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  1. Charmaine’s voice and demeanor totally sealed her spot on my list! Her beauty is no longer a question for she is indeed THE FACE OF THE COMPETITION.

  2. After viewing all these videos and interviews, my top favorite remains from the very beginning and she is Charmaine Elima. Her beauty is undeniably captivating with universal appeal. I’ve lived both worlds Philippines and USA and I know what kind of beauty americans like exotic look and dark complexion :). Plus Charmaine’s personality that she registers in every interviews, she’s sweet, warm, charm, calm and connects with audience. Plus the fact that she is CUM LAUDE, that tells a lot. The discipline that she had in her studies, she can carry that to every task that will be given to her. No wonder, Venus, Shamcey and Janine won, because they share one thing. All of them graduated with HONORS :)…They learn fast and adjust fast ;)… I also like her life story, her upbringing from a humble family…

    I was also impressed by Parul Shah, I like the way she talks and her philosophical views.

  3. This one puts me in a state of quandary. Inasmuch i love Elima to be in my top spot, there’s this voice inside me saying “Parul can do better”…and as the days pass by, I catch myself imagining Datul strutting on the runway while doing an Irene Esser flirtatious moves will surely catch judges attention in MU and with her megawatt smile- she is a breath of fresh air! Reading one’s final take on who’s who is something to look forward to this weekend.

  4. My girlfriends and I are having a dinner buffet bet for who will win the Miss Universe Philippines Crown. We are given 5 unique choices. Here’s mine:

    1. Charmaine Elima
    2. Parul Shah
    3. Mutya Datul
    4. Bea Santiago
    5. Ria Rabajante

    * I hate that my friend was able to choose Hannah Sison first. So far, she’s the only one whom I feel can put my free dinner buffet in danger.

    • Nice bet. I’m sure the eventual winner will have been extensively debated upon by BPCI and the judges. So it really could be anybody’s ballgame (among the favorites) till the dying minutes of decision-making. 🙂

  5. I thought the age limit is 17-25 yo. Ellore Punzalan is already 26 yo. Anyway, it is interesting to watch diverse pinays from all walks of life. From the rich to the poor, Manila girls to probinsiyanas, kolehiyalas to career girls. It is nice to see the human side of the candidates. I felt bad for Datul. I hope she wins one of the crowns but not because of her story but because she is deserving. Even though she is crying, she still looks stunning!

    • It’s possible that Ellore just turned 26 and that prior to her acceptance as candidate, was explicitly informed that she can only vie for MUP. 🙂

  6. I laughed and I wept and in the end, I felt so proud of being Filipino. Whether they intended it or not, parang this milestone of the country’s premier beauty pageant has painted a true portrait of the Filipina- 50 different facets and then some. In hindsight, parang tama yung policy ng BPCI to disqualify girls who’ve had risque backgrounds. Sabihin man nating na old-fashioned or hypocritical but shouldn’t we aspire to have beauty queens who are in essence both beautiful and pure?? Kahit sa reign man lang nila and after which they can do whatever they want like end up in the hell hole that is showbusiness or as a trophy wife ha ha.

    Most annoyingly effected: Matet Gorgonio, Bea Santiago & Cindy Miranda
    Parang 16 pa rin: Anna Buquid
    Can’t make an ugly face: Datul
    Too sheltered: Mariel
    So Telegenic: Aiyana, Nicole Donesa, Mustonen
    Could do cartoon voices: Zandra Flores
    Endearingly unaffected: Respicio, Merce Grace
    Personality doesn’t match the face: Bencell Bianzon
    She is just so sad: Pia Wurtzbach
    Can’t scare a mouse: Shaun Apuad, Cassie Naidas
    Over Caffeinated: Ellore Punzalan

    My bets for MU: Charmaine Elima and Parul Shah
    Alternate: Merce Grace Raquel, Merry Joyce Respicio

    The rest of the crowns can go to: Mutya Datul, Pia W., Hannah S
    Alternates: Anna, Imelda, Aiyana

    • hi andrew,

      spot on with Zandra Flores
      she has to learn a thing or two on
      voice modulation..with a squeaky voice like hers, she has to
      lower her natural pitch to sound better.

  7. Listening to the videos, it made me love Parul Shah even more. She has what it takes to be a MUP. I think it’s between Charmaine and Parul for MUP. Thanks for sharing the videos of the primer with us.

  8. What is this Visa issue with Ms.Ria Rabajante,Norms?I’m sorry to hear about her ordeal but I’m worried about it especially that she’s poised to win Miss Universe-Philippines.So if that happens and the venue for Miss Universe 2013 is Las Vegas, then she has to go through the US immigration again.Anyhow,whatever happens I wish her the best on all her endeavors and struggles as well.

    • I’m as puzzled as you are with this visa problem, Nick. And since MU2013 is rumored to be held in either Puerto Rico or Panama, the same issue might pop up once more.

    • I’m pretty sure she applied to immigrate when she got denied. This time she’d need only a tourist visa and she has the MUO to vouch for her IF indeed she wins MUP. I don’t think it will be an issue unless the US embassy considers her a high-risk defector because of her previous unsuccessful applications.

  9. Norm? I heard lots of foul cries and photographers favoritism during this primer that charmaine had the most exposure. Did you or anyone notice ? I dont have time to count how many exposures she had but she really is first class tele and photogenic.

    • You know, Chrome, these are matters that can’t be helped. If you turn the tables and the bet(s) of those who cry foul are the ones given more exposure, would the supporters of the top favorites holler in disgust? Besides, the final cut of the primer was decided upon by the network. So if their favorites come out clear in the telecast, then all we can do is accept the fact that we are here as fans, followers, enthusiasts and critics. It’s ABS-CBN’s prerogative to edit the program as they see fit. Just my two cents worth. 😉

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