5 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: A piece from one of the Official Candidates

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  2. What a lovely article, a lovely response, a lovely woman.

    My responses to those 10 comments would be:
    1. You are ugly. – Really? Ugly comments come from within and if that ugly comment is reflective of what’s inside of you, you are truly the ugly one.
    2. You don’t have the face to make it to a pageant. – Hummm… this sash around my torso says I do. BTW how do you like my crown from my last pageant?
    3. You look like our maid/katulong. – And what the hell is wrong with that? Maids are some of the hardest working people on the planet. If you’re saying I’m a hard worker, thanks! Maids support their families without thought of “what can I buy for myself now?” That money they send home, in turn, supports the economy. In a sense, they’re economists. Soooo thanks for saying I look like your maid!
    4. Your teeth is ugly. – First of all, it’s your teeth ARE ugly. If you want to try and insult me, at least get the grammar correct! Second, my teeth are perfectly fine and unlike you, I don’t lie through them.
    5. You look like one of the girls who are out at night looking for foreigners. – At least they have more international experience than you’ll ever have. When was the last time you travelled out of the country?
    6. You will never make it. – At least I will have tried. I don’t want to be like you where you don’t try and just put people down who actually do try. Unlike your lazy a*s, I’m giving life one hell of a shot!
    7. You are just intelligent, join a quiz bee not a pageant. – Are you saying pageants are not for the intelligent? There are more degrees on that pageant stage than there are on a thermometer. And if you don’t watch out, I just may stick that thermomenter up your (fill in the blank).
    8. You are weak and useless. – At the very least I have the balls to stand on a stage and let the world know who I am and what I’m about. What the hell are you doing with your life other than being a b*tch?
    9. No guy will ever love you. – No one guy will ever love me. Howver, I do have MANY guys who truly love me for who I am and what I represent. Some of those guys are gay and, trust me, the love from them will be with me forever!
    10. Why did you make it to the final 50 candidates, there are prettier girls than you. – Perhaps. But there is one glaring fact – I MADE IT INTO THE FINAL 50!!! Could you?

    God bless our pageant girls!!!

  3. Well said Christine Paula Love Bernasor . 🙂 . Keep the faith. Good luck !

  4. smart girl. through your blog post, you clearly define what is the true meaning of beauty. And that is absolutely YOU.

  5. Great motivation CPL!!!……Don’t give up your dreams, dont stop….. Ignore the negativism……As long as you have the fighting spirit to achieve you’re dreams then the rest will be a beautiful History in you’re Journey of becomming a True Beauty Queen….

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