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  1. It another safe choice from BPCI. Base on the show, Bea should have been the MU Philippines, Pia for International, Datul for Supra, Nakpil for Tourism, Arida ist RU

  2. Hi, Mr. Norman. You must see this link and you’ll be surprised.

    These are the ladies who are national finalists in the upcoming Miss Universe Canada 2013, vying to succeed the wasted beauty, Sahar Biniaz (She wasn’t unable to compete in Miss Universe 2012).

    The finalists including the back-to-back former Miss World Canada, Denise Garrido (2010) and our very own RIZA SANTOS (2011).

    • I actually was amused that she joined. As I’ve said before, she’s a true major pageant skewer. 🙂

      • I’m expecting that the outgoing Miss World Canada, Tara Teng will join the next year’s competition. Hehehe. Just wondering. 🙂 I checked the also upcoming Miss World Canada 2013 promotional advertisement where the 3 queens (Garrido, Santos, & Teng) are present. We see the word “DETERMINATION” in Riza’s personality. 🙂

  3. Mr. Norman is right. Whether you like Ariella Arida or not as our reigning Miss Universe Philippines, we must unconditionally support the lady on her battle in the most prestigious beauty pageant in this planet. As I observed, Ara had only few bashers compared to Janine Tugonon last year. It still fresh on my mind when JT crowned by her first batchmate, Shamcey Supsup that she will continue our Top 5 placement in Miss Universe despite the heaviest bashings she received which she really did. Now, I will trust my instincts again that Ara will grab the Top 5 spot or best, she will become Olivia Culpo’s successor. 😀

  4. May angle si Ara sa pictures na ok pero ang palagi ko nkikita ay para cyang tood na napilitan mgsmile.

  5. Angelo, hindi naman personal account yan. Malamang hindi lang sila ang Admin nyan. At sa malamang, may censorship yan ng mga comments.

  6. I know this post will be deleted since my last one was. Apparently free speech is not the norm with Norm. But here goes… they all look great except for Ara. Something about the make up or maybe just her face but her smile is sour. Not charming as Janine, dazzlng as Shamcey’s and beguiling as Venus’.
    I do hope she does well, don’t get me wrong, I do support her. However let’s be objective here…. Her face is just not that versatile when it comes to being made up. She does not look fresh or happy in most pictures. She can do the sultry look but that does not sell for Ms. U.

    • Venus, I don’t remember deleting a comment of yours. With so many comments, questions and feedbacks I need to moderate and reply to, my apologies if you can’t see your last post. I don’t want to think that it got mixed up in the spam file (which WordPress automatically classifies as such for various technical reasons) but it has already happened a couple of times in the past. I don’t want to sound defensive or anything, but I can’t recall consciously deleting yours.

      • no offense taken Norm . i still love this blog. honestly though what do you think of ara’s chances?

      • Venus, if you will notice, Ara wasn’t in my Top 12, so make something of it if you will. However, since she is already our MUP, the support will remain unstinting. I trust that her intensive training and makeover will merit our approval. It could be uphill, but leveling up gives me reason to hope. 🙂

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