8 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Quick pick on the smarts of Lourenz Grace Remetillo

  1. Lourenz is not new to the world of beauty pageant. She was the first representative of the Philippines to the Europe-based beauty pageant Miss Supranational back in 2011 where Binibining Pilipinas 2012 first runner-up Elaine Kaye Moll placed 4th last year. Born and raised in Iligan City, this 24 years old 5’9″ beauty went to Manila hardly knowing anyone until someone offered her a place to stay and the rest as they say is history. Will she make it as one of the queens this year?

    What a feline beauty this Lourenz Grace Remetillo is! An alumna of the Miss Supranational 2011 (she represented the Philippines but was unplaced), what are her chances of entering the Top 5 in Bb. Pilipinas 2013 and being selected to represent the country again in the Miss Supranational beauty pageant? Your guess is as good as mine! But it seems Bb. Pilipinas is proud that a former Supranational contestant is in their roster of candidates because it is mentioned in the profile that Bb. Pilipinas gave us at the Press Presentation.

  2. From what Lourenz wrote on her Facebook page she seems to imply that “most” Filipinos don’t like her because she has “brown skin” and she does not have a “pointed nose.” I kind of find that strange because some of the most beloved Filipina beauty queens like Venus Raj and Janine Tugonon have brown skin and I would not exactly characterize their noses as being “pointed” either. And some of the more popular candidates this year like Charmaine, Mercegrace or Ria do not have a “fair complexion” but are actually dark exotic beauties. So I’m not exactly sure where Lourenz is coming from making this generalized statement about feeling discriminated. What worries me about her thought process is how quickly she transformed what might have been some unflattering remarks by a few bashers into an over arching statement that casts “most Filipinos” in a rather negative light. I don’t think that’s fair.

    • Glenn, perhaps it’s some sort of defense mechanism (masking traces of self-pity) on the girl’s part. And if indeed she is being discriminated upon, then she shouldn’t have made it as part of the Top 50 anymore.

  3. “Beauty is the eyes of the beholder”…… Plea don’t despair Ms. Remetillo….. You’ve gone a long way….. I find you beautiful and exotic….. You’re chosen to be one of the 50 Binibinis and that is indeed an achievement, who knows come April 14 you might prove them all wrong ( as what you’ve stated in your FB account )….. Cheer up and hold your head up high……. Maganda ka!!!!

  4. Yan ang gandang hindi mo inakala!
    Akalain mo! Yun oh.
    ♫♫ Let’s do the Rubadabango, downy’s RUBADABANGO, when you rub, rub, rub ang damit… bango, bango, bango.

    Kris Aquino, 69, Virgin Pores Street, Kirengkeng Road, Makati City!.

  5. she honestly looks fine- facially she may not be in the league of the favourites, but I would certainly rank her interview above Pia’s & Anna Buquid’s simply because it’s relaxed and the projection is that she knows herself- could be from the experience of having competed in an international pageant…

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