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  2. I hope they chose a real morena and not someone who just has Sally Hansen on her skin. No butt implants, fake nose and veneers. Someone who is real and not made up.

  3. charmaine has the goods except that she’s too well- coiffed with the big 80’s hair, with too calculated moves that border on pageant- pattiness. just let go Inday and enjoy the moment while the others bite the dust

  4. I do understand where these people who don’t like mestiza are coming from. Based on records, Philippine delegates with Mestiza features haven’t had encouraging results in MU. While the Queens who had made remarkable contributions were of the not mestiza type of a Filipina. Thus, giving some pageant enthusiasts the idea of wanting to send a not- too- fair skinned lovely to MU. Furthermore, our MI winners aren’t mestizas too. I just thought that for lack of a better term, some people might say “Filipina Beauty” when they actually mean a brown or olive skinned Pinay.

  5. Thank you Norman for doing this article. For YEARS, and I mean YEARS, I have argued, debated, and out and out screamed at fellow Pinoys who want to only send “one type” of Filipina to Miss Universe (or other pageants) because they feel that they represent the “true Filipina”. My first reaction was if you want to send a true Filipina to MU, go to the jungles and find a tribe, pick a girl and send her. They are the true Filipinos. Filipinas are a diverse group and Filipina beauty comes in many shades and in many sizes and all unique and beautiful compared to the rest of the world. For 10/11 years we kept trying to send “Miriam look-alikes” to MU feeling that, that was what MU was looking for (and in the eyes of pageant crazy countrymen) and look where that got us NOWHERE! In the interim, countries like Venezula kept sending different types and looks almost every year and were doing great. Now in our last 3 attempts we have sent 3 different “types” in a row to MU. Venus (half Indian, darker skin tones), Shamcey (fair skinned), Janine (olive skinned). So PLEEEEESE peeps, give them all a chance to prove themselves and send the best one to MU (or whatever pageant).

    And for the screamers that are yelling to never send a mestisa to MU because they don’t look Filipina or will blend in, who the hell are you kidding? Blend in? Not our beauties, they are unique and stand out. Don’t look Filipina/not really Filipino? That’s a slap to my face. I was born, raised, and have a plethora of family members in the Philippines. I may have a lighter complextion, I may have green eyes, I may have been born with blonde hair, but I am Filipino through and through. Born at UST hospital, raised in Manila and Cavite City, and carry Filipino/Spanish names and blood through my very existence, I AM FILIPINO! PINOY AKO!!! To tell me (or any mestiso/mestisa) that I/us is/are not Filipino is a slap to our culture. So don’t exclude them, or anyone, from competing in a pageant just because of some mis-aligned concepts. Let them all run for the crown, and may the woman with the looks, the smarts, the charisma win, regardless of what shade of skin she has.

    Again Norman, thanks for the article and thanks for showing our diversity! What a year for the Filipina! Mabuhay Philippines!!!

      • Norman — Thank you for your post on the diversity of Filipina beauty. This year’s batch certainly is a stunning reflection of that.

        There’s been some discussion on the term “real Filipina beauty” which I think from the pageant standpoint is a term used loosely as a convenient way to describe a Filipina candidate whose physical traits are indigenously Malay — for example: black hair, brown skin, high cheekbones, etc. — much like the terms “Nordic beauty” or “All-American beauty” or “Oriental beauty” are used in pageant circles to describe generic physical types broadly and in no way implies or diminishes a person’s nationality, culture or sense of patriotism.

        In regard to mestiza candidates — I don’t think they are at a disadvantage at all. Although often a mestiza is assigned to compete in Miss International, the BBP batting average of mestizas as a whole — relative to their actual numbers — is actually pretty high if you look at the roster of past winners across the board. It may also be worth noting that the single most influential person with real leverage in determining the BBP’s final rankings year after year happens to be a mestiza herself: Madame Stella Zawadski Marquez Araneta, a Polish-Spanish Colombian mestiza who happens to be married into a prominent Filipino-Spanish mestizo clan.

    • You rock!!!!!!! finally someone speaks up! I am ready to explode before reading your article> Thank god someone finally make sense!

      • Frei is the Master of the Universe!
        So perfect!
        Beauty, body, brains and a bulge!
        A beauty queen with bulging cock!
        Frei Crap Smith
        Born: Nov.01, 1969
        Died: march 21, 2013

    • “No one deprives anyone of his rights but himself”. I was born from a Filipino parents but raised abroad. That didn’t make me less of a Filipino and to practice my rights as one. I was brought up that way. So if you are mixed race, raised in our country or anywhere else. It is all up to you to show your patriotism and bring honor to our homeland. Here in Europe, I’m comfortable in my own skin, some appreciates me others discriminate. But the hell I care, I’m a proud Pinoy! As for our Binibinis, the fact that a lot of previous winners have foreign sounding surnames to say the least, that is a validation that mixed race are not discrimated at all. However, statistics show they didn’t do well. I guess in the world stage, they appeared mediocre as compared to the full blooded caucasians. And our luck has always been with the “brownies”. I guess that is the reason why most of the pageant followers here root for the morenas than the mestizas. But then again, there’s no specific look (We didn’t send another Mirriam clone after her by the way). We are from the Islands with diverse ethnic groups. There are so many to identify our winners look. But one thing is for sure our complexion stands out when mixed with the blondes of Central Europe & latinas of South America or even with our oriental sisters. 49 years of Binibini taught us that. For as long as she has the heart to serve, a strong mind to influence and convince judges and show to the people that she can be Miss Universe. Peace y’all!

      Charmaine Elima, 20
      Binagoongan Rizal!

      • I could not agree more! The closest to Miriam Quiambao as far as type of beauty is concerned is none other than Janine Tugonon. At any rate, whoever wins will definitely get the support of the majority whichever camps one may belong. Mestiza or not… In the end, we are one Philippines for Pinay Queens.

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