10 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Of Music, magic, motion, monologue and mezzo-soprano


  2. I’m like the most patriotic person I know that is why I always wanted a more Filipina looking winner for BBP- Universe. But after seeing this, I’m now a big fan of Mariel De leon. Singing has been part of our culture for THOUSANDS of years that is why our standards are so high when it comes to it and she inherited that very important trait with flying colors! Oh, just in case she wouldn’t place at BBP, I wish she would still join Miss World-Phil because there she could definitely win. Having the talent in singing and being able to excel in it is one of the the best representation for our fellow Filipinos. Tears just rolled from eyes..

  3. Nakpil performing a grade school monologue?! Ftw! As if she hasn’t undergone workshops after all her years in showbiz.

      • I saw just a few seconds of Nakpil’s “monologue” on Youtube — but her make-up seemed to overwhelm her performance. But then came the screeching… ironically, judging by the ambient noise from the crowd, the audience wasn’t particularly interested. It’s not always a wise decision to enter the talent portion of a pageant — especially if your get-up is going to make you less attractive than you really are. Nakpil’s performance is a perfect example of diminishing returns.

  4. Miss Talent for Mariel de Leon.
    I watched her beside my bf, and to my surprise how beautiful her voice is, I almost pinched my bf’s 9-inch c**k.

    • Why basil, did you feel like singing as well? lol
      I love Mariel’s voice… still waiting for Jam’s vid…

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