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  1. Don’t be so quick to judge on Lourenz why she lost in Miss Supranational in 2011.

    She won the national pageant fair and square.
    She went to Poland, without the support of the pageant organizer, with only 2,000 pesos in her pocket.
    When she arrived in Poland, the organizers asked her why she was sent instead of Venus Raj. She politely told them that Venus already won.

    Try putting yourself in such humiliating and frustrating experience.

    • Oh I’m sorry to hear that story. Can I just clarify that I meant no harm in saying “she lost it”. I don’t find anything derogatory from my statement. I thought I was polite when I said “unluckily, she lost it”- because I do believe that luck plays a big part also in this kind of competition. I also said ” move on to other titles at stake”, believing that Ms. Remetillo’s capabilities should not be confined in the same pageant. Whatever struggles she had endured in her aim to bring honor to our country are certainly not belittled and judged. For whatever it’s worth, it surely made her a better person. If she wins Supra title (again), then,so be it. Goodluck to Ms. Remetillo!

  2. Sayang ang 4th crown. Intl, Tourism, Supra winners now cannot come back for a chance for the Universe title. Imagine if Janine was crowned Supra instead of 1st runner up… For this year’s batch I see Elima, Bea, and Pia as worthy representatives to Universe. Sayang lang if the other 2 will not be able to compete again.

  3. Fourth crown or not, the ward robe of these beautiful ladies need a major major overhauling. Sayang ang mga ganda. Even though they can carry it well, it’s soooo outdated. I hope to see fab and glamorous gowns on Sunday as they pass on the crown. Venus and Shamcey’s gown during the coronation last year and 2 years ago looks rerrible.

  4. its pretty obvious there will be four crowns this year, a common sense from a common picture… anyway, i have a friend in the airline company (working as cabin same as me), who is a half-filipina (mother side) and half-indian, she is based in doha. She is more beautiful than venus raj (way way) and is 5’10 with slim body and chocolate color but since im the only filipina in the crew, i am the only one noticing her. I asked her if she wants to join Miss Philippines and just replied with a huge LOL!!! I said seriously you can… and replied stop it, lets just swim!! sayang..

    • Send us her picture! If she draws a fan base from here, then we’ll star a letter writing campaign to her to beg her to join BbP14! šŸ™‚

      • Oops, typo! meant to type “then we’ll START a letter writing campaign…”

  5. Two things I’ve noticed, does Elaine’s sash read “Miss Supernational 3rd …”. If it does, then it’s like Janine’s which reads “Miss Universe 1st Runner-up” which puts a cloud of doubt in my mind if there is a fourth crown involved and the crown is just representative of her runner up position. HOWEVER, why put a crown on her head if you are not signaliing that a fourth crown is to be given out? Hummm…

  6. A formal crowning of the Supranational title on coronation night would be great for many reasons least of which is that it will give BBP an additional crown to give away to an already crowded and competitive field of 50 candidates and that there will be six top placements (counting the 2 runner-ups) instead of the usual five. It will at least make a big difference to one additional girl’s life and to me that’s worth it.

  7. Maybe it’s really time for a Binibining Pilipinas-Supranational crown after Elaine Moll’s awesome finish in the international pageant last year.Afterall, another title is wonderful addition when we’ve seen all 50 exciting Filipinas this year and they are all beautiful!!! And also,I feel that BP was never the same again without the Miss World and Miss Maja International titles or even the equally important Bb.Pilipinas-Tourism crown.Never mind the BP-Look of the Year title of long ago which is a modeling contest in the first place.So for the Miss Supranational 2013,it’s anybody but Remetillo,I guess.Good luck beautiful ladies and thank you for showing us what you’ve got.

    • Remetillo? Is she the same girl who competed in Supra Sir Norms? If it is her,then it should be given to a gal who is more deserving. She’s been there, done that and unluckily, she lost it. Move on to other titles at stake. I do agree with Nick.

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