skin but the height obviously she’s tall coz average filipina height nly 5″6 the same of miss universe 1969 Miss Gloria Diaz.

  3. for me ang kailangan n lang ni bea is to work on answering a question with a big impact. andun n sya pero pwede pang isagad.

  4. Why are people bickering about her “accent” and her minor grammatical errors in this interview? She will be competing in Japan folks! Does anyone really think the Japanese are gonna effin’ know, or even care!? For heaven’s sake leave this poor girl alone!

  5. She could place really high or win it. For some reason because nagbago ng kaunti yung styling niya, her face has begun to grow on me. Hindi ko na napapansin yung mga little nitpicky things like her chin; again, styling will take care of that. And because it’s MI, a pageant held by the Japanese, advantageous yung blunting effect ng translation. In the end and judging by last year’s edition where Nicole’s amazing ‘speech’ didn’t even give her a runner-up placing, fluency or depth of intellect probably won’t matter much. Pero ibang usapan kung binigay sa kanya MU crown. Beauty wise, she could hold her own pero personality wise and if she went on to compete at MU in the same time frame as this interview, baka walang placement at worst, or semi-finalist at best. I’m comparing her of course to Venus, Shamcey and Janine who were never fancy-schmancy English speakers, but all had this earnestness and gravitas to them; Venus from her poverty-stricken childhood and Shamcey and Janine from their strong family ties and religious convictions. Bea seems to lack this; just a carefree girl really whose only struggle in life seemed to be this indecision to join pageants. Not taking that against her however and in the end, the best attitude anyone can have really is to be oneself; cliched I know, but beats reading Tagore or Descartes any day.

  6. Sir Norms, di po ba wala namang Q & A sa Miss International? I wonder how they choose their winners?

    • Yes, angel. Instead of Q&A, each of the finalists are given a chance to speak about their personal platform should one of them win the crown. However, their closed-door interviews count towards the final judging, as well as their social skills. 😉

  7. I think she’s perfect to become the next Miss International but if you want additional constructive criticism
    here is my list:

    1.She has a very very slight asymmetry with the arc of her upper teeth which is mildly magnified when she smiles and also causes her chin to mildly dis-align from the vertical median of her face. This tiny detail can be fixed by using invisible braces for a few months or with da vinci veneer implants.
    2. She needs a bit more toning on her beautiful long legs, through Pilates or a few spinning classes.
    3. She has a bit of an indention under the eye which is common among mestizas that sometimes creates an asymmetry on her eyes when she forces her smile. I guess she should practice thinking of happy thoughts to make her smiling eyes more natural and symmetrical or she simply just need to get more sleep.
    4. I think the way she talks is very natural and bubbly maybe because she’s comfortable talking to Boy Abunda. I suggest that she brings this same personality on stage at Miss International. She should speak in public as often as she can till she gets a subliminal memory of the feeling when talking in front of a huge crowd.
    5. I love her poise while sitting but I suggest for her to practice flattering poses or gestures that favors the camera. I suggest something between being queenly and modelesque which I’m sure would be easy for her.

    Overall.. she’s ready!… For me, those tiny imperfections make her more beautiful and human. 🙂

      • Thank you Norman for appreciating my suggestions.
        I can tell that she has a very nice attitude and so i wish her the best. 🙂

  8. I concur with you both. She needs to really work ard with hernterview skills.

  9. It came across that way because Boy throws follow up questions way too often. She’ll do great in the Final Q&A where judges ask a single question, often followed with a ‘Why or why not?’, she’ll be able to substantiate (allow me to borrow your choice of word) her answers by then. Boy’s interview was casual. Her answers were simple but hits the mark. Not to mention that Boy has the tendency to answer his own questions and inject his opinions, solicited or otherwise.

    • I totally agree.. I suggest for her to watch a marathon of movies that’s based on history and classical novels. Read more about Victor Hugo, Gandhi, Nelson Mendela, Mother Theresa, Edgar Allan Poe,The Dalai Lama, Rabindranath Tagore, Abraham Lincoln Buddha, Confucius and so on..

    • Boy was only answering the questions cause her responses were weak… In any case, for someone from Vancouver, she has major grammar flaws. I’m just surprised that with an accent like that, she can’t speak straight English… It’s like she’s pretending.

      • @Karen: “grammar flaws”? Oh, you mean “grammatical flaws”.

  10. She gives the ideal answers but fails miserably in substantiating them. in fact, she doesn’t even attempt to give her “whys” sometimes. Considering she’s heard all these questions before, she should have thought of strong, witty yet logical reasons behind her answers in preparation for the future (as everyone else did) In the end, without substance, she just seems shallow. She should learn from Miriam Quiambao’s one on one Miss U interview.

    Also, it’s surprising that despite having lived in Vancouver, her English isn’t natural. She’s forcing an accent and has major grammar lapses.

    She’s underwhelming.

    She needs to work harder. Needs to learn the art of backing up her
    answers with conviction.

    • She doesn’t seem like she’s forcing an accent, but I agree with the rest of your comments.
      Her answers were underwhelming, to say the least, and she has her work cut out for her!

      She is really beautiful though, and she does come across as a really nice person.

    • I think she could’nt elaborate more on her answers because of the show’s time constraint. If given the same opportunity with more time, I’m sure we will not be as underwhelmed.

      • I’m sure Boy wouldn’t have minded not asking all the questions if she answered the questions more substantially. As a spokesperson, she should go for quality of answers over quantity of responses. Each question answered with conviction.

      • To karen the grammar nazi, what’s important is the content the the way she delivered her answer, right? 🙂

        Another trivia from Bea, she’s from York University, one of Canada’s top 5 universities =) She’s really beauty and brains personified.

    • She’s from Toronto, not Vancouver 🙂 I don’t see anything wrong with her accent. I hear Filipinos talk like that in Toronto 🙂

  11. I sincerely think that WE have a WINNER in her. Loved her the first time I saw her. Loved her even more having watched this interview. Prepared Q&A or not, she makes it sound so spontaneous which our reps lacked before. Speaking English is not a pre-req but an advantage! Attagirl!

  12. Now I know why a lot of candidates seems to have the same one prepared answer to every question which makes them looks stupid for giving answers that has nothing to with what was asked hoping that somehow their anwers will be relevant. So what I can advice her and the rest is to learn how to think on your feet, listen to the question and give sensible, coherent and precise answers.

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