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  1. This girl Mutya Datul can sweep anybody on stage in the beauty department.She may not have conversational English prowess or intellectual arrogance,alright but that doesn’t really make her dumb.She’s natural,her charm is effortless and looks like she has a good heart,too.So If she wins Binibining Pilipinas,then give her the training and back her up with an interpreter.I believe Miss Angola 2011 didn’t speak good English and didn’t even finish her Q&A but the judges still made her win,in fact,Lea Salonga placed her on top.Miss USA 2012 is American but her Q&A was unremarkable and yet still won MU.So what’s wrong with Datul?I guess,nothing.

  2. Yesss…….indeed MJ Datul is beautiful….. The last question that she answered in Tagalog which is a smart move on her part….. My own opinion top 15 is my prediction come April 14…… Not this year miss Datul not this year….. Elima, Wurtzbach, Naidas, Santiago, Shah, Buquid were few of the Binibinis that I find stronger and PREPARED for this year’s Binibini…… If MJ Datul snatch MUP this year, then…… It might be a history in the making that MUP will answer Q&A portion in TAGALOG and eventually be crowned Our 3rd Miss Universe!!!……. Awesome!!!!!

    • I didnt even care of her answering the question. I was glued looking at her face.

  3. to be honest, this kind of beauty is rare! i love the fact that she’s probinsiana and it kinda reminds me a wi bit of Venus. Seriously somebody crown this girl MUP, if she doesn’t win the MUP id rather have her as runner up and so we can preserve her to be MUP in the nearest possible future! and with that face, stage pressence, innocent and truthful personality will definetly get her noticed!

  4. Clearly, the ability to speak fluent English is a big plus in this competition and I give credit to those girls who possess this ability. On the other hand, a candidate — be it in a national or an international competition — should be given the option to speak in the language of her own choosing. After all, the substance of a candidate’s answer is at the core of the Q&A, not the language in which it is spoken. Indeed, many of the past Miss Universe winners answered their Q&As in their native tongue which proves their lack of English proficiency was not a hindrance at all to their ability to win the crown.

    If Mutya feels that she’s able to express herself more clearly, confidently and spontaneously in her native vernacular she should be given the chance to do so. That would be infinitely better than ending up like Irene Esser who came off as a babbling idiot in front of a worldwide audience because she decided to dispense with her interpreter. And if with great luck Mutya ends up as a MU finalist it would be refreshing as well as a historic first to at last hear the Filipino language spoken in the world’s most prestigious beauty pageant.

  5. hmm..i don’t care about speaking fluent english for i myself is not the best english speaker. i care more on the sincerity and realness of the person and that is what ms datul has, however from observing the video, it seemed that her answer was edited multiple times especially in the beginning. sad there is no retakes in international competitions so my suggestion for her is to just do a czarina gatbonton, just flat out answer the question in tagalog or in her native tongue and let the pageant gods decide her fate. look where it got czarina

  6. I think it’s about time the BPCI to step forward to win the deserving beauty and represent the right one in an international beauty stage by not looking on how eloquent the person carries speaking english tongue and show the world that interpreter sometimes is required in order to deliver the answer with justice. Who knows this time might snatch the crown..

  7. Mutya Datul doesn’t have excellent communication skills but she breezed through it confidently with no pretenses—-so natural, that’s what she’s got.And undeniably, super pretty!

  8. You might want to consider filtering the comments on your blog, Norman. I am referring to Basil’s comments. He can be too perverse and distasteful sometimes. Thanks!

  9. She is not the rehearsed type of beauty pageant contender who had memorized all the posible answers in every possible beauty contest questions… She might not be as witty as janine or shamcey, but her beauty willnot be easily overlooked or overshadowed. Oliviakulto might be right… She might be the czarina gatby of this batch..

    • overlooked and overshadowed…yes, but undeniable? there is so many to choose from, there is someone bound to be more deserving.

  10. I just don’t see the quick wit, spontaneity that is essential for a spokesperson/beauty titlist. Even the charm that is clearly evident and constant in all her photos is gone when she answers. Her charm would be her salvation in the end.

  11. Gandang hindi mo inakala!
    If loving her is so wrong, then…..I don’t wanna love her.
    10 orgasms for Donald Duck(Trump) and 15 orgasms for Japanese organizers.

    Maya dela Rosa, 69, Braziwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    • Norman – This Basil will absolutely ruin or tainted your blog. Foul dirty mouth shouldn’t be allowed anywhere in this world!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you take this seriously Norman!!!!

      • @frei, yes I’m tactless.
        But please look at the mirror and open your mouth as well.
        Rest in Peace Frei.

  12. Her answer to the third question totally won me over 🙂 She’s uber pretty! I don’t mind having her win any of the three crowns ^_^

  13. she is okay. speaking the king’s language with ease and fluency is a skill and just like any skill, it can be acquired and mastered with constant practice BUT with facial beauty/ pulchritude, it’s either you have it or you dont. Thumbs up for Mutya ng Binibini.

    I reviewed her Q & A at the 2012 Mutya Pageant and to her credit, she had grace under pressure and poise under stress. She answered in the best way that she can and even if she couldn’t make head nor tails with her grammar 101, at least she looked great, registered warmth, showed a hint of vulnerability that proved she’s human after and lastly,never crumbled

    She has won me over

    • Same sentiments here, Brew. Good English or not I find her very beautiful and very endearing in a vulnerable sort of way.

      • Hi Glenn,
        She reminds me of Desiree during the 1984 Miss U Top Ten Q & A. She registered warmth and disarming candor despite her limited facility with the kings’s language

        I even believe that she actually got the judges and the audience to her side when she bravely kept up with Bob Barker who was in the mood to tease her in that memorable interview where ended up in 4th or 5th place AND that interview, I think, made stand out and scored strongly in the Swimsuit & Evening Gown Competitions

        On the other hand, Pebbles Asis, despite her bubbly personality and strong command of English, faltered in the Interviews. When she wittily replied “Of course, that is my favorite show, Bob” THAT referring to the “Price is Right” game show, she came across as insincere.

        Making matters worst were her answers regarding her plan to visit her relatives who were all over and everywhere in mainland USA. Her interview scores were good enough for 6th place and it reflected on her Swimsuit Competition scores despite her alabaster skin and great catwalk skills.

        She rallied in the Evening Gown Competition and placed 4th but it was too late! She lost out the fifth and final spot in the Magic Five to Venezuela by the skin of her tooth

      • Brew — I agree. I’ll take sincerity and warmth — over glib and bubbly — any day. Mutya conveys the former.

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