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  1. As far as the best answers that night, base on my personal opinion.

    1. Parul Shah. The word eradicate didn’t bother me at all. I can see the passion in her and she speaks with fire. She is logical and make sense without overthinking. She speaks naturally without overtrying to look intelligent. She will be a good spokesperson. We are all human being and being nervous is normal. I like the choice of words and her message is clear as if you can relate to it. America like those type of responses because they know that it is real and not rehearsed. Almost like Janine’s punch lines.

    2. Pia. She is spontaneous and also speaks from the heart. She is comfortable in speaking english for obvious reason but her responses that night was more than typical and she elaborated her answers well.

    3. De Leon. She has wit, presence of mind of the the De Leon clan. It is in her genes. She is very logical and composed. Her responses are direct to the point which is good for Q&A. You have to consider her youth as well at the age of 19. She appears to be mature for her age.

    For me if the Q&A will be the deciding factor, these 3 will be winners. But i think the BB pilipinas pageant is not like MU because they have to pick 4 titles. So it is not specific for MU but can work for the other pageants. It will all depend on who are the judges that night.

    • I forgot to mention,
      4. Nakpil. She seems spontaneous as well and a fighter. Her responses quick and doesn’t overthink. You see, we need to send someone who can respond quickly like Janine and Shamcey with the beauty of Venus. No dilly dallys just straight forward, sensible , natural logical person. We don’t need to send someone who is very intelligent because what MU are looking for is a spokesperson who is ready to meet the world, easy to work with, and someone the world can relate to

  2. Congrats to the winners and best of luck! We all support your endeavors and hope you bring home one of the crowns!

    Ara Arida: She is a safe choice. Nothing really striking but not underwhelming. Her thinking appears to be logical based on that typical pageant question given to her. Her delivery is okay, somewhat rehearsed because she seems like overthinking her responses so it came out a little slow. She said, ” that’s it, it is sensitivity” as if she finally figured out the answer. She was one of the favorite to win and also a UP graduate so you know she is a hard worker

    Mutya: Desrving. I like the emotions that you see in her. Her passion to win is visible as if she is saying that she is ready. Her responses are coming from her heart but i think she can deliver a better responses in Tagalog. Very Filipina.

    Bea: Deserving as well. She got an easy open ended pageant question. Her reponse is spontaneous and very pleasing to the ears without too much overthinking. Her moves and smile is very naturally feminine through and through. Very casual and engaging.

    Miranda: She is beautiful. I think she can be overconfident but she appears to be a good speaker with a little more polish. She also speaks from the heart and appears to be easy to talk to because she had hosting experiences which is plus for her.

    Pia. She should have won a crown. Maybe next year.

  3. Maybe this is super late but, my comment is about the host Martin Nievera. He was sooooo over-the-top. He talked a lot and that appeared to be stealing the moments of the candidates. And yet, he seemed to intimidate the ladies rather than gauge them. Yeah, I know because he speaks english so well (kc sa u.s. lumaki). I’m not impressed of his hosting. ABS-CBN should give him a midnight talk show and not a pageant hosting job.

    • Martin is always like that. He doesn’t want to give the spotlight 100% to the ladies. He has this feeling of superiority in hosting despite his marked shortcomings as one. He needs a share of the stage everytime.

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  4. Yup, for Philippine pageants, especially the women sent to the American-produced Miss Universe, the Q and A matters. It’s a matter of pride, after all we look up to America, consider ourselves to be somewhat American, (hey, even the candidate who answered in Tagalog said something about “our” President Obama), and boast that we are an English-speaking country. So it seems to me that, we at least, have to send someone who can speak the language (those who don’t do are sent to pageants that do not require much English-language skills). And that’s the dilemma, because, our candidates, unless they were reared speaking English, they have to think to make sure that the words and pronunciations come out right = kasi kung hindi, mapapahiya sila, not to the world, but to the people back home. (Look, kahit balu-baluktot ang English mo dito sa Amerika, alam ng karamihan na hindi ka taga dito, and they will appreciate you for trying, even applauding you, and most of the time, they will say, you’re English is good! )

    There is always a lag of a second or two – in understanding and answering questions – dahil whatever the question is – has to be understood and translated in the native language first in the brain – then whatever answer you have formulated, you have to translate that answer inside your brain to English before you can blurt the answer out. Plus the added pressure that you have to have the grammar and pronunciation right, nakakakaba talaga.

    Norman’s analysis of Ara Arida’s answer is spot on … that she had the presence of mind to stop before she would sound incoherent. Her first sentence about sensitivity was solid, sensible and intelligent. You don’t hear that word often, “sensitivity’ unless you know what you’re talking about. Her follow up statements – men being logical vs women being emotional in decision making is sort of running around the bush (eg women can be logical too; most probably, she wanted to say men can be stubborn eg matigas, but who knows what was in her mind). Mercifully, she stopped and good for her.

    I think she will do well in MU. If she has the discipline like Janine’s (trim that body fat in the middle), she will be somebody to reckon with. How tall is she anyway?

    • I think BPCI and Jonas Gaffud are both looking for the odd candidate who will stand out.
      Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup were both stunners, but Janine Tugonon’s looks were undefinable at first – and that’s why she looked ‘unwinnable’. But I guess the advice given to her was ‘make as little mistakes as possible – we’ll take care of the rest.” And she did stand out from the rest of the stunning Latinas, Europeans, etc.

      Ara Arida may stand out given the quick wit of Janine to study her competition, assess their weaknesses and magnify her strengths in a very Filipina way. She can’t copy the Latinas too much. Neither can she be too Asian nor too American. She has to be unique in her Filipina ways – like Gloria and Margie. We saw in Gloria someone who was less experienced than the rest of the delegates but was able to project a curious concoction of charm, composure and good attention. In Margie, we saw something almost inscrutable (‘suplada’) but she let out her sense of fun and level-headedness just at the right moment. In Lara Quigaman, we saw someone who was prepared and ready to face challenges – she was sheer determination in the least threatening of forms. In Janine Tugonon, we saw inner calm – she’s obviously a thinker, and her trick was not to show this.

      Be Filipina – mysterious, quick-witted, well-mannered, speaks at the right time, embraces with charm in the subtlest of ways. The Filipina knows that she may not be the prettiest, whitest, tallest girl in the room, but she can outcharm anyone given her innate qualities.

  5. You can never remove the fact that people will be voicing out their opinions after the results… because like you said, it is a beauty pageant, everything is SUBJECTIVE. Plus this is a blog after all, isn’t this the right platform for people to share their opinions? And that doesn’t necessary mean their bitter or haven’t moved on.

  6. The problem with the girls is that they tend to overthink the answer to impress the judges. It’s a beauty pageant, not a game show. The answer is always simple to any difficult question if one speaks from the heart.

    Did they learns anything from Korina’s lessons?

  7. @ Norman
    I researched about the topic of the controversial RH bill and I hope you create a post about it since it would really help our BBP winners study it. I know that the Miss Universe Organization is the one who chooses the question for each individual contestant based on issues or events related to herself and her country. Shamcey was given in Miss Universe a question related to religion maybe because they knew that she could answer any question really well and it’s an issue in the land where she came from which has a significant population of Muslims and Christians. She based her answer on the tradition that was instilled in her while growing up. When Ara makes it to the TOP 5 of Miss Universe, she should be prepared in answering a similar controversial question as our past MU representatives. In Gloria Diaz’s question, believing in the RH bill was already given and so it becomes a yes or no question if the contestant is a good Catholic for believing in it. It is like a test if the contestant would stand up and give out her opinion no matter what other people would think or avoid answering the question the best way she could. I see that every time I rephrase my answer to that question that’s related to religion, it seems to be hopeless in creating an ultimate answer that would conclude the topic. Any question that concerns religion is like a death trap, there is no right or wrong answer since all of us have our own opinion in relation to it. I guess, she should formulate an answer that would best please the majority even if it would disregard the culture she got exposed to. Becoming a learned person by reading philosophical books would open our minds from the tradition that restricts us. Being born a Catholic, I was brought up to love my neighbors. If the RH bill would help my fellow Filipinos to have better lives then I would support it no matter what other people would think of me.

  8. Hahaha, Gelo. Iinom muna ko ng Tylenol at mahirap din magbasa ng all-caps. But you’re right. More than 24 hours have passed since, so let’s all move on. 😉

  9. Where are the likes of Lia Andrea Ramos? LOL! I know it was back in 2006 and yes I still haven’t moved on from her not placing in Miss Universe! Remember when she was asked the same question that was asked this year actually, about what other country fascinates her? She gave a calm and well thought out spontaneous answer. (check it out on youtube, I’m sure it’s still out there) We need more girls who are like her and I honestly feel that she is one of the best contestants Philippines ever sent!

    As of this year’s candidates, these girls should really learn how to treat the question and answer as if they were just talking to their peers. I do agree that the best answer given was the “junk food” answer. I don’t understand why people are giving Charmaine a hard time about her answer. I didn’t think she completely blew it and I actually think she gave a better answer than Mutya (and no I’m not a Mutya hater, in fact out of all the winners, Mutya is the only candidate I agree on). When Mutya was asked about her advocacy, she basically said “I don’t have one, but I’ll do whatever sh*t BPCI asks me to do”. She didn’t show any genuine compassion or interest in charity.

    Congratulations to Ariella for winning the Ms. Universe Philippines crown! Do I think she will finally bag the Universe crown for our country? I honestly don’t think so, but I’m hoping that I am wrong just as I was wrong about Janine even getting into the semis. She was invisible to me until she actually won, but she did give one of the best answers that night and with the Gafud transformation, I’m sure she’d be fierce by the time she’s sent to Ms. Universe. She does have her work cut out for her though.

  10. move on na kay elima!! tapos na ang pageant suportahan na lang ang mga actual winner!!, nakakaumay na nagiging bitter na yung iba.. ok naman yung nanalo sa phil universe 2013 arida! although she is not my top choice sa crown. kaso siya na talaga kaya move on mga girls..

  11. I’m not particularly impressed with the interview portion. With that being said, I think Ara Arida gave a clear answer to the question( although I think she pulled her answer out off her rolodex). Most of the ladies were beating around the bush when answering questions which was annoying( major eye roll), with the exception of Merry Joyce- she gave an honest answer yet it lacks substance. All I can say is that all the winners have a long road ahead of them and they need to move, act and speak effortlessly so it doesn’t come out so calculated.

    With an influx of beautiful ladies , I’m SO Looking forward for Pia, Merry Joyce, Imee and Mariel to compete again next year.

    ps: one thing was very evident, being a celebrity helped to be in the top 15 😉

      • I like Charmaine too but the pressure of being a highly favored competitor obviously has taken a toll on her. She’s young and inexperience in major beauty pageants. It may be good for her to join next year as an underdog. Less pressure 🙂

  12. After the Q@A, I lost all hope for any crown for my ultimate bet Elima. Sayang. But no regrets at all. To me, she has the best shape even better than Ariella ( the way it appeared on my tv set). I remember Dindi and Janina who messed up with their answers but even managed to bag the highest titles. I thought it could happen to Elima but having Gloria Diaz as one of the judges, she definitely wont take flawed answers sitting down. Anyway, Charmaine is just 20, she still has all the time in the world to improve her thinking and speaking in English. I know what she was trying to say but lost in translation. I was a bit sad but Datul (my 2nd best bet) managed to snatch a crown with her less- than- good answer (and why not she was the real fit for MU crown that night!) “ibang klase ang peg nya pang MU na”! Let’s support all the winners they are all deserving!

  13. to learn something from even the most conservative Miss America pageant

  14. Merry Joyce for me, gave the best answer of the night. You see, this is the kind if response that you’ll hear from a Miss USA who’ll eventually win Miss Universe–Chelsi Smith (on 50 ladies who believe strongly) Brooke Lee (eat everything twice) and Olivia Culpo (picking on siblings). Answers that are light, unique and very personal.

    • Hi Chivas, i agree on Respicio
      Here answer was so candid, refreshing and spot on.
      The type of answer that Miss USA and Miss Universe judges would kill for

      I remember a Miss USA finalist before who eventually placed in the Top Five with her very direct and honest answer to the question “What are u gonna do with your cash prize if u win Miss USA?”

      Her answer” Pay my bills”. That answer propelled her to 2nd or 3rd place in Q & A and she made the winners’ circle

      • True. And another American beauty queen when asked about her favorite part of the pageant, she replied “Lunch!”

  15. Q&A really matter the most. If Elima just answer it right she would won. Kasi I’ve noticed na masyado niya pinapaganda answer niya. Sayang. Baka the crown is not really meant for her. 🙂

  16. Amanda Navasero’s Question by MU1969 Gloria Diaz for me was the toughest. It’s about being a good Catholic while believing in the controversial RH bill. If I was in her place, my answer would be something like this:

    “Being born a Catholic, I was brought up to love my neighbors. I support the RH bill because I know that it will help my fellow Filipinos to have better lives and because of that, I believe I am a good Catholic.”

    In my opinion, that was her only opportunity for her to snatch a crown since majority of the finalists are way ahead of her. If she took a stand and aced it, she could have at least landed as 1st runner-up unless she does not support the RH bill. 😉

  17. Norms, i beleive you watched the pageant live in the araneta…was the candidates answers aired in tv the same with what they gave during the live show? Coz i heard last year, some answers were edited for the viewing purpose so as not to humiliate the ladies with a not-so-good response?

  18. Hello Miss Joyce!

    I am a huge fan of Bb. Pilipinas but I think they should really send girls who can answer very well in the Q&A naturally. My biggest problem with our delegates (even with Venus, Shamcey and Janine) is that their answers sound so rehearsed, which is why they never win the crown. They sound like they are composing an essay or writing a thesis, they don’t sound as genuine as those who answer candidly. This is what Western viewers hate, they don’t like things way too scripted, they want everything as naturally delivered as possible, as compared to how things are done here in the Philippines, where almost everything is scripted, with cue cards, well-rehearsed answers, etc.

    Watching Miss Universe, it’s not about how eloquent you are but it’s how you deliver and make an impact. Ximena, Leila and Olivia answered their Q&A as candid as they can and they ended up winning the title. They appear to have regal bearing and all but at the end of the day, they still remained ‘normal’ people answering regular questions. That’s what Miss Universe is about.

    I don’t really know why Stella Araneta doesn’t understand the formula when it’s the only thing that’s hindering our queens from grabbing the title. Not to mention the fact that she regularly snubs the girls who have more potential and who are naturally articulate, while choosing those who struggle to express themselves properly both in English and Tagalog win the titles.

    As for Ariella Avida, I am not impressed. Her Q&A was a give-away of the 2005 Miss Universe question to Dominican Republic and she answered it the same way she did, in a less impressive and more rehearsed manner. She may be fierce and may enter the semis but she’s so lackluster in personality and energy, far from how Venus, Shamcey and Janine even when they were still competing during their respective years.

    • I believe they did not win because there are other factors that hindered them from winning the title.. Beauty pageants is not all about question and answer..if you have watched all the winners, they have varied answers and personalities.,,some of them are not physically exceptional nor highly intellectuals but they still bagged the crown… we never know what the judges are looking for.. There is what we call subjectivity and objectivity in judging.. So please don’t blame Venus, Shamcey or Janine if they did not win the crown, but rather be thankful because they made us proud of their achievements. Well, if you are not contented or gratified of them, so be it. As i say, judging is sometimes subjective in one’s perception of what is beautiful and what is intelligent.

  19. Still feeling a bit sad after Elima missing any placement. But I think she is destined for the next year’s tilt. I just sooo love the girl where is is almost perfect for a MU Rep. Ok lang yan..may next year pah

      • Enough of her please.. Move on na lang….life doesnt revolve in beautynpageants alone.Maybe she is destined to some other purpose and being crowned a philippine queen is not her destiny…

    • I hope next year hindi na mambabash ang fans ni Elima if si mariel sasali ulit. I am Elima’s fan also so sad she didnt shine as well as mariel. Maybe next yr..

      • Nothing new with our pageantry…pag natalo ang bet sabihing may milagrong nangyari..as i have predicted, elima was an mj 2.0.. But i must admit, she is indeed beautiful, but she was just outshined by the eventual winners…need i say more?

      • i don’t understand the hype on Charmaine
        She should loosen up, no more calculated hands on the hips stance
        and lighten up on your smile….


    • I agree, the pressure of fulfilling everyone’s expectation really placed a huge weight on her nerves. I think what happened is still perfect for a girl her age. She may not have won a crown this year but now she has the experience that will make her a better contestant next year.

    • Nice video of Miss Malaysia!OA ng pagka modulate ng boses ng male host.hahaha

      Magaling sila sumagot pero ang laki ng lamang ng mga Binibini natin sa ganda. 🙂

    • Isn’t this what they mean by being pageant patty?
      Some of our candidates get bashed for being to rehearsed and labeled as such. I guess it’s a very thin line between being sincere, prepared and sounding pageant patty.

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