12 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Quick profiles of Candidates 26-30

  1. Buquid: She’s Stunning in here but Theres something unprofessional about her. Maybe quite raw yet.
    Vispo: The mestisa version of Lara Quigaman. Might not stand out though.
    Raquel: I dont know but she looks more stunning on her other photos than this quite too candid one.
    Quintas: Very SOPHISTICATED look. Very pleasing look 🙂
    Gorgonio: Quite Boring.. -..-

  2. Strong group!!!, except for this girl Gorgonio which I have not read any single write ups….. Hope to read more about her….. Quintas looks so regal, Vispo looks like Lara Quigaman with broad shoulders, Mercegrace sweet face cutie ang aura and with Buquid she looks raw but with great potentials come April 14,…… KABOGERA

  3. Quintas and Vispo will pull a big surprise on April 14.
    I’m always for the underdogs.
    Over-hyped ladies are most of the time ended up as clappers.
    They will clap for these two gorgeous silent killer.

  4. Norm, can you confirm if Anna B. has vivid tattoo on her back and ankle ?

    • I have yet to see the two said tattoos with my own two eyes. Either they were so small to be noticed right away or someone instructed her to have them strategically hidden when she wore the two-piece swimwear during the announcement.

      • hi bud, i just saw the pics and they’re kinda visible to the ones who already heard about it, hope this wont be a let down on her, am also liking her.

      • On one pic, there is a small tattoo of what looks to be a small inscription visible on Anna’s right scapula (shoulder blade) which can easily be camouflaged with her long tresses. Not a problem. There’s also a pic of another candidate (forgot her name) with a visible tattoo — somewhat bolder this time because it’s a small garland design right on her lower abdomen just above the bikini threshold. Somewhat more challenging to hide that! Body make-up might do it. But then again these two have been certified as official candidates so this must mean their tattoos must be of no consequence, or at least I would hope so. And in this day and age, why should it matter so long as the tattoos are elegant and discrete. Even Dayana Mendoza (MU 2008) and Dayanara Torres (MU 1993) sported tattoos when they won their titles.

      • glad you saw that too Glenn. She has another pic with tattoo on ankle, and you’re no non-sense, should not matter since she is an official candidate. Now I know I’m not seeing things.. lol …

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