7 comments on “Ara Arida: Her transformation from 2012 to 2013

  1. there’s something weird about her lips when talking in english. i think she needs to improve more of her speaking skills.

  2. I was enamored instantly the moment I laid my eyes on her … she has this bewitching & beguiling eyes that seem to tease…she was my Sentimental Fave to win the top plum and I was right on the money

  3. She may be in the top 16 of Miss Universe 2013, but it’s hard for her to make it to top 10. Her body is not impressive as compared to Bea or Charmaine,

  4. I just think she will be transformed into a Natalie Glebova prototype. There’s just something in her eyes, sometimes they’re stunning, and at times unflattering (eyebags).

  5. Some pix of her reminds me of the sexy-starlet Via Veloso who tried for the screening of Bb. Pilipinas maybe a decade ago but, rejected because of her status in movie industry.

  6. After seeing this, I now find her very inspiring. Basically, She tried, she failed, she still believed in herself and so she never gave up. She looked for someone who believed in her, she gave her best and now here she is, our candidate for Miss Universe 2013. Whatever happens, for me she would always be a winner.

  7. She reminds me of Miss World 2002 2nd princess Marina Mora Montero of Peru.

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