6 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: The underdogs…at least for now (Part 2)

  1. Their eyes are talking, saying…………

    I wanna drink and drive!
    Maubos ko lang ang paninda kong dvd sa quiapo,pagtutuunan ko ng hanapin ang bakal na krus.
    gender check; pukengkang-positive, pototoy-positive

    Hello Bruno!
    Ayos na ba ang plano?
    Palitan ang recipe ni Madam, mula sa adobong elima e gawin mong sinigang na navasero.
    gender check; pukengkang-positive, pototoy-negative

    if catching all the janitor fishes in Pasig River is the only way to win contest, then I’m wholeheartedly willing to do that.
    gender check; pukengkang-negative, pototoy-positive

    • Wow! Very creative. But in case u don’t know, you are among those who do senseless talk just to get attention, I pity you for having such a challenged mindset in seeing beauty… And gender identification.

  2. hi norman i’m looking for bb pilipinas coronation night tickets and up to now still can’t find one. can you please have a reminder or something i tickets are available for purchase. would sincerely appreciate it thank you

  3. Norman — Now that you’ve covered the “underdogs”, how about a write-up on the “dark horses” of this year’s batch? Those not considered as front runners and aren’t underdogs either — but they do pose a threat. Parul Shah, Mercegrace Raquel, anyone else?

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