9 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Quick profiles of Candidates 11-15

  1. Anna Carmina Antonio is the one who loves to drive and drink, what a good example.
    Camille Nazar is full of potentials.
    Elima of course is by miles the super typhoon of this batch.
    Rose Pujanes is…….. a girl.
    And to Pia, please stop introducing her as an actress, she’s just a starlet.
    She’s not even a household name.

    • werq!
      haha. ITA with your description re: Pia – SHE IS NOT AN ACTRESS. 🙂
      De Leon is starting to overshadow her because she looked so rehearsed most of the time..

  2. This is the time I like. I like to see who rises to the top like cream and who sinks like a stone. It’s interesting, at least it is for me. It shows who is rising to the challeges that come every day. Especially this year, only the strongest and the most determined will survive and their beauty will shine!

  3. Norman – Please includes all the ladies heights if possible? Thank you! Charmaine….Pia….Ria….and Ara particularly.

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