34 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Standouts in Golden Swimsuit Portraits

  1. Si mariel yung sum1 na kahit binabash ay mas nagshine sya.very pinay na personality.hindi minus yung panga nya kase kanya2 beauty nga. Hindi namn cya taba.Seguro kulang nya confidence pero lets see sa finals baka mas lalo syang magshine. I like elima in the pics coz shes like a morena na barbie kaso “fake smile” nya sa videos nakakaturn off at sobrang liit ng legs nya. Si Rea namn OA maglakad. Si Pia ok lang but dont like her voice pra nkaclose parin mouth. Gudluck ladies

  2. 1.Bea- not my favorite for the crown but I think she has the best register.
    2.Ria-she lost her momentum and now she’s back.
    3.Parul-I think this girl is stunning.

    Kuya Norman,is your list in random?If not,can you tell me your top 3?thanks

  3. I’m so disappointed with Ria Rabajante lately.. Yes. she’s a classy girl but she’s always SAFE SAFE SAFE as in too SAFE. If you wants to be at least a finalist, she has to take risks in every opportunity like from the national costume up to the swimsuit. Since she lacks an inch or two, she has to try harder at everything compared to everyone else. She has to pull out all the stops and bring in the big guns. She better bring out the drag queen in her for her to stand out and excel on the coronation night!

    Although both of them have distinct exotic looks, Parul Shah is Ria Rabajante’s exact opposite when it comes to performance. I’m not a big fan of Parul but her alien national costume and her attempt to create a distinct walk with her Asian body proportion already made her stand out and hustle a reservation on one of the finalist’s spot. For me, she could only be at most a runner-up but she undoubtedly knows how to be memorable.

    I can’t believe Charmaine Elima is a cum laude! I know that English is not her 1st language but the thoughts that come out of her mouth during interviews still lacks a wider perspective. She does have some substance at a young age but I think she still needs to read a few more philosophical books to gain more wisdom if ever she does win the Binibining Pilipinas -Universe position. As what happened with Venus and Shamcey, our traditional values is not enough as a basis for a wise answer especially now that we all know that Miss Universe now gives questions that is timely and intended for the one particular finalist. If it’s just based on looks, I can tell that her beauty is enough to make her stand out in any country but I just would like to suggest for her to put more lean meat on those bones.

    I hope Ivy Gonzales better bring it on Sunday! Mama Jonas should have given her the crash course treatment and it should show on her performance. Just one basic tip girl! Don’t press on your waist too much when your giving the pageant pose to prevent the wrinkling of your skin. It’s so evident in majority of your pics. You just have to lay it lightly while pushing in your palm to make it look more high fashion. I don’t want her brains be put to waste so she better do her best on the question and answer portion which is the only part of the competition that will segregate the TRUE beauty from the Brain dead.

    Mariel Deleon, I saw her whole transformation from a pretty girl into a true beauty queen. Her projection is much better now than during her 1st audition. I hope she uses her dedication to bring out her real personality on the pageant night. She shouldn’t have doubts when speaking out. If ever you do commit a mistake or your views is different from every one else, you just have to own it! A good attitude will bring her far beyond Binibining Pilipinas. Evangeline Pascual and Ruffa Guttierez are the perfect examples when it comes to that. It is in Mariel’s blood.

      • LOL Thanks Norman. Great minds think alike! hahaha

        I forgot to mention, Kate Enriquez. She’s a very nice, smart and classy girl but this is not her year. I hope she takes in everything she learns this year and excel next year. She also has to pull out all her 3rd molars and wear braces again to pull in her teeth.. It will give her a less primitive mouth, more symmetrical smile and make people focus more on her beautiful eyes that matches her perfect personality. If Kate does all these plus a way darker skin tone, she will definitely be a more exotic stand out with brains to match next time around! Kate and Ivy for me has the most potential to become International winners next year but not this year or I might be completely wrong. They could be the dark exotic horses in this year’s competition.

        We all know that the BBP-Universe position should be the undoubtedly FILIPINA looking girl.
        If it is not possible, we should not stray far from the original winning formula of Miriam, Venus, Shamcey and Janine who all has the basic ingredients:
        3.EXOTIC BEAUTY.

        *All of this year’s contestant has extremely excelled in one or two of the three but we need a total package to be the best representative of this very crucial year. Publicity is another factor that is needed to produce a winning candidate but that won’t be a problem if the girl has all three traits to begin with. *

  4. I find this year’s batch overly diverse that Majority of them have real excellent strengths and unique weaknesses. During the past 3 years, it was so easy pick the standouts within the group. This year, It’s so hard to find that one woman who has the perfect blend of beauty and personality that would best represent our country during the most awaited alignment of the planets. I’m sure almost all the finalists would hit the ball out of the park no matter what question they would answer. It’s all up to the judges and BPCI to figure who’s on top based on the whole span of the competition. They would surely have a hard time trying to figure that one up.

    • I’d have to agree… BBP is reallly WERQING IT *snap*snap* this year! And they really should being that it’s their 50th year and with the high placement of our past 3 queens! Finally they got a photographer who knows how to work with light! Anyways what I think about these ladies:
      – Charmaine, she’s really my favorite but I think she didn’t quite werq it here. That’s almost an unflattering pose, kinda looks like she has a muffin top. And I think she can deliver fierce face but she gave playful… and that’s OK but the rest of her body doesn’t look playful.
      – Krisma and Pia, were my front runners along with Charmaine but just not doing anything for me anymore :-/
      – Never really paid attention to Mutya… but I’ve gotta say… she is FIERCE and really werqed this one! My only concern again with her is her personality and her ability to communicate effectively.
      – Mariel knows how to work the camera but if she gets the crown… she’s got her work cut out for her FOR REALZ! She’s a thicker girl but she worked her angles here…
      – Cassy…. baaahhhh sorta caught my attention :-/
      – Ria, SICKENING BODY! Wish she gave a fierce look coz she has it, her face is too friendly.
      -Parul rocked this! I think with refinement and training, she could really do good in an international pageant.

  5. Finally, Mercegrace outshone them all! Bea and Parul are sizzling hot! Pia looks like doing a sit-ups on a standing position lol!

  6. Great poses from Anna, Mutya, Parul, Bea and Merce Grace but likewise not a fan of any of them except for Anna and Parul. Merce Grace just doesn’t have THE face and it will never change no matter what kind of hair-style or make-up you try to cover it with. There may be some fan fatigue with Charmaine or Pia but at the end of the day, they have THE face. Sorry but I’m not lowering my standards or diluting it with some sentimental underdog b_sh_t- we need to be the best we can ever be for MU, even if that means being so cut-throat ala-Venezuela about it; and I’m not talking about plastic surgery. I’m talking about being ruthlessly objective- hindi yung tipong, ‘oy she can prepare naman for the contest so pwede na sya..’ Eh what if MU was held two months from now???? Can Mutya suddenly become eloquent after 2 months? Will Mariel wake up and find 10lbs gone like the morning dew?

    • But mutya said that she prefers answering the questions in filipino. We will see if she will deliver to win the crown.

      • Hopefully,Mutya Datul can deliver her thoughts more intelligently even in Filipino and I think she will.Looking back, the skills of Miss Mexico and Miss Angola are even worse than Datul’s and yet slammed the English-speaking beauties in Miss Universe.Just last year,the American girl did not really answer her Q & A with smashing wits and yet edged out the more beautiful and articulate Miss Philippines. So I think, this girl Mutya can really fight it out and make waves if given the chance.

    • Andrew, I do agree with you that we shouldn’t lower our standards. The whole competition should be like a boot camp for all the girls to be the future Title holders of all the International pageants. As Filipinos, I know that we shouldn’t expect one to be Fluent in English which is the 3rd language of most of the contestants. But, if an individual has all the other qualities of a Beauty Queen and excelled in it then why should we not support her for just one tiny flaw. For example, the young Janina San Miguel would have done better than the Venezuelans who had extensive training and work done even with out the ice breaking translator who’s a great advantage for most Latinas. It just happened that she was overly criticized to the point that the 18 year old broke down and gave up. When a contestant is already Perfect in the beginning, it starts to get boring in the end but if a contestant learns to speak better or persevere to lose pounds despite all the negativity around them then they become more interesting. Just like Miriam, Venus, Shamcey and Janine who were able to redeem themselves, It’s their journey towards the goal that makes a contestant the most beautiful of all.

      “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” – Walt Disney Company, Mulan

  7. Based on this portraits and body proportions: Top 5: Parul, Anna, Cassy, Merce Grace & Hannah

  8. I find PIA’s pose kinda awkward…same as Angeli!!

    For me,,,,ANNA , Mariel and HANNA nailed this one…

  9. Hi Norms,

    What do you think of bencelle? I thought she was quite amazing on her photo as well as zandra flores

    • Bence and Zandra would have been up there had I named 20. It’s really tough when you’re beung deluged by an endless array of beauties. 😉

      • Are they only allowed one shot. Hahaha. I mean i’m pretty sure there are better pictures of charmaine elima. Sobra liyad nya dyan.

    • Maybe she’s Liyad queen here, but no matter what, she’s very beautiful and intelligent. I”ll still go for someone who has exotic look and Cum Laude. To all the contestants, I guess, Charmaine is the only Cum laude. If you look closely to all who won, Venus, Shamcey and Janine, they share one thing, graduated with honors :)… Her beauty will shine in International competition. I have no doubts that this girl will win and will be Miss Universe 2013 :)…

      • I read in another blog that Cindy is a Cum Laude grad too, her course is Tourism.

      • @BB.GINOO

        Then Cindy and Charmaine are academically at par ( Hospitality Management and Tourism). So based on looks and performance, who among the two of them shines the most?

  10. OMG! Mercegrace is on fire
    look at those dangerous curves
    Sultry. Smoldering. Scintillating. Sexy & Smart

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