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  1. Norman, I can attest that the gown worn by #30 is inspired by a bird. It’s inspired from a vulture. You should have seen the back part where you get to be amazed at the detail. Anyhow, I’m posting here a link of the original work. It was created by internationally-known Cebuano designer Cary Santiago. I just don’t know why he chose to let hear wear a headress. As per costumes, I have always been impressed by Cary’s designs. He usually makes Gwen Garcia’s Sinulog costumes every year.

    As promised, here are pictures of the costumes.

    • Thanks, El Critico. It’s the first time I’ve seen a Philippine costume inspired by a vulture so this is news to me. I must assume there must be a story or a native myth behind it somewhere.

      • As far as I know though, Cary Santiago is fond of avant-garde designs. In the said piece, he used fabric quilting to achieve the 3D design at the back. Another “cool” feature of the work is the use of cones stitched together to form the tail.

        I dunno whether there’s a story or myth behind it but it’s rather interesting to know why of all birds, the vulture. Can anyone please enlighten?

      • El Critico — I remember reading about the near-extinction of vultures in South East Asia. Three species have declined by 97% since the early 1990s and now are the brink of complete annihilation. Same is true for the monkey-eating Philippine eagle. The costume is an interesting concept. Could it be the designer’s way of calling attention to this issue?

      • It could be, somehow. When I saw the piece being exhibited here in Cebu, it did not provide a write-up to explain the concept behind it. It still catches my curiosity though. But I think Norman is right in trying to imply that the piece doesn’t look good in pageants (according to his taste..)

      • Well, the costume is a work of art, that’s for sure. But during the NC competition, the bird (or vulture, if you will) stood out so well but did nothing much to make Matet Gorgonio shine. It was a showpiece alright. I just wished that it allowed the audience to give the wearer equal looks.

  2. Elima- It may look boring and plain but carried it with much elan and sophistication.

    Pia- The gold in it is very appropriate with the theme.

    Rhea- She looks every inch very expensive. Fit for a Tattler cover.

    Pascual- She registers to me like a Congresswoman attending The State of the Nation Address.

    Yvette- Another diva deserves a red carpet treatment.

    Mariel- looks like she slimmed down a bit and the style of the hair made her face looked seemingly smaller.

    Matet- Amused with her gown. I like it on a different level of competition though. I just can’t quite figure out the relevance of a “lady siyokoy” in the National Costume. Are Siyokoy and Sirena part of Filipino myth? I Juander?

  3. Ria,MG, & Parul shoud have Wear something Very Exotic Like Philippine Tribe Inspired Amazonistas.

  4. The Filipiniana Terno looks elegant, classy,and very feminine…… I find that the designers who designed our ternos for our Binibinis this year did their very best to enhance each Binibinis sophistication, and elegance…… I Love it…… What do you think Kuya Norman?….

    • The terno is elegant, and that is a fact. Whether it comes out boring or repetitive is, as Basil pointed out, dependent on the eye of the beholder. That’s why experimentations on the basic cut and design are welcome, but not excesses. The terno competition of MU1994 is a good example. The designs were varied and creative, but the essence of the formal dress never got lost in translation.

  5. Kahit anong galing pa ng designers naten ay hindi maikakailang boring ang filipiniana costume natin.
    Peace to the designers and to the patriotic filipinos. But that’s the truth.
    Kung bakit ba kasi laging filipiniana, e pwede namang muslim inspired or yung costume ng mga tribal communities.
    Nag-iinit ang ulo at pukengkang ko.

    Doris Bigornia,69, Braziwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  6. Hi Norman, are our girls’ National Costume products of the Bb. Boutique or were they creations of our local designers?

      • Norman — As far as Philippine national costumes go I’m familiar with the “terno” popularized by your former first lady Imelda, and the muslim-inspired type worn by Janine at last year’s MU. Could someone tell me from where Parul’s costume is derived? Or the amphibious looking costume worn by candidate #30? Everything else I can pretty well figure out. Thanks.

      • The costumes worn by Parul and Matet are influenced by the terno but wildly conceptualized by the designers. The butterfly sleeves (or what remains of it after deconstruction) are supposed to be the giveaway hints. The reptilian version, though, doesn’t really appeal to me. The fantasy elements (especially the alligator-like tail) are too much for my own pageant taste, I think. At least, Parul’s top still showed some fair aesthetics.

      • Norman –Thanks. A friend of mine just e-mailed me to say that the reptilian-looking silvery costume worn by #30 is supposed to be that of a bird. It’s sort of ironic that with all the feathers used in many of the national costumes this year, there doesn’t appear to be a single feather on that bird costume.

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