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  1. Thank You for sharing Norms,…… Do you have current photos of Armi Kuusela and her children as well?……I’m wondering how ther children looks like with a Handsome Filipino Celeb and the first Miss Universe.,…..

    • in the early 70s, they had a daughter who was supposed to represent the Philippines in the Pearl of the Orient or something held annually in Australia… i think she backed out or something

      • Anna-Lisa Hilario, that’s her name. And it was the Moomba Festival/Queen of the Pacific down under. 😉

        And this is her last-known pic at the time. Anna-Lisa Hilario

  2. as pageant fanatic, i’m quite familiar withe their story but it never fails to merit a second read.
    it is stuff that makes me so nostalgic about the past especially the golden years of

    pinoys are still the best! imagine having the hearts of the very first miss universe and
    miss international ensnared by dashing and gallant filipino swains?

  3. This is interesting. I know that Armi is now based in California and has remarried. What about a write-up on the love story between the first Miss International, Madame Stella Marquez de Araneta and her Filipino husband?

      • That would be cool Norman. Maybe make a movie out of that one too. How about “Les Miss International Gold Digger of 1960” as the title and turn it into a hit musical? :). Awright, I’m just jokin folks. This is so not True!

  4. Norman: Thanks for sharing this piece (and wonderful trivia) about Armi Kuusela. What an eventful meeting that was when the first Miss Universe crossed paths with future Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos, Benigno Aquino and the still unmarried Imelda. Plenty of “what if’s” started swirling in my head: What if Armi had married Ferdinand? She would have become first lady (instead of Imelda!). What if she had married Benigno? She would have become the widow of an assassinated political leader and eventually president (instead of Cory!) Turns out her choice to marry Virgilio Hilario turned out for the best. 🙂

    And to think that when Armi was crowned as the first ever Miss Universe in 1952, the woman who placed that crown on Armi’s head was no other than Piper Laurie, the actress who would eventually play the sick and demented mom in Stephen King’s horror movie about an oppressed wanna-be prom queen, “Carrie”. Luv it!

  5. It’s definitely a good read for me. I used to wonder how their love affair went and ended. Now, I know the full story. Thanks for sharing, Norman!

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