15 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: the other side of Parul Shah

  1. Her beauty soars when she smiles. There’s just something magical about her lip-eye coordination.

  2. LOL at unpretentious and unrehearsed!!. we see eye to eye norman. i won’t say the name but i know lol. i think i have been very open about my love for parul. this girl has IT beauty attitude and heart!

  3. So beautiful! At this point I’m not even considering anyone else for MUP. She’s the only one on my dance card. I’d rather her not get any crown at all if she doesn’t get MUP because she would be such a waste at any pageant other than MU.

  4. Should Mutya get into q@a- answering it in Tagalog does not guarantee her a placement. Remember that they are facing another set of judges. What worked for Czarina does not necessarilly work for her. Janina fumbled as she tried to reply in English and luckily, she placed.

    • AGREE!!! and back to that “PUNONG KAHOY” girl, she’a totally a bobita, and i do not know why she won!!! MY GOSH!!! nanagalog na nga, senseless pa rin ang sagot!!!

  5. I don’t really get “universally / commercially beautiful that MU has been looking for in recent years”. Has there been a trend, standard, type of beauty that MUO being set per year? Or is it just a figment of a pageant-fanatic’s imagination? I can only think of Ximena and Olivia sharing almost same type of beauty- sweet that is. What about Lopez?

  6. I agree… Mutya has the looks that is so universal..very amicable, always smiling… Her life story would definitely touch a lot of people’s heart…i really just hope and pray that she will be able to give justice in the Q&A portion…but beauty wise and projection in the stage–a big check!

  7. She is the one Norm. If she is at least 5’9 and fair to answer the Q and A, MUP for sure.
    Pia will be MIP
    Hanna will be MPT
    Elima First runner to groom for next year
    Mutya will be second runner up to groom as well for next year

  8. gorgeous exotic face…but I don’t think her beauty has that “commercial” universal appeal that the miss universe in recent years is looking for. Norms, do you have a video clip of her being interviewed?

    • Doc, still no luck. I’m still searching, though. And it ain’t easy pinning her down for an ambush thingy.

    • Doc, I agree with you.. indeed, MUO is looking for that globally and commercially appealing beauty who would be perfect product and advocacy endorsers

      Mutya is the one

      • Mutya may be a strong contender for the BBPU but again if she impresses the judges in the Q&A with something akin to what Gatbonton did a few years back. But for her to get the major BBPU crown she has to answer it “flawlessly” in our mother tongue nothing less.

    • i think that the most important factor she has is charisma.. she has this charm that would really drag your eyes to give her a second and longer look.. commercial beauties i think is for miss world, not for miss universe..

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