14 comments on “Preview in Gold: The Miss Universe 3-peat Filipinas

  1. This magazine cover is featured in Miss Universe website news!

  2. THIS IS GROSS! Overly manipulated and photoshopped picture. Makes them look like drag queens. Why not let their natural beauty shine through. In the international scene there is a movement away from overly processed photos. This is really a shame.

  3. I envy Janine’s jaw. I got to appreciate her jaw first time on this photo. So strong. How i wish God gave me same jawline. At kung ganyan ka-sharp…una kong gigilitan si Basil, lol! Peace!

  4. Beautiful. Shamcey and Janine had similar looks.

    Just noticed that when all three are wearing the same skin tone, Venus is a notch above in terms of beauty.

  5. What happened to Janine’s lips!? I don’t recall them ever that plump.

  6. Norms…I’m from NYC and I’ve been following your daily blogs. You made a story about Aces and Queens staff Now can you also find out if Rodgil Flores has staff and name them if they are deserving to compete with Aces and Queens?

  7. Mga teh, ang gaganda nyo, pero wala kay sa Lolo ko…………

    Venus- nung nangyari sa cheekbones? putok na putok ah, sarap tusukin.
    Shamcey-magkano yang magic bra na yan, bibili ko nyan pag nag-sale.
    Janine-kung nabuhay ka lang sana nung 1940’s ay hindi sana tayo nasakop ng mga Hapon, yang panga na yan, yang matatalim na panga na yan ay sapat na para paggigilitan nag mga supot na Hapon na yan.

  8. Mareng Janine, you’re so busy sa mga pictorials.
    Paano na ang mga paninda nating daing at laing?
    Iniwan mo ko ere.
    Tandaan mo teh, ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay malamang na nag-Japan. .

    • She never denied that she sold fish at the market as a child… She has always been proud of it.
      It’s the business that funded her studies and in time helped her buy her own house.
      The role of the Miss Universe is to inspire people and if the judges knew more about her sheer determination,
      She could have won.

      • Yes, she never denied the daing issue, but how about the laing? Halllerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, laing is laing and we can’t deny the fact na masarap ang laing.
        At mapa-laing man yan or daing, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you have the heart to serve and a strong mind to show to people, then you can be Miss Universe.

        Na-Janine Tugonon ka na ba?

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