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  2. I love Ara Arida but we can’t deny that if only Mutya Datul has slightly better com skills and academic credentials, she also has a great chance of winning Ms. Universe.. kumbaga sa boxing 1 point technicality lang ang lamang… GOOD FIGHT!!!!!

  3. Now that she lived up to her “very beautiful” potentials. I am excited how she will take it to the next level. One of those rare beauties that do not have any bad angles. Go get the crown Ganda.

  4. Will Ms. Supranational be televised? I can’t wait for her to win! 🙂

    Sa ganda ba naman nito, ewan ko lang pag hindi pa to nanalo!

    • Highly doubt if it will be televised. But should Mutya win, it will definitely be shown on local TV. 😉

    • Chrome, it’s like a gay play on the Tagalog phrase ‘sobrang ganda’ which means ‘very beautiful’ and sounding like supranational at the same time. 😉

      • LOL @ Suprang gondoh!!!!! hahaha

        That term would definitely be a long time fad if ever she wins.. LOL

      • Ah, sounded derogatory bud, am glad it’s a good thing.. I will use that from now on … SUPRANG GONDOH si Datul !!! yeeehaaaw !

  5. I just can’t help but has this strong feeling that MJ Datul is a kind hearted individual, a good person and will do everything to help her family….. She embodies a Filipina who exemplifies discipline,diligence, and high moral standard which our Parents teach all of us when were in our informative years……
    My favorite on this years Binibini winners……. Again, I won’t be surprise that She will give us our FIRST SUPRANATIONAL CROWN come September 2013, and the first from Southeast Asia and Pacific as well!!!
    MJ Datul has this strong presence that even the digital compasses will get messed up cause MJ Datul has a MAGNET, that even the Asteroids will align upon her presence and Command!!!

    • Apparition Ni Sis Basil……Where were you, I miss your “kalurky and entertaining” inputs…… Glad to see you!!!!

  6. Ang ganda ni Mutya ay hindi basta basta mauubos, pero ang buhok ni Madame ay konting-konti na lang!

    Doris Bigornia, 69, Vaseco Comnpound!

  7. I just love her! She has this “million dollar” smile. I won’t be shocked if she will win Miss Supranational. After all, she deserves it. I admire her determination and fighting spirit despite the problems she and her family is facing. If she failed in Mutya, maybe because God knows her destiny is in Binibini. Way to go Mutya! 🙂

    • RJ, I read your brief review about the results of Bb. Pilipinas 2013, and you shared some interesting infos there, like the ABCD of this year’s winners. Keep it up! 😉

  8. She’s got the looks, the charm, the color and determination of a girl trying to do her best to make all ends meet for her family. She has a strong chance because of her undying will-power. Ngayon pa lang Supranational excites me for the first time!

  9. She has the most proportioned face among the 5 reigning queens this year. She has no unflattering angles (kumbaga Hindi tumatabingi ang mukha kahit anong angle itake ang pic). But she or her make up artist need to be careful not to over do the “lets-put-thick-foundation-on-the-bridge-of-the-nose-to-look-like-Caucasian” effect or she risks looking like Melinda-Bamish/parrot/Weng-Weng.

  10. She’s going through so much in her personal life and yet she never comes across as defeated or negative. I really love that about her. By just looking at her eyes, one can sense her struggles but her strength comes across very strongly as well. What a great woman!

  11. I have known Mutya since she joined the Ms. Isabela, where her handler is a friend of mine. During the Bb., i told her friend some points that she can always use to be at her best during the competiton. She has such commanding aura and natural beauty sans the make up and with her contagious smile underneath her family problems and life difficulties, anyone can easily be smitten by her… Goodluck to her and God bless her heart!

  12. Among this years winners, I do really like her, she’s very natural, unlike Bb Pilipinas Tourism and 1st Runner up very much uncertain who they are….Shame on Cindy….so shame

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