23 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Would you be shocked if one of them wins?

  1. Bongga ka, eto ang sports, me kahit sino manalo I will support them, no bashing because i lab Philippine Candidate kahit di ko bet. Im rooting for Elima and Datul..

  2. Baccay is My Biggest Bet Here Followed By Vania then Abby and then Imee 🙂

  3. not really
    to be fair to this batch, there are a lot of girls with great potentials
    no one is really a clear stand out. some may be more popular than others but it does not always translate to assurance of winning a crown.
    i just hope that the best girls who could bring us the international crowns will win

  4. Given Angeli Gomez won Tourism-related pageant Aliwan Festival Queen, she could well fit as Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism!

  5. Even though Cindy and Charmaine are Cum laudes of Tourism and Hospitality Management, nothing can beat a graduate of UP Com Arts and current freshman at Ateneo Law school. Only armed with a symmetrical face, exotic features and “A BRAIN”, Ivy Kristel Gonzales may lack the same charms as the others but she can definitely succeed in the Q&A portion blindfolded with honors. 🙂

    • Ano ba ang ang nangyari dun sa mga UP graduate na matatalino at beauty like Lizbeth De Padua, Suma Cum Laude,Criselda Cecelio na Super Beauty and one of my fave, beauty queen of all time,Kay Nina Riccci alagao and ,Licaros . Lahat yan beauty and brain bet ko pero ligwak. And wat happen to Melanie and Dese\iree Verdadero.

      • My pegs are the very Filipina looking Venus, Shamcey and Janine who are all cum laudes that’s why I was I was hoping for someone who has beauty and brains… Now that Ara Arida won, she’s not what I expected but she definitely fits the mold.. She has almost all the ideal features of a beautiful Filipina, beautiful deep set almond eyes, sharp feminine nose, beautifully bowed lips, thick super straight hair, perfect pearly whites and instead of her former porcelain skin she’s now sporting a lustrous golden tan. Honestly, when it comes to looks, My #1 is Mutya, #2 is Ara and #3 is Mariel, #4 is Charmaigne. When it comes to academic achievements, being a Chemist who graduated at UP Los Banos, that’s not bad at all. For that, my top 1 is Ivy Gonzales, Ara is my #2, followed by Cindy who’s a tourism cum laude, and Charmaigne who’s a hospitality management cum laude.. BPCI and the judges are right. She’s one of the few with the perfect balance of Beauty and Brains. Ara did nail the Q & A portion plus her last pageant experience was joining Ms. Earth. Over all, with very little tweaking of her accent, she’s perfect to become the next Miss Universe!

        What we all have to do now is bring in the hype so that Ara could surpass the publicity that Mariel and Charmaigne had. I hope we could all cooperate to help her be the next Filipina who would make us all proud! I love it when we all unite for a common cause.. 🙂

  6. i would rather call it a pleasant surprise rather not shocked… after all, it is a bumper harvest of gorgeous Filipinas this year

  7. I wouldn’t be shocked if Imee make it. She’s facially beautiful and elegant.

  8. LOL @Pinaygem , calm down. Elima will win MUP, Mariel will not place but she will win MWP instead. Parul will be MIP, Bea will be MSP and Hannah will be MTP. This being said Gaffud will be HFU (he’s f**d up).

    • @ Chrome……. A big Thank You and tsup tsup mwaaaaaahhh for calming me down and making me happy………

  9. I’m getting sick just thinking the thought of Mariel De Leon being crowned MUP…… Instead of Charmaine Elima……. Oh no……

    • Elima deserves the crown but has to practice with her smile bec its so fake and boring. I have no prob with Mariels beauty as long as she has confidence.So why not dba?

    • Only a learned individual with a good balance of beauty, brains and class can be an international ambassador of good will.

      • i like it that u included class
        which is sadly wanting and lacking in most of our girls

  10. well better to ready your self if mariel crown bb.universe!!
    possible threat for the crown:
    international- imelda

  11. The Super Shock of 2013 is IF……. Mariel De Leon will be crowned MUP over Charmaine Elima….. I just don’t get it???

    • It is a shocker indeed. But if you notice how she was given top billing during the fashion show, it is not a remote possibility.

      • Yes. You nailed it.as long she can carry herself well and has confidence, why not?

      • yeah. the fact that mariel is included
        in the roster means that she’s as
        qualified as the others

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