23 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Prophetic Photo?

  1. Norm ?, any news when MU will be? I heard it’ll be in September and if this is true imagine this … 20years old, candidate #13, year 2013 and birth month is september.

  2. Intentional. The sponsor knew all along that these girls will strongly figure in the top 5. It saves them the trouble in future ads and the bragging rights for guessing “the one”.

  3. This one goes to show that Elima really knows how to work on her best angle. This is a rare chance where front-runners placed side by side for a photo shoot and mind you, Elima stood out for the nth time. This photo captures Elima’s other facet: fierceness. Parang pang MU na ang peg! Look at that face and her persona…Ikaw ilalagay mo ba yan lower than BBPU?

  4. Bea looks TOO TOO TOO ordinary…Mariel? most angles do not point to a good face…masyadong sharp ang chin…ELIMA? LET’S SEE IF SHE CAN ANSWER IN STRAIGHT ENGLISH under pressure…

  5. There will be a riot if Charmaine loses! If she can e this fierce for ms u then we have a winner. Mariel for international. Anna B for ms u 2014. Parul for Ms. Tranny

  6. I super like elima in the pics kaso sa video i was discourage her super fake smile na trying hard sa smile n gloria diaz.. sana magpakatotoo nalng, other than dat vry ok sana.

  7. Charmaine Elima clearly stands out in this photo…… She’s placed in the middle!….Great photo I must say….. MUP 2013 crown na Lang ang kulang…… Pageant is over!!

  8. need a coincidence? that bea and charmaine’s numbers combined is 2013, and the 3 top ladies on the right have 3 in their respective candidate numbers.

  9. I TOTALLY agree with the Fab 5 !!! Mariel De Leon will be 1st RU, and the 4 will get the crowns. Either Charmaine or Bea should get the Bb. Universe crown. I don’t understand why people still hope for Pia to win. It’s not only about the face. I’m sorry to say she’s one of the least for physique. 😦

  10. Finally Charmaine served up some fierce realness! DAMN! Look at those cheekbones and jawline… Parul is also starting to win my vote!

    A little more MELT ladies! MMMMMEEEELLLLLLLTTTTT!!!!

  11. Charmaine, Mariel and Parul are the standouts. Pretty, pretty Binibini. Fabulous! I just hope that they will be dressed bu their own designers, like the ruby year. Kaunti lang ang Bb. Pilipinas Boutique (if that atill exists). Any news on their gowns on Sunday Sir Norman?

  12. Intentional! But I’d rather see Wurtzbach instead of Santiago. My favorite Sison isn’t pretty here. It would also be more interesting if Datul is included in this group. It can’t be denied that Elima has the prettiest face amongst all candidates. Universe crown na lang ang kulang.

    • Agree with Sison. She has to learn her angles! She looked like Rachel Alejandro trying to put her makeup on while watching a Thai Horror flick.
      Replace Sison with Datul and De Leon with Wurtzbach. Then it will be drool overload.
      Shah looks a bit Inah Raymundo here and it will be really fishy if Elima does not win Bb. Pilipinas Universe crown. Just wrong.

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