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  1. I appriciated for all of your comments about Thailand pageant and also BB Philipines pageant. I’m Thai and Name is Noangsri and I’m a member of http://www.t-pageant.com/2011. I would like to tell you that Thai and Philipinus are the same looking, culture, skin colour and many things. And when we saw your representing from Philipines, she is very beautyfull, charming and exotic as asian could be. but you know the judges in Thailand they think not the same way with Thai pageant fan. We try to compare so many times with Thailand and Philipines pageant because you can answer all the question of all the world pageants. Thank you. Kob Kun Krab. Noangsri.

    • Kob kun khap, Noangsri! I’ve always thought that Filipinos and Thais are the same in many ways (that’s why I love vacationing in Bangkok). Thank you for the nice words. And I visit t-pageant.com regularly. 😉

  2. Awwweee… I suddenly missed Farida. She was my 16th placer last year. :/

    Anyways, goodluck to Thailand this year! ❤

  3. Hi Norman,

    I’m a newbie and I luv your blog tremendously!…..

    I notice that THAILAND is the only nation that produces a beautiful NEW crown every year! Do the winners get to keep them?

    • Thank you for the compliment, Jude! 😉

      To answer your question, I believe that the winners keep their crowns for one full year. But since 2013 will have some new internal changes, they might just own them for good.

  4. Last bb.pilipinas 2013 their is many euresian candidates end clapper only pia make through place runners up. Hindi porque mestiza place na, so thailand & malaysia need to learn their lesson of sending the right candidates ang wala sa kanila sash factor. Hindi lang naman sa ms.universe nagplace ang pinas! Universe, World, International, Earth & other pageant.. un ang alamin nila paano?. Oh diba nilait lait ng santol saka malay ko sau c janine. kaya yun gumulong yung candidates . Hihihi

  5. Ninang, my question is out of topic,what is Ariella’s height?
    Cindy Miranda during the coronation night and in pictures side by side with Ara looks taller than her, Cidy is just 5’6″.
    Does this mean that Ariela is only 5’5″?

    • What I know is that Ara and Shamcey have the same height. So if the latter is measured as 5’7 1/4″, then that would be the marker. 🙂

  6. Me too Basil, i couldn’t comprehend until now how in the world Shilpa could’ve topped the likes of Ecuador or Malaysia for that matter…Anyhow, it’s a farewell gift to Sushmita’s losing of her beloved contest.

  7. Miss Universe is so unpredictable, like what happened lkast year, the bomb in the name of Bodine was defeated by the cartoon-like Shilpah.
    So who knows, maybe 2013 is the lucky year for Thailand, and if that happens, we should be happy for them as their neighboring country.

  8. Based on my observations, most of Thai beauty queens’ strong features are their chins. Not sure though if it’s their preference but I notice Miss Universe 1988 Porntip Nakhirunkanok and Miss Asia Pacific 1988 Preeyanuch Panpradub have the same features regarding their chins. In Tagalog we call it “babaan”. I don’t know if my assessment is accurate.

  9. Based on my observations, most of Thai beauty queens’ strong features are their chins. Not sure though if it’s their preference but I notice Miss Universe 1988 Porntip Nakhirunkanok and Miss Asia Pacific 1988 Preeyanuch Panpradub have the same features regarding their chin. In Tagalog we call it “babaan”. I don’t know if my assessment is accurate.

  10. “Immitation is the BEST flattery “…….. I’m not intriguing our neighboring southeast Asian country Thailand but I have this naughty feeling that their copying our Binibining Pilipinas format……..
    Again, can’t blame them….. Among the Southeast Asian countries…..
    Philippines produced the most number of Beauty Queens, MU Runner ups, MU Semifinalists, plus a constant front runner in Miss International, with Philippines’s 4 Miss Internationals, 2 Miss Universe and hopefully counting…….
    Don’t get me wrong…… I do love Thais….. I did enjoy visiting Thailand for a vacation……. Great food, Humongous Juicy fruits…… Great weather ( like Philippines!!!)
    Friendly people!
    So I say to Thai nationals and friends ” SAWADEE KHA”…… Good luck and Bring it On!!!

    Norms…… Reading from your blogs, ……. You do have some thai friends right?……. Are they as passionate as we do when it comes to beauty pageants?
    Are they competitive???……. Just asking hope you don’t mind…… “KAP KUM KHA”……..

    • i also feel the same as yours… i think they try to imitate the way how philippines run and train its candidates for pageants i think they are trying to figure out the philippines secret !hahahahah dont get me wrong im no against any thais or thailand itself in fact i love thailand too…. just saying…….and i do also have this feeling that they are watching over us not just thailand but the whole of asia especially our neighbors ,,, they try to get updates about our candidates……. the same way as indonesia,, ive seen a video compilation of whulandry herman catwalk and they do even name it as komodo walk!!!… theres no wrong in that but still we all know that the philippines is the first,original and known country for naming their candidates catwalk

  11. im just wondering is there any eurasian here??—— Last year aside from our own delegate I really like farida waller-last year miss thailand…. i think eurasians are among the most beautiful ladies, they got the best of both worlds! they can look innocent/angelic as how most asian look but at the same time they can exude fierceness from their strong european descent …. but still they do have some “little” flaws (not all eurasians do have this type of flaws) like for example farida is almost perfect she can give a sweet asian aura and can give a beautiful european look but if you look closely at some point her chin looks a bit awkward though it looks normal in some shots,, obviously her chin is from her european roots and of course european features are known to be more prominent than those of asians i mean they do have taller nose ,longer face and bigger body bone structures….combining the small body and face frame of an asian and strong prominent features of european SOMETIMES results to unproportional frame just the same way as how farida’s chin look u can notice that flaw in her miss universe glamshot,, if she only manage to give a not that big smile and give a smaller smile or a pout ,maybe then she would be able to give a much better pic,,a pic that doesn’t highlights the unproportionality in her face….. anyways not all eurasians do have an unproportionality in fact some eurasians are almost perfect…. like marian rivera who also possessed not just pretty face but a good body too… i also admire the thai-german Jessica Amornkuldilok— the winner of Asia’s next top model…….. but Ive noticed that our very own Stephanie Retuya do also have a very unique and beautiful face too..And the judges in the competition do really love her i mean though she lack luster in her many photoshoots and she have been in the bottom 5x the judges are still saving her because they think that she has a very beautiful face (her main alas in competition is her face!!) maybe shes very beautiful in personal…

    • My Thai friend told me that there is a half-Argentinian in the group nicknamed Champa. While more of a Latina flavor, the Thai side remains stronger.

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