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  1. It’s so frustrating to watch IVY GONZALES! She seems to be one of the few among ALL the contestants who’s qualified and pegged for the “Beauty and Brains” category. And yet, she totally lacks the glamour to support it. Well, she is not the ideal Filipina Beauty but she almost has the same background and exotic looks as Venus, Shamcey and Janine. This is the year when the whole country brought out the big guns when it comes to good looks. If physical beauty is the only criteria to win the crown then she’s almost at the bottom of the barrel of this year’s batch.. BUT, if you include INTELLIGENCE then she is without a doubt, the creme of the crop. What I hate about her is her extreme obvious lack of experience when it comes to “GLAMMING UP”! I was surprised that she’s 5’8 because she looked shorter while posing beside girls who were born with 7 inch heels. OMG! Why the hell would you wear a maternity top for a pageant pictorial?! Yes, she has a symmetrical face but our maid can do a better hair and make-up than her!?! Yes, she’s a nerd but that is no excuse when your joining a beauty pageant! She needs a total make-over!!!! Her looks are fairly mediocre among the contestants but that could be cured by a team of stylists, artists, trainers, coaches and all of the above. She needs the made up face, the big hair, the abs, the golden skin, the walk, the attitude as in the whole enchilada. Luckily, She’s part of Aces and Queens but they should have discovered her years ago when she was burying herself in books at the UP Library. I know she wouldn’t have graduated with flying colors if she was busy dressing up but they need ample time to work on her complete overhaul. If she really is the intelligent person who produced those impressive credentials, then she better learn fast! She may have the power to bring out the potential that could win the Universe!

  2. well indeed, that rose pujanes really is an example of the so-called “transformation”.. she really does look good lately..

  3. 10 Days from now….. Our New MUP 2013 will be crowned…… Congratulations to all the 50 Binibinis!!!…… Being selected to be one of the 50 is truly an achievement that women all over the Philippines desired and wish for….. So Ladie’s I do Salute You!!!….. Good Luck and God Speed!!!
    Norms…… Just curious about the Following inquiries…..
    1.Who is the Director for this Year’s Pageant….. Years ago I remember Al Quinn
    2. Are they gonna play and sing “Binibing Pilipinas” Theme song……. The group ” Rain makers ” used to sing the theme and serenade the Ladies.
    3. “Opening number”?…… Who’s the choreographer this year?……. Do remember
    “Hot Legs” and that famous choreographer ( which I forgot the name) does the kicks and turns choreography which makes the presentation exciting!!!…….
    4. Miss Wanda Louwallien ……. Do remember her for directing the ladies in turning and fast pacing, when it’s the ladies turn to present themselves…… Is she still around?
    5.Souvenir Programs…… Are they available for sale?…… It’s a collector’s delight to have one specially on it’s 50th Binibini.
    6. Don’t laugh Norms…… But I want to have one of the Binibini Blouses that the ladies wore….. With the Binibining Pilipinas Gold as an emblem in front…… I’m size 4….. Are they on sale too?……..
    Sorry ang daming tanong Norms…….

    • Wow! A lot of queries! Anyways, I have no info about the finals night director or the opening number yet. But being the 50th Anniversary, expect something grand! Won’t be surprised if Johnny Manahan will direct, though.

      As for the souvenir programs, they are always on sale during the finals at the venue. About the blouses, I’m not too sure if they will be made available for sale as well. Possible, but unconfirmed. 🙂

      P.S. Wanda Louwallien is already inactive in pageants, but is still involved in a business. Follow her on Twitter @wandalouwallien

  4. i was tempted to say NOTA as in None of the Above but you just can’t deny the strong presence of Rose Pujanes

    the fact that Rose Pujanes won over the much- hyped Valiry Vispo in Miss Batangas means that she has the goods

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