26 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Who wears a hat (and a smile) better?

  1. HANNAH SISON.. very refined.. very feminine.. very filipina..
    sorry and no offense meant, but i find elima’s face so SCARY.. and she too look so old..
    maybe it’s the type of beauty that a lot liked, but it doesn’t work for me..

  2. In my opinion, for the BbPU title- Charmaine is a lot more striking, easily recognizable and smaller face which photographs well. Hannah is very pretty too and I feel she will do well in the competition just not sure which title for now.

  3. This is the best photo of Hannah. She’s amazingly beautiful. Both show perfect facial features. Elima for MU…Hannah for MU…Parul for MU…In the end I will still root for Elima. Being Cum Laude is what sets her apart from the two.

    • not because she’s a cum laude doesn’t necessarily mean she’s already smart.. pwdeng kaya siya naging cum laude e dahil MASIPAG SIYANG MAG-ARAL

      • Hindi ba pagpapamalas ng magandang attitude ang pagiging masipag mag-aral?

      • at di po lahat ng masipag mag-aral ay nagiging Cum Laude. There’s something about her more than just being studious. It could be her good-attitude and determination.

  4. They both are beautiful! But i think Elima wins by a mile. Imagine them competing internationally. Elima will stand out among international beauties because of her classic asian beauty. Sison will unfortunately be overshadowed by the latinas. Don’t get me wrong she is beautiful but she lacks the distinct asian feature. So its Elima for me

  5. Elima should really watch out for this girl. Sison is Very brainy and has good communication skills. She is very unpretentious and spontaneous. If this girl gets into the Q and A battle with Elima…fearless forecast the judges will pick her winning smile and alas get the Hat of all Hats… the BBPU crown.

  6. Hannah’s smile is captivating…….
    But Charmaine’s is Lovely…….
    Pretty…… Scintillating
    So exciting………
    Full of Hope……..
    Two of the best models for ” Choose Philippines” campaign……. What do you think Norms???……

  7. hat and smile goes to Hannah.. but the MU crown still belongs to Charm!!! ftw Elima

  8. Elima. She reminds me of the black Columbian who competed in Ms. U (2002? Not sure of the year) But did not place. Beautiful.

  9. I’ll be honest – I think Hannah’s smile is way more charming than Charmaine’s. That being said, the latter radiates a more “queenly” vibe in her photos.

  10. Elima would be on the NAIA billboard, the rest on domestic airport billboards. Jk
    Jokes aside, Elima radiates a more modern and worldly sophistication while Sison a more playful innocent laid back charm.

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