7 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Say ‘Cheese’!

  1. Norm, are surprised that neither of the runner-ups went out again for Bb Pilipinas? While I love the candidates this year, why do you think that some past favorites aren’t going out for the crown? I’m thinking of Luzelle Felipe for one. Do you think that Janine’s accomplishments have intimidated a few of our past favorite candidates? What about Katrina Dimaraanan? Will she ever be given the opportunity to compete in any international competition for Bb. Pilipinas?

    • I reckon BPCI prefers to have no repeaters for its Golden Year. The organization probably doesn’t want unnecessary issues thrown at them, at least for now. And about Trina, she’s still keeping her fingers crossed that MTQI pushes through.

  2. why do I find some of the girls too stiff (well-rehearsed is one thing but…), this is their first event and I don’t feel like they are enjoying themselves out there. Relax it’s a freaking charity, you might scare the kids to tears nyan.

  3. based from these pixs. i would say that no.13 has the Bb Pilipinas look, stand out with class and glamour……2012 winners are really a symbol of true beauty with a purpose, and thru their good deeds and example they can be a rule model either on or off stage, that thru this example of their they can influence other to celebrate the true meaning of a Bb Pilipinas with a heartfelt purpose or cause that gives a smile to each child, the needy and the sick and etc….Mabuhay BPCI, esp to SMA.

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