2 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Is Ria Rabajante losing the momentum? Or still hanging on to it?

  1. I think there were two big polarizing factors that began to erode support for Ria as soon as the pageant started: 1) her being positioned as candidate #1 made many assume — justifiably or otherwise — that she was the shortest candidate; and 2) the striking dissimilarity between her face with full make-up on and her face sans make-up was perhaps just a bit much for some and altered their initial view of her. I agree with the earlier comment here made by Closer2fame — Ria needs to introduce some changes to her looks so she’ll get noticed again — but more importantly she’ll need to project a stronger personality to recapture her mystique and regain her lead. I personally think she would make an outstanding Philippine rep for Miss International. I wish her the best of luck!

  2. If ever she does have a winning plan, I hope it works! This is her last chance to prove that she is worthy of the crown. I recommend that she needs a more shining golden tan like her dopelganger, Mirriam Quiambao. She should also practice her make up skills to create more interesting features on her already beautiful face like Lara Quigaman who’s quite an expert. The hair should definitely be bigger than the construction helmet of Shamcey Supsup. She should create a graceful yet distinct movement like Janine Tugonon’s cobra walk. And lastly, She should create a personality that is more remarkable than the impoverished illegitimate and yet empowered Venus Raj. If you can pull it all off based on those PEGS then congratulations in advance, You will be the winner!

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