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  1. I am proud ilocano! Proud from La Union. It would be #47 Aiyana Mikiewicz to bring home the crown. Superb beauty and brain. I watch her interviews in youtube, I was so amazed! She answered the question flawlessly with american accent very clear and fluent!
    Her titles were Miss Mutya ti La union, Miss Laoag Ilocos Norte, Miss San carlos Pangasinan, Miss Dagupan, Pangasinan, Miss silka Baguio city, Miss Panagbenga BAguio city, miss magic and etc

    • I’m so happy that you’re proud Aiyana. But “Mikiewicz” is not a Filipino last name. Where does she really came from?

      • Well, Aj has mixed bloods. She’s filipino, chinese, polish and ukranian. Her mom is half filipino, half chinese whilst her dad is half polish and half ukranian (multiracial)
        This is the reason why she came up with a surname “Mikiewicz”. Like for me “Hosford” coz my dad is half English and Half american. My mother is Filipina!

  2. go for the crown #50 Krisma Pascual… a girl with a good heart and a pretty face…

  3. go aiyana kayam data ilocana k man intsik k man kyam ti kwaem ag fucos ka kisla jay aynti mutia ti la union ni aiyana ket napintas nalaing nasempet nga ilocana la union pangasinan ilocos sur ken norte ket supsuportaran da ka ta gamin renepresentam iti region 1 kayam data go go go

  4. Sige magpaka elima, de leon, rabajante at datul kayo1 in the nd, the crown will go to Bb. 47 Aiyana Camille mikiewicz!

    • tama kasi si aiyana maganda matalino mabait kung sya panalo 2 na ang taga la union na miss universe si gloria diaz taga la union nanlo sya ng ms universe si aiyana pa mananalo yan go go go win win win aiyana

  5. mariel de leon is a a beauty and brains, with a very decent family background and very good education as well…go for the crown …

  6. AJ Mikiewicz! just that Polish-Ukranian-Chinese-FILIPINA blood-mix of Binibini 47 is a sturdy force to reckon with at Miss Supranational or Miss International! Slovak Rep.’s MU 1994 Silvia meets Nicole Schmitz with a touch of Krista Kleiner and Karla Henry!


  7. Vadadim vadaboom
    She’s Mariel who has the Boom
    Go Go Mariel
    You’re the ONE
    The only ONE

    Have CLASS will travel!!!!

  8. Charmaine Elima is definitely one of the strongest contenders in the group and if she can nail the Q and A during the coronation night she can represent our counrtry with great pride in Ms. U Beauty Pageant. She has the looks of a very distinctly Filipina. To the rest of all the candidates, Goodluck! Whoever wins, you will have my support and prayers. Make our country proud! For the crown and the title. Having been said, my vote goes to Charmaine Elima.

      • She has it all. Beauty & Brains. And her most important asset is being dedicated to her family

    • Cum Laude nga si Sharmine pero mahina siya sa oral Question, pati sa mga interviews,,panu nlang kpag siya na ang representative natin sa ibang bansa? nagtatanong lang po

    • Si Aiyana Mikiewicz, 8 big pageant na ang sinalihan at walang talo,, we the supporters of Aiyana the whole region 1 proud of ILOKANO umaasa kami na hindi kami bibiguin ni Aiyana, at alam niya na umaasa kami sa titulong Bb. PILIPINAS U. na dapat makuha niya,, we know na siya ang itnakda para susunod sa yapak ni Gloria Diaz our Ms Universe 1969 from Aringay La Union,,,, wetwew,,,clap, clap clap,,

  9. Go aiyana #47. Naguilianon will support you…..jaz be yourself stay humble ok…GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS

  10. I still place this Bicolana girl Anna Buquid for the Universe spot.Her height can already smash a lot of beauties on stage and I can imagine the many transformations that can still be done on her—-unlike Wurtzbach who’s already extremely beautiful that anything more could be dangerously tiring.Duskly beauties seem to make a stronger impact in Miss International so I go for Elima. Wurtzbach’s global appeal,I figure could be a good Tourism ambassadress so she goes to Miss Tourism-International.De Leon’s beauty is so classic and timeless (like Elaine Moll) which is also perfect for the movies could be the best bet for Miss Supranational.Well,this is just a betting game. 🙂

  11. #31 for me…Ms. Mariel De Leon…a goddess beauty and brains…:-)

    • Based on the latest photos of Mariel, she deserves any of the major awards.

  12. My top and only choice is #8 Mariel. She seems so simple yet sophisticated with a vavavoom figure to boot! I saw her on TV in an ambush interview and she came off as smart and poised, able to think on her feet. That’s the type of beauty we should send out to the world. Yay, Mariel, you go girl!!

  13. I am from Los Angeles, I truly believe the biggest title, goes to Mariel de Leon, she has all the makings of getting the title. Smart very intelligent. Very lovely as well.

  14. Mariel de Leon for Bb. Pilipinas – Universe
    She has it all. Beauty, intelligence & dedication to her family.

  15. Norman — From the list of the 15 named candidates above, my 4 choices would be (in no particular order):

    Charmaine Elima
    Parul Shah
    Mercegrace Raquel
    Hannah Sison

    The rest of my top 15 are as follows (at least for now) which I pulled from the rest of the 50 candidates — again, in no particular order:

    Pia Wurtzbach
    Cassy Naidas
    Ariella Arida
    Bea Santiago
    Mutya Datul
    Merryjoyce Respicio
    Anna Buquid
    Valiry Vispo
    Pauline Quintas
    Shaun Apuad
    Cindy Miranda

    And if I had another five slots I’d include Ria Rabajante, Zandra Flores, Sofia Mustonen, Carin Ramos and Theresa Gorgonio.

    This rounds off my top 20 — which was tough (whew!) as I had to eliminate 30 other girls. This of course could — and probably will — change between now and coronation night. Thanks for the pageant updates, Norman! Keep ’em coming!

  16. my top 5: my personal choices!!!
    -parul shah
    -hannah sison
    -mutya datul
    -aiyana mikiewicz
    -ria rabajante

    *it’s really difficult to cast final choices in this bunch of beauties, but i find these girls to be quite more interesting than those of the other favorites. i believe they will definitely give a good fight come april 14th.. hoping for the best..
    best of luck and may the good Lord bless all the 50 lovely contenders.. whosoever wins, is deserving..

    • BTW, this post isn’t necessarily related to the above posts.. i am just trying to give up my choices(other choices), aside from those mentioned above..=)

  17. Because there are so many candidates falling into the “definite winner” category by so many different fans, everyone really should brace themselves for the Tumulak/Latimosa exprience. When those two did not receive a crown, the shock wave was felt everywhere and the critics were nasty. In retrospect, the winners proved their worth. Sooooo those of you dead set on your candidate as a definite winner, just brace yourself for a possible Tumulak/Latimosa outcome. Especially in this year where there seems to be an over abundance of beauties. No malice meant here, I’m just saying….

  18. Believe that Apuad and Vispo will be the “dark horses” in this competition 🙂

    Vispo ,(for me) is a combination of Qiambao and Quigaman beauty.Her complete name is Vania Valiry Vispo who will have VICTORY in the end ( hoping much ). Apuad on the other hand is an experienced model, which can be an asset in the international scene .

    The following names were the 8, from my choices last time:
    Elima, Buquid, Sison, Respicio, Quintas, Shah, Pascual, Gomez.

    But that’s just me….

    • I pity the people who have rated my comment “thumbs down” . They just couldn’t understand the last phrase I have had put 🙂

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