27 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Quick pick on the smarts of Pia Wurtzbach

  1. Although Pia doesn’t exactly exude the Latin warmth of Charmaine, I do like Pia’s directness — very German — and she didn’t try to play cute. I found this very appealing.

  2. 1) Why does she end every answer with “thank you!”? It’s a casual interview she needs to let herself go a little.

    2) Difference between her and Charmaine, Charmaine has the warmth… and she has, like ZERO warmth. She almost came off as a b*tch on this interview :-/ People from international pageants would much rather have a warm, charismatic beauty queen, regardless of how bad the grammar is; than someone who has a strong command of the English language but feels so cold.

    Tsk! Tsk! She was one of my favorites until this interview :-/

  3. Graceless and dull…nasagot nga niya, but it leaves you unimpressed, and worse, unconvinced. For someone with a sweet demeanour, para siyang galit Maybe she knows na it’s not really the pageant yet and that she’ll turn the charm on when she’s on the actual stage.

  4. I hope next time the videographer will put the candidates in a better lighting condition so it won’t look unflattering. It’s pretty unfair for them. They look really good on person then they will appear creepy with those unwanted shadows falling on their face.

  5. whew, mukhang balik team pia na naman ako from team elima. walang kaba!

  6. In my opinion, I think she did okay with the interview. The questions were “kind of that typical pageantry questions”, so obviously…she responded with cliche flowery answers. The content of her answers were valid, straight- forward and acceptable. She just needs to work on projection and connection which will help convey her message clearly. My suggestion: she needs to watch videos of people with great public speaking skills like Michelle Obama, Meryl Streep etc ( so many!). She has all the elements of becoming a winner however she needs to be an expert when it comes to communicating. Practice makes perfect.

    This also applies to Charmaine Elima. They’re both very beautiful but they need to work on their opportunities before the big night.


      • I agree. For me, I find it unnecessary to nitpick at this point. But I also agree with Jeff re: what she needs to work on.

        But for what it’s worth, I was drawn to her more after I watched the video. I used to think she’s just a pretty face with good body proportions and perfectly rehearsed projections. A goddess – perfect and boring. But now, I see the human side of her. And I am liking her more for that.

        Pia moves up in my ranks. 🙂

    • ditto Jeff on projection and connection. i didnt feel it ! give it to me ! 😉

    • Okay naman ang sagot niya dahil wala namang tama sa mga ganyang klaseng tanong because it is all personal questions. Ang importante ay iyong credibility mo to be the spokesperson of MU org. Venus, Shamcey and Janine were credible for the crown that is why they made it to the top 5. Pumalpak lang si Venus sa Q&A, Shamcey is inteligent and smart but lacks charisma while Janine has the greatest conviction just fell a little short. Shamcey was th oldest among the 3. We should send someone younger and fresh with a pleasing charm, smart and credible.

  7. Command of English is very important, Pia has it
    Spontaniety is very important, we’ve seen it as the waterloo of Venus Raj.
    Venus is so articulate and full of substance when she’s expressing herself in Filipino,but struggling when tends to translatefirst what is in her mind in English.
    A q/a portion is just 30secs, so a candidate without spontaniety will tend to be lost and stop in between thoughts just to translate what’s in her mind.
    9.99 for.
    I don’t care about the pitch,the tone or how she projects, this is just an ambush interview in the corner of a,is that a comfort room?.

  8. What i did was first i listened without looking at the video and found her voice less interesting, and pitchy, almost no accent. Then i listened and watched at the same time and found her mechanical (rarely smiled), needs projection, she sounded good but she did not connect with me, tends to eat her words. She is beautiful.

  9. elima also …what a letdown…she has to be careful with her subject- verb agreement especially that pageant fanatics here can be so harsh….

  10. there’s a video of elima being asked the same set of questions…maybe we can analyze both their answers ,being frontrunners (?)

    pia’s is so mechanical, needs a little spontaniety but the training is there, she makes use of the words at the proper time she needs to put on some expression (life?!)

    elima’s the expression and beauty is there but the thought and content…uh oh…really scary.

    • why are our girls so rehearsed? can’t they be spontaneous for once? this is where expressing oneself in the vernacular can come in handy

      • Some of the candidates are very conscious about speaking in Tagalog when being interviewed. But since these videos are not official, I agree that they should try and make more sense of their statements in the vernacular.

    • My gut feel is that the particularly articulate ladies will use their gift of gab to score points against the favorites. Cassy Naidas, Theresa Fenger, Mariel de Leon and Zandra Flores are capable of stacking up brownie points in terms of communication.

  11. Lack of Class, Poise, and Wittiness……and her facial looks seems too dull for an int’l arena, unlike Venus, Shamcey & Janine, they are really a Bb Pilipinas icon from the day they join…..poor PIa; maybe she can be better in a runner position for this year….Mabuhay BPCI for a job well done, at the Talent show….I LOVE BPCI.

  12. when she said thank you in the end, i said to myself “OMG, rehearsed rehearsed rehearsed” pretty in stills but doesnt register well in videos…

    still one of my faves though

    • Mamang, why is it that in the International arena,whenever our delegate is penetrating the top5, they can’t help but to end their answer in a line ” thank you’.
      This line is themark of a rehearsed answer.
      As much as I can recall, twas MU1995, when commentators commented that the delegate’s response was reheased because she said thank you.
      Venus uttered that line a million times.
      Shamcey said it a thousand times and Janine is not an exception to that.
      We have our training teams, can’t they polish this minor flaw?

      • Basil, I think it really can’t be helped most of the time. It’s second nature to Pinoys to always say a word of thanks. And for our delegates who need to fend off nervous attacks while on the spotlight, saying ‘thank you’ is like a default phrase to end her answers and signal that she has already completed her piece – however good or bad. It can be trained – and it has been trained, yes. But when presence of mind is outweighed by nerves, it’s really hard to tell what will come out of their lips.

        At least Shamcey used “muito obrigato, Braziwwww!” when it mattered most. 😉

      • i notice that most Filipina beauty delegates say thank you as a sort of diplomatic immunity especially if they have nothing else to say

      • hi basil, i think you’re referring to miss south africa sonia raciti’s interview during the 1999 miss universe top five interview

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