6 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Whose showbiz star factor is strongest?

  1. From a pageant perspective, the one positive thing that can out of having a background in showbiz is that it gives the candidate an edge in terms of sharpened interpersonal and communication skills as well as a level of ease in dealing with the public, the media and being comfortable in front of TV cameras. Other than that, being a celebrity competing in a beauty pageant — or being a child of a famous celebrity — usually comes at a price because the expectations are higher and the candidate’s ability to define her own public persona becomes more difficult.

  2. I would seriously not touch anyone associated with Willie Revillame and that horrendous show with a 10 foot pole! Having said that, I think Mariel has this Rumer Willis vibe to her- uhm wait, that’s not a good thing is it?

    • I’m rooting for Mariel too for Ms. International. I find Cindy Miranda not too classy. She’s still raw. Actually, I couldn’t articulate the vibes surrounding this girl but she’s not a winner for me.

  3. Mariel. Definitely. No one would even notice her if she’s not carrying that famous family name. Definitely overrated. The other showbiz gals, on the other hand, all deserve mention.

  4. Mariel would definitely benefit from this star factor or connection.
    The rest of the aforementioned? Nah…never heard of them although
    i would go for Pia if it’s star appeal.. Ditto for Imee who is the more voluptuous and younger version of Sandra Seifert

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