11 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Who’s the most talented?

    • Theresa did perform. She’s first on the video above. She sang a fast song that never displayed her vocal talents very well, at least compared to Mariel, Jam and Pia.

  1. KABOGERA ka talaga idol!!!….. Where in the world you come with this ideas….. LOL
    And this years Binibining Pilipinas 2013 Miss Talent is no other than the pride of Bataan…… BASIL!!!!!

  2. Norman — I really think baton twirling should be permanently banned from all beauty pageants. 🙂 But seriously, Theresa Fenger should have this one in her pocket since she sang professionally as part of the girl band “Eurasia” as well as a finalist in Canadian idol a few years back.

    • Hi Norm & Glenn – I keep on reading that Theresa Fenger was a finalist in Canadian Idol. Do you know which year? We watched all the episode of Canadian Idol from 2003 until its demise in 2008. But I cannot recall seeing her. The only Theresa I can remember was in Season 2 (2004) but her name is Theresa Sokyrka. Its really bugging me not recalling her at all! So please if you can help me figure this out…thank you…

  3. I hope we can witness a talent which is out of the ordinary, at least we can stop snoring while watching them.
    I can remember a friend of mine last year, she watched the Talent Competition, at sa sobrang pagka-bore nya ay napasubsob na lang sya sa pototoy ng jowa nya.
    I want a candidate who can;

    1.eat a whole jackfruit.
    2.drink a liter of fabric conditioner.
    3.lift a blue whale and spin it in her inder finger.
    4.pull madame stellalou’s wig and burn it to death
    5.count the lines between the compartments of Janice de Belen’s neck
    6.measure the pototoy of Onemig Bondoc
    7.argue with Willy and telling him “you don’t do that to me
    8.perform jujitzu together with mon tulfo and claudine barreto
    9. press the face of grtechen barreto
    10. open a can using her eyelids.

    Cacai Bautista, 69, Ngala-Ngala Street, Thailand!

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