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  1. WHO will win the most coveted title? Good luck ladies. BTW Norman, I heard Janine T on her segment in the Primer that there’s like 2 Universe and 3 International crowns won already. I thought there’s 4? Gemma Teresa Cruz Araneta -1964, Aurora McKenny Pijuan – 1970,Melanie Marquez -1979 and Precious Lara San Agustin Quigaman -2005. Let me know. Thanks . :=)

    • Don, Gemma’s win – I believe – wasn’t won under BPCI management so they couldn’t take credit for that victory.

  2. So far here’s my top 3:

    CHARMAINE ELIMA – She was never one of my favorites and I never got why she was very hyped. I thought she was just a gorgeous girl with exotic beauty and vavavoom body! But looking through the pictures and videos, she really is a stand out and someone you cant just ignore, oh and she’s got a great academic record to her advantage too! I think the only thing about her that bugs me is that she need be not to be too predictable, and she needs to be concious when taking photos because she tends to have unflattering facial photos.

    MERCEGRACE RAQUEL – now this girl is definetly someone we should watch out for. Its sad that her beauty and presence isn’t really appreciated, but Me myself living here in the United States would say that this gal would be a hit in the international field with her exotic oriental beauty, and excellent communication skills. Trust me, this girl would become a goddess when she gets transformed for an international beauty with her determination. My only advice for her is to work on being spontaneous and exciting.

    MUTYA DATUL – My ultimate bet! Few reason why she’s on the top of my list: Fresh, rare, standout beauty, exciting, full of energy, consistent performer, captivatiing smile, spontaneous, strong, humble, great body, topnotching catwalk skills, strong stage presence, effortless, and so many more. Who knew that behind this girl’s strickingly warm smile is a girl who grew up in a not comfortable life as we can say. Her story is incredibly sad yet she is still fighting in life. For me she’s a mix of Oxana Federova, Honey Lee, and Rozanna Purcell with the Riyo Mori(who i think has the best catwalk ever) enery like catwalk. Her unique name itself just screams ‘winner’. I think it would be a big loss for BPCI and the country if this girl doesn’t win BPU as we dont normally see a girl with qualities and beauty like her. Someone crown this girl MUP2013! And yes trust me, this girl is a big threat to other goddesses in MU2013.

    Other candidates left in my top 10 list in no particular order:
    -Mariel De Leon
    -Krisma Pascual
    -Ara Arida
    -Kate Enriquez
    -Bea Santiago
    -Parul Shah
    -Hannah Sison

    • Right now, she is among my semi finalists. But the list changes by the day so you’ll never know what happens next. She could go way up once my final analysis is through. 😉

    • Dasho, Aiyana is one of the girls who I strongly believe would spring a surprise over the so- called frontrunners and mega hyped bets

  3. Primer was such a big help in determining my top 15. I watched it religiously like a child totally engrossed in watching cartoons. I loved how it was made, gave me a closer look to the ladies in motion almost up close and personal. I quickly grabbed a pen and a paper and like a pro; rate each one of them and happily tally their scores. It was surprising how some less-hyped girls leapfrogged to my TOP 15 e.g. Gloria, Rhea, Katherine etc.. And how ladies in my previous Top List reached an all- time low like Pia. I can say that Datul despite of her melo-dramatic moments in that interview still is a force to reckon with (could it be a part of her game plan to gather sympathy?) You see, she won me over. I strongly bet on this lady to pull off a surprise against the consistent front-runners. My Verdict: Charmaine Elima- The highest scorer. I actually failed in finding a fault from this lady. She spoke in a languange of her convenience with substance and truth- a voice so warm, kind and youthful yet mature. Her beauty is stand out. No “umay factor”. She has everything: talino, ganda, katawan, kulay, disiplina, katamtamang taas, hubog at hugis. And so far to complete my Top 6: Parul, Mutya, Hannah, Mercegrace, Buquid

  4. based on the primer last night, my solid top 5 now are in order
    1. Charmaine Elima
    2. Parul Shah
    3. Bea Santiago
    4. Hannah Sison
    5. Mutya Datul – tie with – Mariel de Leon (I’m still not very convinced about her)

  5. Again, bumalik na naman yung argument as to whether malaki ang bearing ng communication skills or English fluency and while may bearing nga naman, it’s not a deal-breaker if you’re only half as good (according to our very ‘high’ standards!) Someone did point out that MU winners like Angola who had minimal English speaking skills or even runner-ups like Miss Venezuela 2012 with her ‘lukaret’ answer still managed to eke out a win/placement. On some blogs where reviews of the Primer were posted, supporters of Matet Gorgonio were rejoicing as if the general positive consensus on her speaking skills meant that a MUP win was lock. Hell no! Lol. I’m going to stop here kasi ayokong mang-lait, so I’m just going to pass it off as fan fanaticism. Mariel De Leon’s stock however did zoom up after the primer; suddenly, she’s back on everybody’s top 10 to top 5 radar. And I’m not disputing it because the girl’s potential is so excitingly malleable. Ria being from Assumption (?), expected na may poise, may bearing, but facially, she’s limited. Bea’s face still bothers me I’m sorry, but maybe she could do well for MI or Supra. Same with Hannah- hindi sya exciting tingnan! My top choice is still Charmaine Elima; her endurance is amazingly unflagging. Gusto mong hanapan ng butas like if she’s trying too hard, but she’s not. She’s clearly enjoying the experience while knowing that it’s a competition and that she has to do her best to be always on her toes- some call that being too pageant-patty, but I call it perseverance. She may not be the most eloquent or insightful, but it’s enough (I mean look at Janine Tugonon with her feel-good cliches and Sunday-school Christian hominess! It was enough to propel her to nearly winning even if she’s not as facially striking as Elima). Dark horses for me will have to be Parul, Datul, Respicio and Buquid.

    • I concur and as a Filipino, I want to be represented by either Charmaine or Mariel for obvious reasons. They are gorgeous and elegant, full stop! Let’s face it, it’s a beauty contest. First impressions are massively important and the ones that tickle the judges pickles will have great advantage – they will evoke curiosity and will stand out amidst the crowd. Their communication skills are not bad as long as they keep it simple and fun. We tend to view conversation as a means to accomplish something and thereby keep it at a more serious / literal level (this is where the “world-peace-kind-of-answer” came about). If the format of the contest is akin to “the voice”, then let’s send the likes of..hmm..can’t even remember their names. (see, impressions do count)

  6. buquid is out of my list as a winner. the mouth is very distracting. height isnt everything. parul is pretty , yes but not as beautiful as charmaine, who is still my MUP so far. hannah is beautiful as well but im afraid she will fade away with international competitors. pia has potential to for miss intl but is still raw. mariel is fit ( no pun intended) for miss tourism. her beauty reminds me of jennifer cortez ( the jawline , curves, plump etc) which was so 70s and isnt appreciated in the international arena but shes pretty nevertheless so tourism is more apt.

    • charmaine has the face that clearly stands out even in the international arena. first impression that is lasting is very crucial. parul shah reminds me of lia andrea ramos. pretty, smart, but mediocre. remember, we have a strong contender from indonesia , whulandary herman, whos tall, leggy and facially beautiful as well, and is being hyped as early as now. initially i thiught buquid will be good contender for her bec. of her height but after watching her talk, i changed my mind.

  7. Ok, I knew that Parul can express herself in English well since she studied at Baguio but I was still surprised that there is meat in her thinking, there is is depth in her thoughts and there are principles in her views. My only problem with her is that she looks a bit like an American rapper, singer,songwriter and television personality who has mixed Indian ancestry and has gained additional haters while critically judging a current singing competition.We all know that the Miss Universe Org will favor someone who would best please everyone as an ambassador of good will and that resemblance could be quite distracting.

    I was also not surprised with Hannah Sison who I knew was a talented Instructor with a very good eye for beauty. I heard that she is well loved by most of her students and she is quite vain according to her friends. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing that she does look a bit like a young Gloria Diaz.

    To Mutya, I’m so sorry about your unfortunate series of events. Aside from being the beautiful girl that you already are, You are really giving your best in this competition… but I guess It’s not enough. Whoever told you that it’s OK to get a translator and there’s no need to self study a universal language is still an IDIOT. As much as I want to join your pity party, I would like you to try harder and out shine everyone else.. Tough love girl!

    Bea Bea Bea, I love your armpits, your thick legs and your beautiful smile. You know how to convey yourself in public and you can definitely express yourself fluently.. But there is still something missing which i just can’t figure out.. I guess we still need the ummmpppfff factor. I hope you find it and show it to us ASAP.. We’re running out of time!

    Alright, I’m happy that Charmaigne still found time to read a book and practice her speech. I like a girl who takes any criticism constructively. I can tell that she’s really trying. I wish you the best of luck.

    Ria, yes, poised and classy is your thing but I prefer that you add more flavor to the brew. Yes the water runs deep in you but safe won’t cut it. Being a bit more opinionated from time to time wouldn’t hurt. But still, Kudos for being true to your brand!

    Mariel, I’m so proud of you! You were spontaneous and real. Just get your moles removed and your all set. I can’t wait for the Question and Answer portion on the coronation night. That will totally prove yourself worthy!

    Oh god, there’s 6 of you and I only need 2 girls.

    • OK Mercegrace has the sexy pageant body.. Her exotic face is quite decent and attractive even with her slightly crooked teeth.. Her personality and com skills are OK but I still need more credentials from her that proves that she is a strong empowered woman with goals and dreams aside from winning BBP.. Well I do know she has a few but that doesn’t beat the charitable works of a political lineage, the academic flying colors from reputable schools and the excellent 3 generations of publicity.

    *Bea is doing so well.She was not in my top 10 before but she slowly outshining the heavy favorites Pia and Charmaine.
    *Ria lost her momentum but after the photoshoot and primer,she now back on the track.
    *Parul and Mariel also did good enough to be on top.
    *Charmaine will be on top 5 no matter what.

  9. Are there any youtube links to the primer? Don’t have TFC and desperately want to watch and come up with my own review. Thanks all!

    • If we add last night’s primer, my running Top 5 are Parul, Charmaine, Mariel, Bea and Hannah. But Angeli and Kim are the surprise leapfroggers. 😉

      • Ha! Toy with the idea bud, just at this moment, put titles on these names. C’mon 😉

      • I totally agree on your top 5 (well at least after the primer). And it’s interesting to note, that there are girls who has travelled or at least spent time abroad (based on the “baby” pics shown last night). I guess, this must be the reason why most of them, if not all can communicate well.

        On Mutya, I am feeling a Czarina Gatbonton vibe on her.

        Also, not a big fan of Pia. And after seeing her last night, I wouldn’t be suprised if she’ll end up a runner up.

        It’s really hard to tell. This is one of the most interesting batch. Like what Forrest Gump said, “It’s like a box of chocolate, you’ll never kbow what you will get” 🙂

      • I was speaking with Jonas Gaffud yesterday and I told him just that. I like Pia so I’d be happy if she looks good in all her pics. 😉

  10. Glad to have watched the primer last night. You really get to appreciate the communication skills of the candidates especially those who don’t have a previous interview released on the web.

    My thoughts…
    1. Parul Shah was the biggest surprise for me, I love her tone and her use of tasteful words. You can see wisdom in this one. She might not get emotional but her eyes know how to communicate. I have now put her high on my list.
    2. Hannah Sison is very passionate with her craft but she has the rich voice and the smile that will infect you with whatever she is talking about. Teaching all those students must have really developed her communication skills.
    3. Ria Rabajante is poised and classy. I think she will do good come Q & A.

    I think everyone did good as expected. I am excited come pageant night. Bring it on girls!

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