15 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: When (and who) will be the next?

  1. We really don’t know who will shine in Miss Universe, because there were Misses Philippines before who were sent to Miss U, that we thought would make it because they got what it takes, but ended up clappers, there were candidates sent there that we thought would not win because ugly, but placed!!!

  2. Margie’s reaction was quite rehearsed. She knew the results a few seconds before announcement. See the clip where she rolled her eyes upon “innocently peeking” at the results envelope. 🙂

  3. Charmaine Elima will be Philippine’s 3rd Miss Universe……. Case closed!!!…… LOL

    • i don’t think so, she is not consistent with her looks.. well, yes, most of the time she appeared very gorgeous, but there are instances she she looked too old for her age.. she needs a li’l more flexibility beauty-wise, IF she wants a crown..

  4. Anyone notice the pattern or trend in Miss Universe lately?
    Gone are the days of fierce glamazons, of hair flipping and hands on the hips

    They’re going back to the sweet and globally appealing beauty types

    2010 ximena over yendi
    2011 leila over oleksandra
    2012 olivia over janine

    just a thought so i hope no one would gang up on me LOL

    • I didn’t pay much attention on the sweetness factor, brew. Probably because Ximena doesn’t come across as one for me. But Leila and Olivia are. 😉

      • Leila won because she was the hands-down favorite of the largely Portuguese-speaking live audience during the finals in Sao Paolo. Olivia won in Las Vegas as a way for Trump to lift America’s spirits up shortly after the Sandy Hook massacre as well as to re-ignite Americans’ interest in the pageant. “Sweetness” had nothing to do with it.

  5. i have a feeling we will snatch our third this year
    if Mutya Datul will be our bet
    answering in Tagalog will
    definitely clinch for her
    the Miss U crown

    you know how it is wiyh the Miss U Org
    they just love controversies
    and historic firsts
    like answering
    in Tagalog

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