17 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Do you see a winner (or winners) in them?

    • Hi, I tried to send a copy of the image to your yahoo mail, but it just bounced back with an error message. 😦

  1. In Random Order:
    Charmaine Elima , Anna Buquid, Hannah Sison, MJ Respicio, Vania Valiry Vispo ,Grace Yann Apuad ,
    Pauline Quintas, Parul Shah, Cristina Pascual, Angeli Gomez…


    I am placing 10 who will make it , thus leaving 5 spots for the public to add 🙂 – But that’s just me.

  2. Mutya Johanna Datul will make it to d top. I don’t know her but by the way i look at her face, angles, charm, etc., she HAS it! I never failed in my prediction even before… I bet my ___ for Mutya!

  3. what’s up with Buquid ! i like this eve so much but for some reason it’s just her long legs and height that i see, she’s just not grabbing on to my balls, (pounds the table) dang girl ! show me some spice now , gimme some MMPH ! it’s ok , i’ll see ya next year and you better bring it Anna.

  4. Hannah for Universe, Pia for International, Charmaine for Tourism & Cassandra for Supranational

  5. For me, whoever wins come April 14 will definitely have been through some major ‘filtering’. And I won’t be complaining. Just like the Aussies, a formula has already been successfully achieved by BPCI and hopefully, there is this one (or two) among the candidates who measure up to the template used for the past three years. 😉

      • so u are now equating facility and ease with the King’s language with intelligence and a high I.Q.?

        Cmon, let’s give Mutya a break…

        Saw the Mutya ng Pilipinas interview but it just made me love her the more.

        Candid, sweet, charming and bravely trying hard not to buckle down

  6. I think that it’s almost a certainty that at least one (or even two) of these girls will be wearing a crown on her head by the time the coronation night is through. As to which ones — to follow Norman’s lead — I’ll keep mum for now.

  7. Ara just may be the surprise here. I hope so, I’m rooting for her.

  8. It seems that my Top 5 bets are all there—that is if all goes well for Anna Buquid, Charmaine Elima, Pia Wurtzbach, Bea Santiago and Mutya Datul in that order of placement.Of course,the rest of them can always pull an upset from nowhere anytime come final’s night and God knows.☺

  9. Hannah, Charmaine and Mutya will definitely be the best representatives internationally this year. Hannah for Miss Universe, and the two for either of the two remaining crowns. Mutya Datul could also be good for Miss U. as long as she uses the Filipino language to the very end of the competition.

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