21 comments on “Here are my Readers’ Choices for Bb. Pilipinas 2013!

  1. Maybe maraming bumoto kay Ms De Leon due to high name recall. Parang sa political election lang yan sa bansa. Kung sino ang may name recall at associated sa showbiz, tiyak ang paghatak niya ng votes. It will be anybody’s ballgame. Sayang yung si Ms Fenger, malaki ang chance niya sana pero rules are rules. Let’s pray na mapili ang magbibigay sa 4th lucky strike ng bansa sa MU.

  2. Take away the parents’ influence, I don’t think Mariel will be getting the same attention. I hope she can use that in Miss Universe too.

    • i agree with you chivas regala. i don’t think she can use her name in the miss universe pageant if ever she will win the BBP-U. i know she’s beautiful pero ipantapat mo sa ibang countries sa miss u. i’m sorry to say she doesn’t have the x-factor beauty.

  3. Charmaine Elima-Universe
    Ria Rabajante-International
    Mariel de Leon-Tourism
    Bea Santiago-Supranational
    Either Parul Shah, Hannah Sison, or Pia Wurtzbach for runner up(s).

  4. I just hope Elima would make it to top 5..so much buzz around her…so many blog sites declaring her as winner… Even mostly pageant enthusiasts have made their predictions too early naming her to be the next MU… I hope she wont end up MJ 2.0 🙂

    I cant wait for your predictions Norm..

    Here’s my top 12:
    1. Rabajante
    13. Elima
    15. Wurtzbach
    15. Miranda
    19. Sison
    20. Santiago
    24. Nidas
    31.de Leon
    33. Shah
    39. Datul
    41. Arida
    45. Schwighart

    Additional 6 for top 18
    21. Remetillo
    25. Respicio
    26. Buquid
    43. Nakpil
    50. Pascual

    My top 6: (in case they will be awarding the Ms. Supranational)
    In no particular order
    13. Elima
    31. De leon
    39. Datul
    41. Arida

  5. OMG! so maybe Mariel is destine to win MUP khit may mga chismis na bet sha ni SMA and Jonas…. Hahahhaha well see comes pageant nite kung ang SMA secret cooking show will prevail. But Elima is really just a hype I think a good communicator n confident candidate will also grab the title at kung bet din sha ni SMA pak n pak

  6. I didnt see anything wrong with having “panga” kasi kanya kanya nang ganda. Sa MU nga may negra na nanalo eh hindi namn iyon hadlang pra manalo. As long as shes smart nd can carry herself well.

    • with the Indonesian representative standing at 5’10 and pretty at that when made-up, we should send someone prettier and taller…and brainier…

      • Instead the Philippines could end up sending a chubby Maria Selena look-alike as its rep to MU if the results of this poll prove to be true. Indonesians will rejoice. LOL!

  7. Norm, as the coronation night draws near..im just excited to read your top 15 prediction, top 10 and your top 5 cut. Its only 3days to go and I havent seen any yet from you which make m hate you a bit..hahahaha. Just kidding Norm ☺

  8. Congratulations to the Binibining Pilipinas Reader’s Poll 2013!…… But my real MUP 2013 is Charmaine Elima!!!….. Come April 14…. Queen Charmaine will be awarded The Real Miss Universe Philippines 2013!!!

  9. ha.ha.ha dami fans ni mariel maganda naman talaga siya naiisip ko nga baka siya ang manalo , siya rin yung kandidata na maraming basher which mean mas marami syang supporters kesa basher kase siya yung nagtop.. ..diba kung sino yung nababalita na winner siya na talaga!

    • I beg to disagree.., look at MJ last year..so much hyped..but she went home crownless….tsk tsk…

  10. The fans have spoken and I am okay with it. I have nothing against Mariel as she is on my TOP 5, list but still ELIMA for MU. Anna can also be replaced by Bea/Hannah/Ara/Casey/Merce/Mutya (kaloka) but Anna is also a great rep if the votes would mirror for her to get that Supra Crown.

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