16 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Quick Profiles of Candidates 21-25

  1. Sir Norms:
    How did Remetillo fare in Supranational 2011 (Poland)? It’s interesting to know that one girl had already experienced an international contest prior to joining Bb. Pilipinas which now holds the franchise of the said title.

      • Norman — I’m sure this is very unlikely but wouldn’t it be funny if Remetillo won the Supranational Philippines title and is sent to Europe to compete a second time? Do you know if there’s ever been a case of this ever occurring in an international pageant?

      • None that I know of. Should that happen, BPCI might just appoint the 2nd Runner-Up in her place. 🙂

      • I wonder why BPCI cannot crown a Miss Philippines-Supranational this year?Afterall, Elaine Moll made a big splash in Poland last year.There are just too many beautiful ladies and to add another title would have been another salvo.However,former Supra beauty Ms.Lourenz Grace Remetillo here is definitely not in a good position if she places 1st or 2nd runner-up.Sayang lang.The pressure on her back then is to win one of the 3 major titles but then again,she’s not really the strongest bet and the most popular girl this year.So good luck.

  2. @basil nasa reader na yan,,, unspecified or specified ang statement, kung good reader ka, you can easily grasp the meaning of txt… We’ll sorry….

  3. Merry Joyce will win in 2 years. Full of potential but not this year.

  4. Si Respicio at Punzalan ay parehong taga-mindanaw… Nakagugulat lang kasi,,,, pambihira masyadong makapasok ang mindanawan sa ganitong kalikasan ng beauty contest… Ibig sabihin, taas-noo silang nagpamalas ng kagalingan during the screening…

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