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  1. I’ve heard from a reliable source that the question Mr. Lopez asked charmaine wasn’t part of the actual list of questionnaires that they were given to practice. All other questions have been on their list except for charmaine’s. And that’s a reason why she found it hard to response and elaborate her answer.

  2. We really can’t deny that Charmaine has the most number of fans. Look at how many replies compared to other featured lovelies. Dinaig nya pa si Pia as if nobody really cared if she’s making a comeback same time next year. Just a thought.

    • In terms of fan base, Charmaine’s is tops in numbers. They sprout like beans from all over and in different classes. 🙂

  3. She has the most beautiful face among the delegates until the Q&A. Her response was true but nevertheless, it wasn’t elaborative. It lacked conviction and confidence. Perhaps due to nervousness, stage fright or too much expectations. If the winner is solely based on her physical attributes, then hands down she is IT!. All she needs to develop is her strenght to believe in herself, improve her ability to focus and presence of mind. She strikes me as real and humble. But she has to learn that this is a competition. I believe that she is the right representative of our country but it just didn’t show that night. Don’t give up Charmaine, I hope to see you again!!!

  4. Charmaine has that million dollar face and sculptured body,that is unarguable. But have we seen the sweat and anger of the araneta janitor, that tons of garbage he wiped out after Charmaine delivered her response in Q/A is enough to fill the Payatas Dumpsite.Respect for the beauty queens should be the same respect we should to those janitors.
    Catwalk, hairstyling and make-up application can be learned, but innate wit and humor are not.
    Maybe for the Miss International, in which speech are rehearsed.

    • There may be congenital factors that contribute to wit and humor but in reality, it is a form of wisdom that only comes with experience…

  5. Paano nalaman ng isa jan na hindi pasok c arida sa top ng ms.universe pageant ? Hindi pa nga nagumpisa negative agad!

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  7. charmaine, join ulit. youll make it. exposeyourself to more conversations with people nd practise expressing yourself.

  8. I will always be a fan of her beauty. I was hooked after KF released her glamour shot. Her facial structure is a classic (high cheekbones, prominent jawline). But she also brought with her some classic(outdated) moves – turn, pose, turn, pose. During the pageant, she came off as stiff, afraid to make mistakes. Even delivering a tentative response in the Q&A.

    But youth is on her side. She have all the time in the world to fortify her strengths and overcome some shortcomings. Losing might give her extra motivation to improve.

    I hope she represent us someday in MU.

  9. She will learn from this disappointment. It will give her more character and shape her opinions and answers to future Q&As. Since Ara will surely not make the top 5 this year at Ms. U, next year will be good timing for Char to join again. She will be primed to win.
    It should have been Mutya to go to Ms. U. Ara is such a weak choice.

  10. Atty. NAD BRONCE of Aces & Queens is the answer to Ms. Elima’s Q&A dilemma.

    • I extremely agree with this… Somebody please give her some hosting gigs.. It doesn’t have to be corporate.. she just needs to learn how to collect her thoughts while standing in front of a crowd.

  11. The problem that any girl faces, Charmaine included, is the fact that there’s been a paradigm shift in the way the winner for the main crown is selected. If Ariella Arida wins or places in this year’s MU edition, that shift will solidify even more. Gone are the days when a beauty queen appears on stage fully formed with just a tweak here and there. And that’s where Charmaine ‘failed’, the word in quotation marks because she didn’t really fail; she just didn’t fit the criteria that the paradigm shift had set, a criteria that demanded plenty of room for metamorphoses. I strongly believe that the Q&A wasn’t her undoing- and let’s be honest, everyone did horribly! Let’s not be too generous and accepting to the point that we lower our standards. A few managed to squeak past-Mutya, Apuad, Pia-but as a whole, it left so much to be desired. To have given Charmaine the other crowns would have been a greater injustice- and thank God they didn’t- because she certainly deserved the top one.

  12. Mutya was the face of the Coronation Night but this girl’s the face of the Binibining Pilipinas 2013 Season. #FACT
    Keep on going Charmaine!

  13. She really should not give up on her quest for a crown. I would be proud to have her as a representative. She has time on her side. She has time to hone her communication skills and mature in her points of view. If sbe does that with determination, she surely will walk away with not only a national crown, but with an international crown! I wish her only the best and I pray she returns to tbe spotlight and graces us with her beauty again.

  14. She is still young. She has time on her side. If there was one thing I can tell her, is to take take several public speaking classes (yes, do more than one). She already has the beauty, she just need to learn how to express herself better.
    Hope to see her soon on the MU stage!

  15. @Chrome…….. My dear Charmaine is finally here!…… I can’t help but Pray and HOPE that our dear Charmaine will still and I mean seriously planning to join Binibini next year or the year there after……. You’re right chrome at the age of 20 she has all the time to improve and hone her skills in competing which ever pageant she decides to embark ( strongly hope it’s Binibini!!! )
    From the statistics of second timers that join binibini results and record shows remarkable comeback from the likes of Desiree Verdadero, Joyce Ann Burton, Maricar Balagtas, Umali ( forgot her first name ) Dianne Necio, and so on…… That’s how far I can recall……
    I believe that Charmaine has all the qualities that can be further develop into a fiercer and a ONE OF A KIND FACE, that Miss Universe incorporated is looking for……
    Her face is indeed a stand out that has a great Bone structure…… Indeed THE BROWN CHRISTIE TURLINGTON of our generation……..
    If an aesthetic Engineer or anatomist will measure her bone proximities of her whole face….. I would greatly predict that it’s close to perfection, just like a mannequin!!!
    All I’m Praying that she will continue her Journey to improve herself and be The BEST Miss Universe Philippines and eventually be Our Miss Universe……..
    Charmaine……. PALEASSEEEE join Aces and Queens!!!
    And to Chrome, continue our “Charmanians” fan club, thank you Norms for featuring Charmaine E!

  16. this kind of rare beauty bud will never be wasted and at the only age of twenty? Oh man, she’s just started. So so much potentials bud, not just in pageants, sounding like a broken record but man oh man this is a million dollar beauty along the caliber of linda evangelista, naomi campbell, gisele Bundchen, kathy ireland , she’ll go high places.

  17. In behalf of Norm, this blog is dedicated to Pinaygem. Pinay? here is your moment ,”Shout … shout .. let it out, these are the things you could do without…cmon, she’s talkin to you … cmon ………………………… demmet !! LOL ! 😉

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