29 comments on “Ariella Arida by Raymond Saldana

  1. Change her styling right now!!!! We don’t want to be represented by a Puteri Indonesia dead-ringer!

  2. I thought it’s Sam Pinto version 2.0……. But now it’s Ting ting Cojuangco ( young version ) combined with Bambi Arambulo combined version 2.0…… Ariella seems to have this Chameleon Aura….. Paiba iba…… Can’t wait for more photos to come……..

  3. She must learn the art of facial expression; say soften a lil bit to look sweet and pretty, or exert a wholesomely-sexiness to look irrisistible. I can’t see edginess in this photo- all i can see is a beautiful upset feeling diva- and i can’t see this in a cover of an international magazine. Truly her body projection in this pic is great and she is hot. But, this wouldn’t make the judges jump off their chair. I believe she can do better than this pix.

  4. Her brows are too high. She looks so mataray. But still shes Super gorgeous and awesome! 🙂

  5. Yes! i super dooper agree to what Fame suggests (looks like a stylist is in the house). I prefer Francis Libiran though. Ara is just so stunningly beautiful on this pic. Can’t wait to see her more on tv guestings.

    • Thanks for the compliment! it’s a gift!.. Yes, I can’t wait for TV guestings.. I hope she could do some hosting.. that would really bring out the best in her even without losing the heavy accent.

  6. Yes, the arches are a bit too high but I guess that’s what makes this picture edgy.. I love the face, I love the pose, and I love the armpits! Now, what we need is a Francis Libiran or Michael Cinco gown (PEGS: Anne Curtis, Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz), make-up with more natural colors (PEG: Jennifer Lopez, Thalia), The golden tan (PEG: Mariah Carey, Beyonce) plus bigger perfectly curled pageant hair (PEG: Shamcey). The pegs I mentioned is for the purpose of an International recall for everyone who would see her on TV which I believe Venezuela have mastered as seen in these pictures:


    Let’s kick-up the glamour like a dozen notches and we could win!

    • I forgot to mention that I love the natural beauty of our delegates compared to the surgical enhancements of our competitors. I believe natural is always the best but since we have to compete with them, I suggest a few enhancements as long as there is no surgery involved… I love her naturally beady eyes but for a more Universal look I recommend collagen fillers under the eyes then some radio frequency to iron it out.. The rest is perfectly proportioned and symmetrical so its all good..

      • I think what you mean is that her face in this pic looks suspicious of something but she still looks good. A&Q seems to be doing a good job with her. I saw her TV guesting vids today and she’s starting to look like Precious Lara Quigaman, our 4th Miss International.

    • Hi Closer2fame!

      You really know what your saying. I can imagine the outcome of your suggestions and it’s quite tasteful. I disagree with the accent, as long as she’s understandable with good grammar then there is no problem with an international audience. If she becomes this year’s MIss Universe then our whole country’s economy will prosper. We should all contribute anything we could for her to achieve this. I hope there is a means for anyone to help her.

  7. Simply stunning… From your previous article regarding her transformation to this breath taking picture, I wait with baited breath for her MU transformation. She has become increasingly more beautiful in such a short period of time that I am in awe of her growth, her maturity and her quiet, sensual beauty. Stunning. Simply, stunning…l

  8. Eyebrows do really frame a person’s face and can make a lot of difference. She looks way much better with fuller brows =)

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