15 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: A Grand Press Presentation

  1. The black swimsuit reminds me of the one worn by Miss Indonesia Qory Sandioriva during MU2010. Tapered steeply at the bottom.

  2. De Leon…sorry yung beauty nya di pang Ms U…mag artista ka na lang!!!

  3. Norman — It would have been better if the candidates wore just one type of swimsuit — this way one could objectively compare them to one another. The two-piece swimsuits should be the standard so all of the candidates’ abs are exposed. I thought the black one-piece swimsuits were awful — the cut around the groin area is way too narrow and too high and could potentially cause some unwanted exposure. I would have half expected Madame to have flinched at seeing these, but there she was enjoying the view from the front row!

      • Thanks, Norman. Glad to know that it wasn’t just me who squirmed. 🙂

      • Glenn, I distinctly remember the year Karla Paula Henry (former ME titleholder) joined Binibini. During the Press Presentation, she wore the obligatory two-piece swimwear so high that only 15% of the imagination was left covered down there. I was shaking my head in embarrassment for her, especially that online fans were feasting on the fact that some shaving was in order.

      • Norman, Lol! I dread to imagine what that 75% must have looked like — especially if it needed shaving! 🙂

  4. I wish there was a clearer video available online of this press presentation. From the pictures above, these are the candidates that I noticed instantly:

    Charmaine (13), Pia (15) (because her picture is bigger than the others; LOL; i’m still not convinced of the hype!), Anna (26), and Ariella (41).

  5. I think the top is too big. Unflattering to the boobies. Candidates looked lovely though.

  6. Mariel de Leon is the Press’ favorite.
    Press that button, please!
    Aside from being a daughter of celebrity couple, she has that beautiful sponge-bo- face that attracts attention.
    Pag nanalo si Mariel, tyak na isusulong nya ang reporma sa lupa, mamumudmod ng tig-iisang daang metro kuwadradong lupa sa bawat hikahos na pamilya sa hacienda luisita.

    Sponge Bob, 69, Time Square Street, Paniqui Tarlac!

    • Nakaka windang…… ” Sponge Bob Fez”……. So is that SQUARE FEZZZZ…… Basil???

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