23 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Will Angel May Villafuerte do a Shamcey Supsup?

  1. Ms. Villafuerte is not on the shadow of Ms. Shamcey. She has her own modeling, hosting career & she’s a beauty icon in Cam Sur even before Ms. Supsup was crowned as binibining Pilipinas 2011. She is also very smart, as she was in honors class in Ateneo de Naga & a consistent president/dean’s lister.

    It is unfair for her to be called as “transgender version of Shamcey”.. She may be a look like of Shamsey, but she has her own identity & beauty which will she prove on the competition. Go Ange. Go ateneo!l

  2. aces and queens know what they’re doing. they even cut angel’s hair prior to the screenings..

  3. @Basil, okay I will do that….. Will read your inputs on Candidates 1 to 5…… And I’m sure you will surprise me and laugh to the max!!!….. Please do continue your inputs and I’m sure a lot of us will learn things from your keen observation and analogy…… As what I said earlier number 1 fan mo na ako!!!……. How’s the Daing and Laing business??? Magkano ba ang initial investment to start this business?…… As probably you’ll notice pati business mo gagayahin Ko kasi nga Fan mo na Ko mare!!!!…… Lol ๎Œ„๎€ฐ๎Œ„๎€ฐ๎Œ„๎€ฐ

    • The Daing and Laing business is doing good, but unlike before in which #1 kami sa market to the point na mai-feature pa kami ni mareng tugonon sa forbes magazine.
      Pag nagbusiness ka, dapat quality is the 1st concern, tulad samen ni Mareng Janine, ang mga isda namin ay galing pa sa Mediterrenean Sea.At bukod dyan,mapili ako sa mga mangingisda, dapat may abs sila at nueve pulgada ang mga pototoy.
      Dahil diba nga may kasabihan tayo na, kung ano ang tinitinda mo ay yun ka,sabi nga ni coco, ‘yun oh’.
      Mga balyena at butanding ang dinadaing namen ni Mare, nakakalungkot lang na mag-isa nalang akong nagdedevain ng mga butanding ngayon dahil busy ang mareng janine mo sa mga kabaklaan nya,dahil nga nag-1st r.up ang bruha. Ang hirap kayang magbilad ng isang buong butanding.
      Regarding sa Laing, hindi dahon ng gabe ang ginagamit namin,mga ornamental plants ang ginagamit ko,tulad ng citronellas at orchids, tapos binubudburan namen ng Laing powder, favorite ng mga manginginom sa Bataan ang Laing namin, minsan nga nakikipagtomaan pa kami ni Janine.
      Tumba ang mga tanggero, wagi kami ni Mare.
      Pag lupaypay na sila ay huhubaran namin at iiwanan silang hubot hubad hanggang pagpyestahan na sila ng mga pukyutan.

      Thank You Vegas!
      Irene Esseng-ng-Tondo, 69, Karakaraka, Venezuela.

      • Ikaw na Basilllll……. Napaka creative mo!!!….. WAGAS ang aliw na naibabahagi mo…… We need your input lalo na this time, due to the fact that everybody is excited and stress na din rooting for their Binibini candidates to be selected in Top 15 and eventually be a winner come April 14…… ang galling mo Basil…… With you kasi, you’re exposing the weakness of the Binibini…… Hindi puro papuri…… ๎Œ„๎€ฐ๎Œ„๎€ฐ๎Œ„

  4. Her resemblance to Shamcey ain’t gonna do her any favors — but her being the daughter of one of the pageant’s TV network executives might… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Gorgeous!
    But I think being a Shamcey deadringer will be a disadvantage for her.
    China did it last year, with a delegate that can be mistaken as the twin sister of their 2011 representative, they failed.
    Same thing happenedwhen the Philippines was ion search of replicating the aura of Quiambao, they choose Alagao and the following year they did it again with Andam.
    Indeed, Alagao and Andam were very gracious in clapping,
    Though it is not Villafuerte’s fault if she’s Shamcey’s look-a-like, I don’t think it’ll be a wise move to give her a crown.
    She’s the transgender version of Shamcey.

    • Nakakaloka ka Basilllll!!!!!…… You NAILED it again!!!!….. Genius ka basil…..Unpredictable and you have that Karisma that pageant blog readers like myself will follow and looking forward to read your inputs…..๎”œ๎”œ๎€ƒ๎”œ๎€ƒ๎”œ๎€ƒ๎”œ๎€ƒ๎”œ

      • Pero wag ka, marami kaya akong kaawya dito. Sanib pwersa lagi ang mga kaanak ng mga kandidatang napupuna ko.
        Pero sino ba naman ako para yumuko sa kanila, para saan pa at naging kumare ko si Janine sa pagtitinda ng laing at daing. Mars, basahin mo yung article ng candidate 1-5, may mini teleserye ako dun

      • hahahaha@basil on “As long as u have the heart to serve and a strong mind to show, then u can be a mascotโ€ฆ.este binibini” …..

    • Basil — You’re such a riot! You start off with “Gorgeous!” and then you end your comment with “she’s the transgender version of Shamcey.” What will you say next! LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Glenn, it’s like this, a news has faces, a bad and a good.
        I started off with a good news, and if a reader is positve thinker. I also end up with a good news, beacause being a tranny is a good thing.
        Because being Miss Universe is how u can influence and inspire other people even if u’re a tranny.. As long as u have the heart to serve and a strong mind to show, then u can be a mascot….este binibini

    • for me, ang talagang ipinattern kay miriam ay sina andam at loren agustin. si nina ricci i think is in a league of her own. tumpak ka basil re tranny comment. pwede sa sumali sa kalokalike ng its showtime papatok sya dun.

      • Firstly, I’d just like to point out that Shamcey with makeup on is what Angel looks like without. I think all that heavy makeup is not doing her natural beauty justice. Secondly, she’s been in the pageant circuit longer than Shamcey so no, she’s not trying to be her. Thirdly, why do you “critics”(yeah, I just scare quoted the word) think she cut her hair short? She’s always had it long. And “Transgender”? Really? You could get a little more creative.

        She may not be as academically impressive as Shamcey-heck, I believe 95% of these other girls aren’t either- but she has her strong points. She excels in sports. She knows Taekwondo, she participated in intracollegiate basketball and had been a competitive swimmer, medals and all, for years. Thus, giving her the athletic build that she gets criticized for. Also, I don’t particularly equate “brains”
        with being book smart. Angel has a pragmatic approach in life and is passionate about what she thinks is essential. Unlike many pageant veterans, she’s no-frills , she’s not catty and she keeps it real.

        Her mom being a Regional exec played no part in her being recruited by her training house. Total BS. She was discovered in a local pageant. Lauren Dyogi actually saw her as a possible PBB housemate and encouraged her to audition but her mom forbade her to avoid any controversy. It’s sad because no matter how she hard she works for things, many people will always think that it’s all just nepotism.

        I’m not defending her because I’m her family. I’m her friend. And why not? It’s only logical.

  6. Shamcey is Shamcey!!!….. It’s not fair for Miss Villafuerte to be living in the shadows of Shamcey!…… And for sure pageant followers will compare both of them…… I find it over rated to be Shamcey’s look alike for Miss Villafuerte cause she’s losing her very own identity…… That’s right Norman I agree with your input….. Miss Villafuerte should do something or restyle her self so she would stand out and own her identity, this is 2013 and Beauty is evolving!!!….. Good luck Miss Villafuerte for an exciting journey in the world of a Binibini contender…….๎„‹๎€ข๎„‹๎€ข๎„‹

    • And again this is the reason why Charmaine, Pia, Ria, Pauline, Anna, Parul, Ara and Cassy were front runner favorite for this year’s Binibini because of their look, exotic features, magnetism, the Oohhss and Ahhss that you will hear everytime a photo from Opmb and cassanova were release because of the fact that it’s 2013 and were looking for a way different and a stand out beauty that will be a sure winner….

  7. Hi Norm, just sharing something I read and i couldnt make sense of it … can anyone makes sense out of this ? … Any takers ?

    Quiambao – isa
    Raj – dalawa
    Supsup – tatlo
    Tugonon – apat
    Elima – LIMA

    • Easy, Chrome. Whoever wrote it is referring to the recent MU placers of the Philippines since 1999. Miriam Q. started it (isa or one). Venus Raj followed in 2010 (dalawa or two), with Shamcey Supsup in 2011 (tatlo or three). Janine made it last year (apat or four). This year, Charmaine has a surname that sounds like the number 5 in Tagalog (lima or five), thereby making a swift assumption that she could follow the numerology trend. I find it too lame a theory, but more playful, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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