4 comments on “Pick 15 Poll Update #3: Here, There And Everywhere

  1. I think with all this anxiety about who’s up in the running..there is only
    one who exudes with a prominent mark
    that could stand out in the international scene – Sharmaine Elima is the one!!!
    She’s got all what it takes : the whole package… Her height is just a minor factor
    that would be overshadowed with all other
    features that would blow everyone away :
    She is the real winner.. Pinay in everything!!!
    I hope she takes the crown!!!!

  2. Sugod mga Kabarangay!
    All for Juan, Juan for All!
    Magdala ng sampung panty at animnapung botelya ng Yakult!

    Marian Nievera,69, Psychology Street, Laos!

    • nyahahaha..yumari na naman si basil baliw hahaha kaya nababaliw ang iba d2 dahil sau! go lang ng go basil isang isa nlang hahaha..

  3. im glad hannah sison is still there she is our saniata ti ylocos 2012…kahit runner up lang masaya na mga ilocanos!!! but im rooting for rabajante even she’s not that tall and ana buquid for MU.

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