8 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: The underdogs…at least for now (Part 1)

  1. Marco Sison should be proud of her daughter Hanna.
    So sweet and very photogenic.
    Miss International for her.

  2. Hi,
    I prefer that the reader’s poll won’t appear as the headline everytime we visit your site. I suggest to have a link to click. It’s so long that it’s hard to navigate your site. There is a time constraint and I would like your website to go straight to the point to the latest write up.
    Just a suggestion.

  3. This is about Charmaine Elima about “picking her brain”….minor flaw but so major for me as that’s what I learned from grade school & HS….she had wrong grammar….”Plural subject, singular ver, singular subject, plural verb”….one of the basic rules of English grammmar. It’s not “they doesn’t” it’s “they don’t” except for “you” of course….you could be branded like lot’s of people in America saying “you is”…..with “YOU” it should be followed by “are” or “aren’t or don’t.”

    • I would like to reiterate that answering an AMBUSH interview would definitely caught you unguarded….. But thanks to vast experience of Charmaine’s multitude exposure in beauty contests that this lady delivered an unrehearsed and unscripted answer to the ambush interview….. Yes….. It might not be a perfect delivery of her grammar, but Charmaine surely did capture my attention that she NAILED her answer…… Oozing with confidence, conviction, aura of friendliness, humility, and above all CONNECTS AND TOUCHES THE HEART AND SOUL of Her audience which includes YOU my friend and ME!!!…… Am I making myself more clearer this time???…… 

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