6 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Win or lose, these three Cebuanas have left their marks

  1. i am actually very happy for Matet, Kim and Angeli…
    we in the Visayas (by the way, I’m proudly Boholano) take our pageants seriously

    Norms, by the way, I was the one who invited Joyce Ann Burton to be a judge for a local pageant
    here in Bohol last year. We became fast friends through her blog. Hoping to invite you
    too one of these days so you could sample Boholano hospitality at its best

  2. Very well said, Mr. Norman. Hopefully, at least one of the crowns (if not all three) will be back on the glorious head of the Queen City.

    • I dunno Orly whether a Cebuana may be able to nail the crown this time. Looks and performance wise, there are others who may easily grab it. But as of now, I think the Cebuanas have already redeemed themselves. They have given their best shot and would surely not embarrass the Queen City. Besides, they are all queens in their own right. If one crown may eventually land on any of them, efforts may truly pay off.

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