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  1. Norm? There is this video i watched , the eves in swimsuit introducing themselves one by one and something I saw that bothered me, it was Pia’s arse (not Ria), it looks funny. i like the girl but that hiney aint looking good. is it true that she had a hiney makeover ? ;-)..

    Also , am getting confused on this peats and streaks. isnt it that in order to call it a 3 4 5 6 peat or streak it must be consecutive ?, for example Venezuela: 2009-2010-2012
    (borrowing from Glenn) there is break in 2010 and 2012 could that be a 3peat?
    Also (borrowing from Cool Brew) that is nice to know that US and Venezuela made it to the top5 22and21times respectively.
    Sorry bud too much questions, 😉

    • Chrome — Sorry about the typo. I got distracted or was typing too fast. It should have read:

      Venezuela: 2007-2008-2009

      This was a consecutive 3-peat for Venezuela that included their back-to-back win in ’08 and ’09. I’ve appended my comment below. Thanks for catching the error. My stats, unlike Brew’s, only account for consecutive top 5 (or 6) finishes — they do not include consecutive semifinalist placements.

      P.S: I also noticed Pia’s rear (or as you say, “arse”) in one of the video presentations. Not sure what to make of it at this point.

      • thanks Glenn ..
        Yea her arse is something that made me go’ hmmm what the…… ‘, also noticed that all the eves paused on side view but she just turned around, probably a tactic to be different or something she doesnt wanna be noticed. They’ll put the crown on the head anyway 😉

    • I can’t confirm if Pia had a buttlift or something, Chrome. Will snoop around. 😉

      A 3-peat or 4-peat needs to come one after the other. No breaks in between.

    • hi Chrome, actually the aforementioned stats for the US and Venezuela are for their consecutive semifinal placements not their Top Five placements

      Right now, Australia is in a roll with a five peat semifinal placement (2008 to 2012) They must have found the right formula

      • Brew — True. Also in regard to consecutive semifinal placements — the Philippines actually pulled a 4-peat from 1972 to 1975 that included two semifinal placements in 1972 and 1974, a fourth runner-up placement in 1975, and the MU title in 1973.

      • Wow Glenn ! History repeats itself . This time on top 5, Philippines from 2010-2012 and MU 2013.

        Charmaine will you marry me ?

  2. Please note that the MU statistics I’ve provided below are for informational purposes only. Hopefully, whoever represents the Philippines in MU will continue the winning streak of her 3 successful predecessors. Statistics show that consecutive 4-peats and even better are possible, so it can be done.

  3. Brew: Yes, there is that sinking feeling. Below is a list of countries whose MU TOP 5 consecutive three-peats abruptly ended:

    Sweden: 1954-1955-1956
    Sweden: 1964-1965-1966
    Brazil: 1957-1958-1959
    Colombia: 1992-1993-1994
    Puerto Rico: 2004-2005-2006
    Venezuela: 2009-2010-2012

    In some cases like Brazil whose 3-peat ended in 1959, the country made two big comebacks by winning the MU title in 1963 and again in 1968. So there is always that hope of making a comeback and winning big. In other cases, the country’s 3-peat ended when it won the title — like Puerto Rico back in 2006. I’m hoping the Philippines will continue its consecutive winning streak in MU’s top 5 — but should that end this year, at least it will be in good company.

    So far, only 8 countries have managed to successfully pull off a consecutive 4-peat or better in MU’s Top 5 / Top 6. In those years when MU awarded only two runner-up positions (1990-1997), countries are marked with a double asterisk ** to include their top 6 finish as part of their consecutive winning streak. Venezuela’s 13-peat in MU’s top 5/ top 6 placement is far and away unreachable even by the USA whose 6-peat ended in 1998.

    **Venezuela: 1991-2003 (13-peat)
    **USA: 1993-1998 (6-peat)
    Finland: 1965-1969 (5-peat)

    Germany: 1954-1957 (4-peat)
    USA: 1958-1961 (4-peat)
    Australia: 1969-1972 (4-peat)
    Sweden: 1978-1981 (4-peat)
    Venezuela: 1984-1987 (4-peat)
    **Mexico: 1988-1991 (4-peat)
    **India: 1992-1995 (4-peat)

    Note: These MU statistics only include top 5 or top 6 consecutive placements. Statistics for semifinalist placements are not included.

  4. What a pessimistic forecast for this cool brew…… It’s totally UNCOOL!!!!…… are you a psychic?…… And you’re timing to do this prediction is on the 50th Binibining Anniversary……..Are you trippin???……. Wow!!!…… I’m not happy with this Norman…..Gggrrrrrrrr…..

  5. Maybe all three of them should collectively pool their resources under one big super beauty camp with each of them serving as co-Directors. Funding can be provided by the franchise holder and other sponsors to help provide “beauty scholarships” to girls with potential.

    But in as much as these camps deserve a lot of credit for discovering, assisting and training successful pageant candidates, let’s not forget that in the end it is the candidate herself — her dedication, hard work, perseverance, beauty, intelligence, and personality — as well as her destiny and luck that ultimately will determine the final outcome.

  6. i have this gut feel that the Philippines would be unplaced in the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant regardless of the candidate who will be sent so woe to whoever will get the Miss Universe Philippines crown. Knowing the MUO’s penchant for controversies and tactics, this year’s major major casualty would be Miss Philippines.

    Remember Puerto Rico? she placed in 2004, 2005 & even won in 2007 but was shut out from the semifinals in 2007 and 2008.

    Or should we mention Venezuela’s non- placement in 2004?
    Venezuela was on its way to tying up with USA for the most number of successive placements. but alas MUO would not give that to Venezuela so its streak ended at 21 years (1983 to 2003).

    The US still holds the longest streak at 22 years (1977- 2001)

    • What the HELL would they gain if they disappoint or discourage one of the most diasporic social media active English speaking multi-cultural beauty power house nation in the world which is the origin of majority of their most die hard supporters?

      If this would be true, puhlease do tell me the effect of their dumbest idea ever????


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