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  1. when i saw mutyas reaction upon hearing her name for supra, i thought she was surprised. could sense disappointment on her face. i thought i could read her thought that time ” ano ba yung supranational?!? anong title itong nakuha ko?!?” . could it be that the supra title was just given on the pageant
    night itself as an afterthought ?

    • At least, she has a chance of competing in an international pageant compared to Katrina Dimaranan and Cindy Miranda..

      • And to think Cindy will have to give way to Katrina for the Tourism Queen. She should just be sent to other pageant (anything that has “Tourism” in it, there is a lot to chose from)..

  2. Hi Norman, do you have plans of posting Mutya’s picture (if ever you have one) captured by Raymond Saldana?

  3. You’re right Norms…… Truly I have not seen a beauty pageant winner who unabashedly cries upon awarding the title…… I think I’ve witnessed one or two but I can’t remember probably it’s been that long that I couldn’t recall…… Mutya Johanna Datul lightens up the stage and or screen everytime she smiles….. She embodies an aura of fulfillment and hope that arriving as one of the winners of Binibini Gold truly represents that YES dreams come true ( despite her family challenges, both financial and Mom’s I’ll health )…… Her present title as Binibining Pilipinas Supranational 2013 and hopefully an eventual First Miss Supranational 2013 of The Philippines will greatly open doors for her in the field of Media, come Fashion, And Showbusiness……. Which ever may be will see MJ Datul as an bright investment whichever endeavor she will chose…..
    My biggest Bet in this years Winners batch ( but I’m a Charmaine Elima believer first )……. Upon seeing her cry on her interviews and being announced as the winner for BPS 2013, I became emotional and shed a tear for her…………
    ” MAY HAPLOS SA KALULUWA AT KUROT SA PUSO”……… That’s how naturally a good person and Beautiful Soul how I can Describe MJ Datul……….

  4. Sa akin lang naman ito siya ang may pinakamaganda at maaliwalas na mukha, tindig at glide pag-rumampa sa kanilang apat. She deserve a higher placement based on their performance on coronation night but they are all gorgeous possible na makasungkit ng korona o runner-up position sa international beauty pageants.

    • It is all logical.. She can’t have BBP-Universe Crown since Ara gave the best answer. She can’t have the International Crown since Bea was already chosen by the chairman of Ms. International himself. She can’t have the Tourism Crown since we don’t even know if the International pageant would push through and the former-crown wearer is still on the wait list. She can’t be a runner-up since Supranational is all in good timing for her since we had a good placement last year, no Asian has won yet and there is no stage Q&A.

  5. “huhuhu.. sagutin nyo ako!.. huhuhu …YUNG TOTOO?! pang supranational lang ang ganda ko?!?.. huhuhu”

  6. “huhuhu.. nanalo na ba ako?! anong crown to, bat ang gaan? .. huhuhu.. OMG! ang chaka ng noseline ko sa TV.. huhuhu..nakakaloka!.. huhuhu”

  7. Kabugera at Emotera itong si Mutya, in a major major nice way.
    Ikaw na!
    Pero Mutya, wag na wag kang tatabi sa akin, ayokong nasasapawan ako, pag nagtangka ka, ipapabugbog kita kay Facundo.

    Angelica Santibanyes, 69, Mexico,Pampanga!

  8. Actually, it was like “I really wanted the Universe crown, and I will never have to chance for it again”. Hehehe, just kidding. She was humbled by the win I think.
    This lady may be a flirt on stage, but is a very humble and cheerful person despite her personal struggles. I wish her good luck.
    Ganda, go get the crown.

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