106 comments on “18 Gold Bars for Bb. Pilipinas 2013: My Predictions

  1. Ecxited na ako malaman kung sino ang mga mag-uuwi ng korona mamaya. Huwag lang sanang gawing “cooking show” ang pageant finals. Ang dami magaganda this year. Let’s just pray na manalo ang deserving at yung makapagbibigay sa bansa ng 4th lucky strike a MU. I just felt a bit bad na wala akong cabalen na kasali sa taong ito.

  2. I don’t mean to sound like an Elitist but If you check all our past winners who won or at least placed in the International pageants:

    1. All of them were standouts when it comes to beauty no matter if they looked more Filipina or not.
    2. Majority of them naturally exuded class and sophistication.
    2. Only a majority came from de buena familias but all of them had the personality and aura that is more than queenly.
    3. You can shed pounds but you can’t train an aura of sophistication in less than a year, It’s either you have the personality or you don’t.
    4. Perfect is boring, they will crown someone who is very relatable but a complete head turner Internationally speaking. All of them were international favorites as well as local.
    5. The major beauty pageants is a business, they crowned someone who can and will be their ambassador who could create good publicity for their sponsors and will not lessen the value of their premium brand. A prior publicity wouldn’t hurt.

  3. I find this moment funny. While all the guys in the family (brother, cousins, uncles, brother-in-law) are presently at a disgust over Donaire’s lost to Rigondeaux- here I am seated beside them, (as if though sharing their sentiments) but my mind is preoccupied of Bb. Pilipinas eventualities.

  4. sabay may punto ka pre! pangit nga nman pag dinaan sa popularity contest ang bb. pilipinas. unfair din kung d man lang mapansin ang ibang contestants. . . kung mas tinutugunan nila ang pagkafamous ng contestant eh bias na un. panu kung mas may edge pla ung hindi kilala or bago lang sa national beauty pageant na hindi man lang binigyan pansin…

  5. Very unfair! porket kasi mas kilala at dati na kilala un mga contestants neo sila na ang may title? porket kasi mas marami na sila votes kasi nga kilala nman eh magiging bb pilipinas na? pero sure ba keo na mananalo sila sa miss universe? sana nman mapansin un underdog sa national mukhang sila pa ang mas deserving eh. like kay #47 aiyana camille mikiewicz! alam neo ba na lahat ng sinalihan neang beauty pageants eh title siya means wala pa siyang talo! 8 beauty pageants un di un biro! dinaig pa nga nea ung mga provincial or regional candidates ng baguio, laoag, san carlos, dagupan, agoo, la union. kung bibigyan lang siya ng pagkakataon na makapasok sa top 5 nga nga keong lahat sa talino nea sa pagkafluent nea at bilis neang sumagot sa Q&A! MIND U!

    • This is fair. Have Aiyana faced a competition this strong? Let me remind you of what happened in Bb. Pilipinas 2010. That time there are 3 Bicolanas who made it as official candidates (Venus, Dianne, and Patrixia). Of the three, Patricia is the winner of most regional titles while Venus and Dianne are just runner-ups. Why? Because she (Patrixia) always manage to make it to the top 5, once there, she is hard to beat in the Q&A. But alas, Venus and Dianne made it to the semifinals, and consequently figured in the top 5. Patrixia was left out.
      My point is, this is a beauty contest, and you are judged or measured for your pulchritude more than aptitude.

    • Here are a few points why I believe that #47 Aiyana Camille Mikiewicz is not fit for any BBP crown:

      1. She doesn’t look tall enough to compete in the international arena.
      2. She lacks the mental register that makes herself as the ideal Filipina beauty.
      3. She does not have enough public exposure that proves that her personality is purely Filipina in nature and values.
      4. She packaged herself as a Mestiza with more foreign ancestry which is not the best representation for our fellow Filipinos.
      5. She can’t compete with the amount of publicity created by her fellow candidates.

      But setting all that aside, It doesn’t mean that I would not be a big fan of hers if she becomes a local celebrity like an actress.

  6. Norm? Has there been an instance in any Philippine pageants that a winner resigned or was asked to resign due to mass protest ?

  7. As a South African, my choice is 13 for Universe! I don’t like other pageants. I keep it original (Universe and World). Good Luck Phillipines!!!

    • My choice for miss Universe is also # 13 Charmaine Elima. I am from California :).

  8. Wow this predictions is very favor for me as you have chosen charmaine elima as the mis binibining pilipinas universe.

  9. my final thought on this whole brouhaha…
    The YOUNGER ONES WHO ARE VERY DESERVING can always come back 2 or even 4 years from now…bea is 23, parul is 24, hannah is 24, buquid is 22…know what i mean?

  10. Here is my final prediction, i can see from my 3rd eye:

    Charmaine Elima = MS Universe
    Mariel de Leon = MS International
    Cindy Miranda = MS Tourism

    For the past 3 years, i predicted that Venus, shamcey and Janine will be at Top 5, it happened. This time, there wil be repitition in Top 5 if Charmaine will be our representative.

  11. everything is an exercise in futility

    regardless who gets selected as our bet for Miss U,
    Miss Philippines won’t make the cut this year
    i hate to be a naysayer or to be the
    harbinger of bad news but
    woe to whoever will be
    selected this year

    mark my words

    • Oh my, brew, I dread the signs you are reading. Hopefully, you will see things better in the months to come.

      • norms,

        i have been a fan of Bb since i saw Anna Lorraine Kier, Dorothy Sue Bradley and Bambi Arambulo competed and won in Bb 1977…yes, norms, i’m that old lol

        anyway, that gloomy forecast of mine is just a gut feel.. of course, who wouldn’t want a kababayan to win our third Miss U crown?

        we had high hopes then for Lizbeth de Padua, the UP summa cum laude grad to continue the streak for the Philippines in Miss U during our Golden Age of Pageantry and can u imagine the nation’s collective disappointment when she didn’t make the cut! my mom told me that she was booed when she returned to Manila. See? that’s how intense and how high the pressure was on her shoulders coming from the successive victories of the following in Ms U:

        1971 Vida Valentina Doria Miss Photogenic (chosen by the int’l press)
        1972 Armi Barbara Crespo Top Twelve (reportedly # 6 in the rankings w/ her awesome gown)
        1973 Margie Moran (need i say more?)
        1974 Guadalupe Sanchez The hometown girl (Top Twelve)
        1975 Chiqui Brosas 4th RU

        so there… am i not entitled to voice out my opinions? so why the bashing and the teeth gnashing when i am just expressing a gut feel.

        good luck to our Golden Girl for Miss Universe!


      • Don’t mind the bashing, Brew. We both have aged well, and no amount of poking should affect us anymore. Let’s just enjoy everything! πŸ˜‰

    • Oh Cool Brew.. ‘Been always following your substantial comments and wise insights in this blog eversince. I thought you’re really COOL. until now… tsk tsk..

      • blue mirage, it’s just a gut feel..
        cmon guys it happened to venezuela and puerto rico
        i was just thinking if perhaps the MUO would be tinkering and toying
        with us knowing how we feel passionately for the mother of all pageants

  12. Kuya Norman,your blog anniversary is coming.Congratulations for your great year.1ST PINOY BLOG NEWSMAKER OF THE YEAR,Naks!
    By the way,I like your prediction for some of the winners but not for your 2nd picks.Here’s mine:
    UNIVERSE-Charmaine Elima is my bet but seeing Mariel in 2nd pick is a surprised.I refer Bea Santiago.Elima is consistent and Santiago is a late bloomer.These girls can rock the Universe.If Charmaine will be the MUP,Bea is my Miss Supranational.If Bea wins,BPCI should place Charmaine as a runner-up so that she can compete next year.

    INTERNATIONAL-Ria Rabajante.I refer a morena this year.And I think she’s the best choice.She’s a good speaker,classy and beautiful.Japanese will love this girl.For recent years,BPCI send mestizas and placed as semifinalists.But think about the past winners,morena,aren’t they?But I’m also thinking how Jonas Gaffud would react if none of his girls crowned in 1 of 2 major pageants.I’ll go for Ria but Pia most likely will crowned Miss International.

    TOURISM-Mariel de Leon.Like Kat Dimaranan she’s a good speaker too.Tourism campaign is good for her and Philippines.Outspoken plus popular parents.
    And Kuya Norman,though Mariel is your 2nd pick for MU,I just noticed that your picks for MU in last 2 years,Isabela Manjon and Kat Dimaranan were crowned Miss Tourism.Coincidence?

    SUPRANATIONAL-Bea Santiago.Caucasians can’t ignore this girl.She is tall,beautiful and can communicate well.The articulate Hannah Sison is my 2nd pick.

    My runners-up:
    Parul Shah
    Hannah Sison

    • Not a shocker if that happens. The girl is gorgeous, and I love girls who are good in Math. πŸ˜‰

  13. my prediction:
    Universe- Datul /Pia
    International-Pia/de leon

  14. NORMAN thank you for your daily updatea for the past three months. Since then i can let a day to pass by without reading your blog. Its just sad that i cant watch the pageant live this sunday due to other appointments but ill keep on browsing your blog during that time for sure for the live updates. Thank you and you are an inspiration to me.

  15. When i first saw charmaine elima i know that shes the one that weve all been waiting for. The predictions were really good but i think mutya is better that pia for the miss intrnational crown. But to be honest i really dont care about the other placements as long our Binibining pilipinas Universe is Charmaine Elima. This is how i felt when i saw janine tugonon last year in the pageant. I had this intuition that shes really the one and now i felt it again. GO Charmaine. All the way.

  16. My choice for MUP is either Ara Arida or Mariel De Leon….Parul Shah comes in close 3rd option..

  17. Wow! love reading all your posts, analyzing, studying, thinking…wondering how could our choices become so close? I’m bit afraid somehow that my picks would not translate accurately to the real outcome on the finals. I guess because I was able to predict winners last year and felt so good about myself. On the other hand, why should one feel bad if his predictions turn out differently “eh kung yon ang gusto mo di ba?”. Whoever wins in the end gets the support of the majority of Pinoys around the globe. Now here’s mine:

    Miss Talent Mariel De Leon
    2nd Runner Up Merce Grace Raquel (so she can join again)
    1st Runner Up Parul Shah (Just in case a Bb. couldn’t fulfill her duties)

    SUPRANATIONAL Fernandina Buquid
    TOURISM Hannah Ruth Sison
    INTERNATIONAL Mutya Johanna Datul (My second bet for BPU)

    Sir Norman: Congratulations again for a job well done! Thank you for the joy you bring to pageant aficionados who have been following you. I am bracing myself this early for another battle on the aftermath because what is written in the stars might not be aligned with what I have written above.

    • You’re welcome, Bb! I do all of this for the love of pageants. It’s true what people say. Anything becomes effortless when love precedes obligation. πŸ˜‰

  18. Norms….. Ayokong magbintang….. But all of a sudden Miss DeLeon zoomed all the way sa MUP prediction at naglabasan na parang mushrooms ang mga bloggers cum supporters….. Why Norms???…… May informer ka siguro from insiders of BPCI???…….. why norms why??? At coming from your predictions….. Parang confident ka norms na it’s De Leon as a strong alternate for Elima???…… Eh napaka daming way better Binibinis than DeLeon!….. If De Leon wins MUP over Elima…….. Then my next question would be “Anong COOKING OIL ang ginamit Ni Madamme….. Kasi nalalasahan namin ang langis….. SOBRANG OILY”……. Hahaha….. Joke Lang Norms….. But that’s my own assessment……. Charmaine Elima for the win!!!ξ€°ξ€°ξ€°

    • I’m also amazed at how big the gap of her votes from the other girls! Suddenly, she has this huge support. Surprisingly, she becomes even more popular as the finals draw near. I thought Pia would win the voting online by a landslide, then all of a sudden Mariel skyrocketed to the top. Then, I realized how powerful someone from showbiz clan can be especially with all the support they can get. I’m sure ang lakas bumoto ni Matet, Ian at Lot-LOt!

    • Believe it or not, it’s a mix of hunch, buzz and the pageant “feel” that I’m not sure where I’m getting from. Hard to explain in classifiable words. In the end, I still would like my top picks prevailing. πŸ˜‰

  19. Thank you Norman for the hardwork and completing this post . Kudos to you ! Great job ! Your well-studied and entertaining posts are profusely interesting . These add so much excitement comes Sunday night . I wish all the ladies good luck . To the panel of judges , it will be one great ride . I’m so excited to know who will come out on the winners’ list . Choose well. Vote wisely . BBpilinas . ! Gold !

  20. On Norman! Have you seen Puerto Rico’s candidate for Ms. Universe 2013 Monic Perez? Man, she resembles bits of Angelina Jolie.

    Elima’s face will give this another reigning country the competition it deserves!

    Cheat Sheet Source for Competing Ms. Universe Candidates:

  21. either 1 of them:
    Elima, Shah, Santiago – Universe
    Santiago, Miranda – international
    Rabajante, santiago – tourism

    sorry to say, i know mariel de leon is beautiful but her beauty is not for an international arena.

  22. My Predictions
    2nd Runner Up – Hannah Sison
    1st Runner Up – Parul Shah

    Supranational – Bea Santiago
    *Alternative – Hannah Sison
    Tourism – Mutya Datul
    International – Pia Wurtzbach
    Universe – Charmaine Elima
    *Alternative – Parul Shah

    *Never liked Mariel DeLeon. She’s a favorite because of her parents. If not for the celebrity roots, she won’t even be hyped up. I am honestly distracted with the shape of her face. Imagine if KC Concepcion joined (assuming she’s age qualified) same scenario. Big built with ok wits but not pageant material.
    *Hannah Sison was my Universe alternative for Charmaine Elima days ago. But after seeing her Jag photoshoot, I was like.. “WTF happened to her face?!?”

  23. Here’s mine, Mr. Norman:
    Miss Universe-Philippines 2013: Charmaine Elima
    Bb. Pilipinas- International 2013: Mutya Datul
    Bb. Pilipinas- Tourism 2013: Mariel De Leon (Could be a Katrina D. lighter version)
    Bb. Pilipinas- Supranational 2013: Bea Rose Santiago
    1st Runner- Up: Parul Shah
    2nd Runner- Up: Pia Wurtzbach

  24. Hi Norman-
    Thank you for your thorough breakdown. You are keeping me abreast with updates and activities that’s making me ΓΌber excited for the main event. I have my own choices but I must say, 2013 brought a plethora of beauties which made decision- making challenging. I just hope we have candidates like this every year that can best represent our country.


  25. I wasn’t a big fan of Apuad until I saw her personally yesterday after the fashion show at the Araneta Coliseum. The girl’s a stunner! Elima’s engimatic and De Leon is pure class!

    I’ve to agree with you Norman, Elima SHOULD and MUST win the MUP title, with De Leon as the BBPI and Apuad as the Tourism winner πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing your analysis!

  26. First of all, here’s a comfy chair Norman and a glass of bubbly. You deserve it! Exhausting, daunting and nerve-wracking, but you made it possible for all of us to have what I arguably believe to be the best pageant-judge-arm-chair in the house. And best of all, I not only believe the predictions, but trust in them!

    My only quibble is that Parul should replace Mariel as MUP alternate. Mariel may be a thrilling risk, but still a risk. Kahit sabihin man natin na wala naman talagang certainty sa kung sinung mananalo sa MU, let’s have an option with a lesser risk. Pwede rin actually si Mutya Datul for MU- a candidate who in three weeks has totally changed my opinion of her and partly because gusto ko talagang ibasura yang notion na kailangan mong maging fluent. Her sincerity and self-belief just makes her glow; elements that all three past winners (Venus, Shamcey, Janine) had.

  27. i have been an avid reader of your blog. Thank you for this intense analysis! Like some of your readers, I find Mariel too young/unprepared for the MU slot. She is gorgeous hands down but like my pageant-crazy friends abroad, I think she is not MU material. Now let me focus on Ms. Elima as MUP…I love her healthy brown skin and her pearly whites! For me she is a cross between Maria Isabel Lopez and Margie Moran. But I am not 100% convinced she is the best rep for MU. In my opinion, she looks tired in most of her photos. Maybe it’s the eyebags or her eyes are a bit too far from each other (my own honest opinion as a dermatologist)…or maybe I am biased for feline eyes. And that’s probably the reason why my personal bet for MUP is Ria Rabajante. She is a mixture of Miriam, Janine, Tetchie Agbayani and Anajanette Abayari. She was my bet the very first time I saw her pic on the net. However, like Ms. Elima, she is not perfect. We all have seen her almost without make up (a big mistake on her part) and know that her eyebrows and eyes are not that spectacular without intense cover up and magic. But I’m surprised why she’s not in your roster of queens. As someone who has more access to the pageant, can you enlighten us what’s missing with her? Thank you Norman and continue writing. I love your blog! πŸ™‚
    I just saw the JAG pic of Ms. Elima. WOW! That’s the picture I’ve been waiting for from her πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Gilbert. As far as Ria is concerned, there is something about her face that stops me from assigning one of the titles. I don’t want to sound offensive or anything. But personally, the mouth part leaves me wanting. Her formal smile is almost always close-mouthed, as if she is consciously hiding something inside. And when she smiles, you don’t see her teeth well enough. Once or twice she did, but it was, I believe, a stolen or candid shot. But more than that, I believe her consistency moves like a heartbeat. One second she is up, the next she projects a plain plateaud self. At any rate, being part of my dozen finalists already says a lot about her potentials. If she shines the brightest come Sunday, then it must really be her fate to come out on top.;-)

      • You are right! Why isn’t she smiling enough? I think she looks equally wonderful when she looks happy as when she looks mysterious…so she should smile more. Anyway, I hope Mrs Araneta chooses the lady that will get the MU crown this time. She was right last year, even when most doubted her πŸ™‚

  28. This 2013, the Philippines will once again, conquer the Universe!

    First time is the Glory.
    Second time is Margie’s.
    Third time is the CHARM!

  29. Thanks for your analysis. I wish to remind everyone that the 2 BBP who actually won the Miss Universe crowns were mestizas, Gloria Diaz & Margie Moran, who were not very skinny or typical Filipino beauties. IMHO, Mariel de Leon stands out because her beauty is not the usual Asian type that we see. And neither Gloria nor Margie’s face is a perfect oval. De Leon has also transformed her body in a very short time which shows she is a very determined young lady.

    • there’s no question about her beauty (as everyone of them has), you dont compare the times of gloria and margie with the present “stiff” competition! and Lastly, we are not talking about the time frame a certain candidate is pursuing to, we are talking about preparedness, the ability to compete at the present time and the overall package that can be considered a good chance to win MU title, hope you get that…

    and guys…what about those aged 24, 25 and 26…di ba matanda na sila?…

    • Sabihin mo yung sayo para mapagtawanan ka din pag natalo pambato mo.

      • for sure elima will have a place…but sorry i just don’t like her mouth…it annoys me…as much as it annoys me to see ria’s pointed chin…but oh well…kung si elima mananalo…it’s not going to be a problem to me guys…WHATEVER IS WRITTEN IN THE STARS…RELAAAAAAXXXXX!!!!
        I also was NOT so keen on JT at first…but look at how well she transformed…kinarir talaga nya ang pageant…at muntik ng maging 3rd MU natin…

    • As i have said in my previous comments, i hope elima wont be MJ 2.O.. But i would say, the girl has a commanding beauty.. Datul for me is the face of the Bb.2013 but she would be good only for MI or MT titles…

    • i will also be the first one to laugh at you when elima wins the crown! hahhaha to start now!

    • Elima really has to practice more on her smile because i appears fake in her video. I agree with Mon on Elimas mouth.

  31. Miss Universe Philippines – Hannah Ruth Sison
    Bb. Pilipinas International – Aiyana Mikiewicz
    Bb. Pilipinas Tourism – Charmaine Elima
    Miss Supranational Philippines – Mutya Datul
    1st Runner Up – Pia Wurtzbach
    2nd Runner up – Ma. Angelica De Leon

  32. Sir Norman, did you notice that the girls who were heavily criticized and bashed were the ones who placed in Miss Universe? From Gloria Diaz, Desiree Verdadero, Pebbled de Asis, Miriam Quiambao, Venus Raj to Janine Tugonon..

  33. Well said Norms.. You are truly a pageant authority.. We almost have the same top 12 and top 6… Five out of six is the same… I wouldnt care less who would win the titles to be given away…i know these ladies are deserving, hence, they wont dare to join the Binibini if they know that they are not fully prepared in the battle.

    So much has been said about Elima who is the right candidate to represent the country for the MU2013, but we cannot disregard the possibilities of the other equally strong contenders to grab the most coveted MU title.

    In my opinion, i would place my bet for Santiago and Sison as her strongest contenders for the MU crown. As for MI, Datul would be the perfect candidate and none else…i could only forsee Shah for MT title. again, that is just my opinion as an avid pageant enthusiast.

  34. Good choices or should I say prediction Sir Norman. But I am hoping to see Ria included in the top 5 on Sunday. A runner up finish is not bad. I am also hoping that Parul and Mutya to be crowned. As for the BPCI “surprise”, I hope that it’ll be a good surprise for all of us.

    By the way, how was the fashion show? Does it affect your prediction? Are we going to see fab and new gowns on Sunday?

    • I have a separate post about the fashion show, Angel. And personally, the activity was non-bearing in my predictions. πŸ˜‰

  35. Miss Universe Philippines : Charmaine Elima
    Bb Pilipinas International : Parul Shah
    Miss Supranational Philippines: Bea Rose Santiago
    Miss Tourism Philippines: Hannah Sison
    Runner’s-up : Mariel, Pia, Ria

  36. Norman, once again I’d like to thank you for working SO hard on this coverage. Really well done! I don’t agree with your picks here (because I have Parul pegged for MUP and don’t care at all for both Elima and De Leon) HOWEVER I’m very thankful that we have so many amazing girls to choose from. There really isn’t a clear favourite for any of the titles and that’s a great predicament to have. Mabuhay, BPCI for getting the best girls to come out and participate!

    • We all have our own choices, RM. It just so happens that I have this small platform to do so. I’m really hoping for the best possible results, regardless of my predictions being significantly accurate or not. πŸ˜‰

  37. OMG! This is really it..it saddens me to see that some girls and I mean alot of girls are put to waste, when most of them are worthy of the crown. And I am referring this heavily to Parul and Hannah. Reading the thread, I can see how people disagree much on DeLeon “if-ever” placement as MUP2013 but I am sure Norm that youve gone alot to come up with this prediction. The hype with Mariel is undeniable but I would say, she will have her turn on a different time. For now lets have Maine bring home the 3rd MU Crown..This would be a clear victorious year for us then if that is the case come Sunday night.

  38. Norman — I’m very surprised that you consider Mariel de Leon as the other serious contender for the Miss Universe Philippines title considering the number of highly competitive candidates this year. I’m not blind to this 19-year old’s potential but most will agree that she’s not as physically prepared or as experienced as the other front runners in this batch. I would rather see Mariel transform herself further and have her compete again in a year or two when she has truly reached the peak of her physical beauty. Sending her prematurely to an international pageant like Miss Universe not only risks the Philippine’s momentum but also would waste Mariel’s full potential to bloom more fully. I also think she’s a much better fit and should be groomed for the Miss World title where her her classy aura and regal bearing would be far more appreciated. In the proper time, Mariel could be the one to finally bag the Philippines’ first ever MW crown. In any case, I wish all the girls — including Mariel — good luck on coronation night.

    • I actually even surprised myself, Glenn. There are certain things I find hard to classify as to why I placed Mariel as first alternate. I’m fully aware of the majority’s sentiments about her. And yet, gut-feel keeps on telling me that she is being ‘considered’ a strong possibility for the top crown. Be that as it may, I hope my top pick (Elima) takes it all the way. I have made an informal survey among people at work, in our office building, in my usual hangouts, in the gym and in the food court where I eat lunch. 9 out of 10 prefer Charmaine to win. One respondent aptly describes her as “puwedeng makasilat sa Miss Universe” (or she can possibly trip a win in Miss Universe). I couldn’t agree more. The face of Bb. Pilipinas 2013 deserves to become the face of Miss Universe 2013. πŸ™‚

      • Isn’t Mutya Datul dubbed as the Face of BB. 2013? Just saying.. I hope this girl would give a good shot in the Q & A portion. (Crossing my fingers and legs too..lol)

      • Norm, i wish u can share your wit and intelligence to the candidates come Q&A portion lol

    • Glenn I have to agree with you. Perhaps Mariel in a year or two, just not this year. Please no “thumbs down” for the comment, it’s not meant to be vicious but just a personal non-derogatory opinion. Guess I’m justifying this cause I’ve noticed that on most posts, there is always one thumbs down even on those opinions that are middle of the road to non-inflammatory. I guess someone must just like the “thumbs down” option and just does that to all who post on a particular thread. Anyway, back to the subject at hand… as much as I’ve bounced around with who gets what, I think I’ve finally decided my pick for BbPU is Charmaine. Not an easy choice with at least two who could easily fill that spot. The others spots I’m still on the fence about. However, what I’m not on the fence about is a shocker for coronation night. I’d be shocked if there wasn’t a shocker. It happens every pageant and I’m sure this won’t be any different. It’s almost as “fun” to try to figure out what that shocker would be? Hummmm… the possibilities are endless – remember how Shamcey came “out of the blue” and won? Remember last year and Janine’s win? What “shocker” does this year hold in store for us? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out…

      • I hope the shocker is a refreshing one, Philip. Something (or someone) that has escaped our radar for the past 8 weeks. πŸ˜‰

      • Philip — Yeah, I can’t wait to see what shocker awaits us all (hahah)! Although I’ve named my favorites I’ve held back on making any predictions simply because it’s really difficult to choose among so many outstanding candidates this year!

        As for the “thumbs down” or “dislike” button — you are not alone — I get those, too, every once in a while, even on my most benign and most neutral comments! Maybe Norman can tweak it so there’s only a “like” button. πŸ™‚

  39. Following the binibinis for the past several weeks now my top contenders are charmaine, mutya, bea, parul, pia and Hannah. They are all competitive internationally. If I am to judge now I will give the MUP to charmaine, MIP to mutya, Supranational to pia, tourism to Hannah. 1st RU to bea. 2nd RU to parul. But again it will be the judges decision and Madame Stella Marquez during coronation night. In my own opinion these ladies I mentioned just caught my attention since they announced the top 50 candidates last month. Anything can still happen during the pageant night πŸ™‚

    • Yes, francis, anything can still happen. Let’s just hope the results make us all (at least 90% among us) happy. πŸ˜‰

  40. Kuya Norman. I hope it will either be Elima or Santiago – UNIVERSE. Pia or Mutya – INTERNATIONAL – prefer Pia for this one. I have to agree with most comments here about De Leon. She needs transformation. I also don’t like how she photographs in some angles. She comes across with a square jaw. Not flattering at all for a woman. Elima gives me the Shamcey & Janine vibe. Bea is just simply beautiful and she has that Latina look. This is simply my opinion. Any of these girls – – – just NO De Leon. Phillippines will not be strong in Miss Universe.

    • During a Christmas party 2012. I had the pleasure speaking with Jimmy Nguyen and we chatted about MU preliminary selection process. He shared with me that most judges are looking besides external beauty is brains. Most of the candidates are NOT well diverse in political or cultural issues. But, the first priority is something in a group of 80 plus contestants that will make the girl stand out. Usually…it’s the BEAUTY first. Then when she speaks, she has to be able to carry a conversation and be well informed, trained and intelligent. Point of this comment…Beauty is the first step for getting noticed. πŸ™‚ Jimmy had high marks for Shamcey. Besides her beauty that made her stand out, he found her to be very engaging and memorable.

  41. Elima-Universe
    De leon-Tourism
    Either Shah,Sison or Wurtzbach

  42. Among your prediction Norms, I just don’t believe and get why De Leon is in the MUP title…… There are more deserving Binibinis who surpasses De Leon’s performance for the past month and a half…… Yes….. The world is all eyes on us!!!….. De Leon is not prepared at all….. I will chose a Bibibini thar if it happens that Miss Universe Incorporated announce that the pageant will be held the following week…… Would you still send De Leon to represent Philippines???……. NO WAY GIRL!!!…… NO WAY….. NO CHANCE @ ALL!!!……. I am not gonna wait for her to lose weight……. Totally irresponsibility on DeLeons part to join Binibini and still be over weight…… Being a Binibini contestant takes discipline, a big responsibilty, COMMITMENT and OWNERSHIP……. You have to own it!!!
    And I don’t see and feel that to De Leon….. We cannot be complacent in placing De Leon as our MUP winner….. Why?……cause simply De Leon is not a Miss Universe material………
    I have no doubt in my mind Charmaine Elima is Our ONLY HOPE FOR MISS UNIVERSE 2013……..ξ€°ξ€°ξ€°

  43. just sharing my thoughts on MUP2013 battle: between Elima & De Leon.. as for the De Leon who some eyes her as the one who can be improved further and develop more potentials (as in the case of janine last year),, why would we choose the one who can still be improved if we can have someone who can represent us anytime of the day? i will go for the one who is well prepared and can compete anytime and can win anytime… c’mon we all know that the attention of the whole world is on us… with that big expectations on the philippines’ side. we dont want to compensate or risk our reputation/fate this year by just choosing a mediocre representative, we need to send THE BEST! If we choose De Leon and in the end she will not emerge (hope not) as the one we expect her to be, then we’ll have to be blamed for this.. and Lastly, if you want to really represent Philippines in the international arena, you should be 100% prepared, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally! and not those who can promise “i can improve further…” -100% Team Elima for Universe!

  44. superb analysis! i don’t really care who will be crowned supra or tourism, but with universe and international, i agree 100% with you, it SHOULD be ELIMA for UNIVERSE & WURTZBACH for INTERNATIONAL!… big chances for the international win!

  45. As an avid fan of your blog, you made an awsome analysis. Congratulations Norman. To the ladies i wish them goodluck, whoever wins the crown i will support them eith their quest of glory internationally. God bless and Kudos to you Norms.

  46. Great blog as expected Norman! I admire your diligence and analysis of the pageant, matching the contestant to the venue, the ladies’ features and abilities and add to it, the gut feel to come up with the decision for our representative to make an impact for our country. You deserve a gold bar yourself Norman.

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