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  1. OMG! Charmaine is HOTNESS! She has no bad angles! She’s not human!!! LOL

  2. After viewing the Press Presentation, National Costume, etc., here’s my take:

    CHARMAINE- It took me seconds to like her, days to adore her and weeks to love her. She is consistent in everything. She may not be the best in all aspect as a contender but she offers some things only she possess like her curves which I find no fault at all and can be improved still. Her brand of beauty, the shape of her face, color of her skin, strong jaw, radiant look, the big black hair, beautiful set of teeth ( the smile that reminds me clearly of MU winners in the old days), her voice that is very feminine and kind. With all this arresting features, I am still cloaked with with stark realization of how this woman suit the highest title.
    my observations she needs to improve on.

    I do agree that she must read books, magazines and newspapers to keep up with what’s happening around and refrain (if she is) from too much memorizing quotes, wisdom, Biblical lines because in the end this may turn out useless having all those dignitaries and personalities fro
    Her “they doesn’t” didn’t ruin my sense of belief and admiration of her, for I, myself (and I’m sure like her) was not raised in an English speaking household who always struggled and rattled on translations that end up occasionally in an imaginary nose bleed.

    While she already possesses the charm and the looks- I just wish that she master the art of pasarela; the twists and turns, the shifts and the moves, the glide and glee. These are the areas inm upper chamber as judges- questions might be mostly on social issues.

    She has been practically on Top of my list since the first time I ever saw her face ( with permission from Roberta Flack). However, just like anyone rooting for someone- I am a bit anxious that Elima’s fate might be en route akin to MJ Lastimosa, we can never tell. Sana hindi naman. Manalo, matalo…ke Elima ako.

    • *These are the areas she must improve on. I do agree she must read books, newspapers, magazines to keep up with what’s happening around knowing judges will come from upper chamber-questions might be mostly on social issues. (pls. bear with me, thanks.)

      • Norman — I noticed Hannah Sison, too! After watching the videos I’ve also found new fondness for Bea Santiago, Mercegrace Raquel and Mutya Datul. These so-called dark horses may not be dark horses for very long — if they keep their pace up they just might end up in front. I’ll wait and see.

  3. I agree what with Glenn Dyer…… The Dark Horses are stepping up on the Plate….. Shifting and shaking the ground….. Great presentation and Splendid!!! NAKAKAPANINDIG BALAHIBO!!!!……

  4. Norman — Thanks for sharing these vids. Predictably, after seeing the candidates in motion, my list of favorites have shifted yet again! Those dark horses are gaining momentum.

  5. I thought I had my bets set in mind until I saw this video and I can just shake my head.I don’t know what to say anymore,Norman —they are all beautiful!☺

  6. Hi Norman, huge fan of BBP here, anyway I do hope you remember me, I was the Golda Soller fan last year; I remember reading one of your write-ups a few days before BBP 2012 coronation night where you perhaps subconsciously used the words how I described Golda, that is ‘unconventional but striking’ something like that, cant remember the exact words,. Well anyhow, here I am again slowly evaluating the girls on my own,What I like about beauty pageants or BBP in particular is that they allow the audience or perhaps the judges to let the girls grow in them, I did have my early favorites and like how I usually choose, I let the magic of love at first sight capture my attention.

    I do not judge based on popularity or by the preconceived idea as to who needs to go to Universe (morena) or International (Tisay), I judge based on how striking a lady is, how endearing, and perhaps on a manly note how foxy she is. As usual I had very strange choices but I am pretty good at guessing who gets to the top 15 and just to shake up twho’s trending or not, for an ordinary guy like me (yes I am a guy, in orientation as well) I do know what a man looks for in a woman in general, so given the nature and if most of the judges in BBP and MU2013 are men the my selection maybe viable. By the way, Janine is and will always be striking for all the guys and I am sure it is one of the main reasons too why whe cracked the MUTop15, the curvy be*hind. 🙂 no guy will ever miss a girl with that asset, believe me. hehe

    So let the ball rolling, I will only list down the girls who struck me the most (by rank) and will try to justify later.

    Front runners:
    Definitely, these girls will be in the Top 15
    1. Wurtzbach- you just want to stare at her all day, Miss Universe material ala Olivia Culpo
    2. Mustonen- this girl is firing hot,deym all the guys will drool over her.
    3. Miranda- she’s my growing favorite but I do not sense a fighting spirit.
    4. Datul- I got put-off by her interview, sorry I love articulate girls but none the less she is very beautiful.

    5. Gabrielle Runnstrom- She’s my Golda this year, I know that people may not put her in their list but she’s just so so endearing, from the very first video (announcement of oc) she struck me already.
    6. Ana Carmina Antonio- She’s my 2nd Golda, pretty and nice body.
    7. Amanda Navasero – Need I say more, she’s the typcial crush ng bayan for sure.
    8. Angeli Dione Gomez

    Aside from Mustonen,
    9. Zandra Flores, I go crazy when I see her in bikini haha

    Miss Universe Face
    10. Hanah Ruth Sison- Gloria Diaz/Isabella Daza cheekbones
    11. Bea Santiago- like Hanah, she has that perfectly symmetrical face and high cheekbones
    12. Ana Buquid- Im putting her here because she had this very strange beauty, I read something like Islander, yeah something like that, found in the deeps of Hawaii or Maori’s.

    Absolutely beautiful but sad to say runner-up material:
    13. Charmaine Elima- I can sense a MJ Lastimosa in her, she is beautiful but boring.
    14. Ria Rabajente- A few weeks ago, she’s right next to Wurtzbach but after a few rounds of videos I am starting to doubt her beauty. She was the most beautiful during the announcement of OC though.
    15. Rhea Nakpil – Yes, just like how she was called last during the announcement of OC, I can definitely sense Rhea’s presence. I do consider her as a serious threat.

    If I were to drop my ‘Sweethearts’ and 1 or 2 from my selections (Elima and maybe Zandra) the following girls could easily get a spot in the Top 15.

    -Ariella Arida
    -Shan Apuad
    -Cassy Naidas
    -Teresita Baccay
    -Theresa Fenger
    -Parul Shah
    -Cindy Abundanar
    -Angelica de Leon
    -and Angel Villafuerte

    Peace out…

  7. I don’t like multi-color and printed swimsuits, kinda destructing.
    Swimsuits worn during MU2011 are great, plain colors, at least we can see the curves and not be destructed by different patterns.
    Just look at the swimsuits of Mariel, this design is a big no(for me),the tops, a red and a gold?
    Parang sapin-sapin lang.

    Marimar Perez, 69, Mehico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  8. Charmaine is the clear front-runner! She stood out effortlessly. Her body is in perfect shape. I hope she refrains from old fashioned pageantry Q&A practices though. What I would suggest to her, or to anybody in the competition, is to just exchange their thoughts with as many people as they can. Constant interaction and exposure are the keys to ace the Q&A.

  9. wow! a bumper harvest of beauties this year…# 25 caught my attention…very effortless…# 33 is a gorgeous morena whose smile can light up the entire barangay

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