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  1. im rooting for parul shah or hannah sison for the miss universe philippines crown.. i believe these two lovely ladies eludes beauty and aura that captivates the attention of the crowd. they have strong presence, that over time they become even more gorgeous.. proper toning and training is what they need, then they will be ready to rock the universe!!!=)

  2. Happy Easter.

    I think it’s a no contest based on the glamour shots. Sharmaine facial structure is just phenomenal. Body wise, she has a nice womanly figure, but my vote goes to Parul in the swimsuit round.

    Team Elina for Miss Universe.
    And Team Parul for runner-up position so she can join again next year. (But I’ve heard 2 stunners from Palawan and Bicol will also join next year)

  3. The 4 candidates above may be exceptionally beautiful but my heart beats for Mercegrace Raquel. Not only beauty and brains. She knows how to walk and glide gracefully on stage. Do you agree Norm? Mercegrace has this natural flair and grace. I really hope she wins.

  4. @Angelo Reyes……. Thank you very much for your input on the Pageants that I’ve been curious…… Ang galing mo naman….. Thank you!!!

  5. Norman, It is interesting to note that some of the strongest candidates now being touted for the MUP title also happen to have very impressive academic credentials to back up their stunning looks:

    Charmaine Elima = cum laude graduate
    Hannah Sison = de la salle university faculty
    Mercegrace Raquel = U.P. math whiz
    Ariella Arida = U.P. chemistry grad
    Cassy Naidas = de la salle psychology grad

    I do not know much about the academic backgrounds of either Parul Shah or Pia Wurtzbach but whatever these two lack in the academic background department they certainly make up for it by the sheer force of their physical beauty and personality. Madame must feel like a kid in a candy store with so many choices this year — but only one girl can be crowned MUP on coronation night. So which one will the Madame bless?

    • I’m sure the Madame is just as beautifully spoilt for choice as we are. And as confused as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. For consistency, I’d go for Team Elima now.
    Hannah could pull an upset on her but we’ll see next week.

  7. best 15 bets – 13, 29, 28, 15, 20, 19, 26, 01, 39, 24, 50, 36, 27, 03, 48

  8. In my opinion based on the latest photos and videos, and profiles of the candidates, Sison and Raquel are the contenders for MUP, they have the X factor and good scholastic background so if they land on the top 5, they’ll surely get the crown, Elima could be a runner up, or if Santiago, Pujanes and De Leon will do good on the coronation night, Elima and and Wurtzbach will end up with just a top 10 semi finalist. These two are undeniable pretty and has a lot of followers but they could be outshined by the other cndidates becuase sometimes the two looks just relaxed and the term is nkakasawa effect to the audience. I placed Pujanes, Santiago and de Leon on my top 5 as i can see that they have something more to improve and to surpise us on the pageant night! Thanks

  9. Ria, where are yu? Enough said, there is nothing wrong with rehearsed moves Charmaine displayed! Raj, Supsup , Janine, all Miss Venezuela’s had!

  10. Charmaine for MUP. Followed closely by Parul. Then Hannah, Ria Rabajante and Buquid. That completes my top 5 so far. ร–f course subject to change after watching The Road to Binibini next week.

  11. Hannah is still my best bet for miss u. I think she’s got the x-factor.
    Charmaine is beautiful but I’m not sure if she can express herself quite well in English based on the videos I’ve seen.

  12. Norms……..I’m just curious about these Beauty Pageants that Binibining Pilipinas used to include in the winners circle annually and send our Binibinis to compete….. As far as I remember we did have winners on this beauty pageants internationally….. And I’m talking about the following:
    1. Miss Maja
    2. Miss Young International
    3. Miss Globe
    4.Miss Flower Queen
    5. Miss University International
    As I did recall that Jean Saburit competed in Miss Young international and Maria Theresa Carlson ( RIP ) as well……. Probably you can open another topic on this as we all know that all eyes are glued on Binibini Gold……… It’s just looking back and wondering what ever happened on this equally prestigious pageant…… Oh and another thing that Philippines is a perennial favorite in Miss Maja which I believe we bagged Miss Maja quite a lot ( pageant usually held in Spain )……. Just a suggestion Norms to research on this topic whenever you have a free time….Thanks in advance!

    • PG, Maja, MYI and Flower Queen have all closed shop. Ms. Globe is erratic, and Miss University Intl is being handled by another franchisee. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      But we can feature one or two of the more interesting ladies who took part in the same.

  13. Norman: You are right. This is quite a formidable four-some. But I think there’s a third sleeper who might prove to be just as strong as Parul or Hannah — and I say this only because she is almost a perfect fit for the MUP “prototype”: Mercegrace Raquel.

  14. charmaine elime for bbp universe & pauline quintas for bbp international

  15. Norm ? i dont see much talks about Ria R. now compared to when she filed her application and stole the thunder of the early favorites. You think she showed her very best pre-maturely and nothing left for the imagination ? Just wondering.

  16. Charmaine Elima will be our 3rd Miss Universe!!!……. Norms you do agree with me ……… am I right?…… I want to hear your prediction or is it too early for you to share your mystical readings on your magic crystal ball?…… And if you decided to finally share your thoughts, can you point out the Binibinis strength and weaknesses???
    Norms your thoughts is comparable to Nostradamus……so I guess every body is excited to hear what you foresee???
    And believe me…… If your forecast fails the finals…… You will still be my Nostradamus and won’t be another Madamme Auring clone.,,….. Go norms go !!!!

    • I second that Pinay .. Calling Norm, calling Norm … Please pick up the white phone.

      • Sorry for the late reply. Time zone difference – your playtime, my bedtime. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I can’t post my predictions just yet. It’s still undergoing constant changes by the day, and I feel as if I’m in a daze every opportunity I get to sit down and analyze the possibilities. Just when I thought I have come up with the best combination, along comes a new mix that could turn out better. Really, it’s still a beautiful mess inside my head.

        As for the hosts, I have read both pairs of Luis/KC and Martin/Dawn are being considered. I wouldn’t mind seeing all four of them do it since it’s the Golden Edition. Although if it were not for the age factor, I’d pick a Luis/Dawn tandem. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • drink you coffee now Norm and let’s play ๐Ÿ™‚ … just give a hint , how about your top 8? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Hi Norm happy easter bud, how have you been? Hope all is fine and likewise.
    I observed something that i just want to share. I read lots of opinions about these eves even from the beauty pageant experts themselves, from the highlites to the worse. I observed that most opinions started like “She is the MUP winner'” followed by the “ifs” and the “buts” which could mean the concerns and how these concerns can be improved and enhanced and there is a pattern with the way these opinions were concluded, most of them concluded (more or less) like this “No matter what, She will win MUP or she is the best bet for MUP or she has the best chance to win MU”. After the ifs and the buts most concluded that Charmaine Elima will win MUP. Parul “can” eclipse Charmaine for the MUP crown but will not. Pia can win MIP or Supra giving one crown for Gaffud Team. Hannah can sneak up there just below the MUP crown that can give Flores Camp two crowns. I will not discount Bea, Naidas, Buquid, Mercegrace, Respicio and Quintas if not mistaken all within 18-22 years old that gives them enough preparation in the future.

    Like Charmaine, I learned that there was such the same hype with Lastimosa, Tumulak and Ejercitado that did not materialize. It’s either history will repeat itself or history in the making and that will be known 2weeks from now. Get ready for the oxygen tanks, blood pressure and chill pills for this is could be the ride of your life.

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