3 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Paying it forward the Raj/Supsup way

  1. If only they can teach our delegates the following tricks, then,for sure the crown is in the bag:

    1.eat a plywood
    2. proper handling of “bakal na krus”
    3.how to scratch the magical kabibe
    4.changing panties at least twice a day
    5. saying “thank you” 5x after a Q/A
    6.combing Madame Stellalou’s wig
    7.wearing a swimsuit with out noticing a pototoy
    8.pretending that a pukengkang is in the swimsuit
    9.smiling as if it’s the 10th orgasm from DonaldDuck(Trump)
    10.answering a question starting with a line ” You don’t do that to me”.

    Shamcey Sutsut, 69, Butuan City, KotaKinabalu!

  2. Well written. We need people of high caliber like you and the past queens to share their knowledge and experiences in the field of beauty pagents. Sabi nga “kapit-bisig”.

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