4 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Unheralded Four (Part 2)

  1. Matet definitely is so underrated. She is on my top 15 list and a possible top 5.

  2. What they lack is a fan base.. The rest of them are almost equally beautiful.. If you rate all of them, including the rest of the contestants, there would be like a .00001% differences. The goal here is to stand out then prove yourself later during the Finale. The girls who has a fan base or at least some prior publicity of course has a better head start compared to those who doesn’t. It’s the same as why politicians who started in showbiz get more votes. If everyone came from ordinary backgrounds then they would just be competing based on looks and later through their performance. Nowadays everyone is almost equally beautiful and yet so diverse that its hard to determine who’s the most beautiful of all. That’s when the performance and personality comes in. Its like the law of supply and demand, if everyone else are qualified then we just have to set the bar higher. We are looking for beauty and brains from the start so if they really are intelligent then they should have created their own good publicity prior to the competition even if they had to start from scratch.

  3. Valiry came out strong during the early phase of the competition but right now is about to bite the dust

    Matet just might spring a surprise with her exquisite elan and earthy enchantress allure not to mention her gift of gab

    Bence is one of my faves

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